America’s failure to bomb Iran is a crime against humanity. There is no other choice.


The poisonous snake must be defanged. What are we waiting for the nuking of Tel Aviv or are own backyard? Inexcusably, we Americans have stuck our heads in the sand permitting an apocalyptic and implacable foe to run amok. We seem “oblivious” that nuclear weapons even exist. Such behavior has greatly alarmed our foremost security expert Admiral Ace Lyons who exhorts our feckless leadership to “Strike Iran”.


It’s a waste of time to sanction Iran. The entire world has known this for many years. Let’s call it our sanction insanity syndrome. Everyone knows sanctions are a farce except for our useless, good for nothing and corrupt leadership. Their efforts to sanction and negotiate must be exposed for what they really are – fraternizing with the enemy. Here is the reason why sanctions are worthless against Iran.


Barbarian regimes never respond to reasonable dialogue, because their modus operandi is limited to three principles:

1. Might makes right

2. Kill or be killed

3. Dog eat dog

No wonder Iran has broken every single agreement without fail for more than a decade – we are not speaking their “language” of might makes right, or “kill or are killed”

Ambassador John Bolton well understands this blunder. His 2015 New York Times article is titled, “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran”.

Here Bolton avows that only bombing can stop Iran’s nuke campaign. We must urgently heed his advice or the bitter cup of defeat will be ours


Dr. Martin Sherman’s article, “Death of a Frog” warns Israel and America that delaying will be catastrophic by quoting a parable from author Daniel Quinn:

“If you place (a frog) . . . in a pot of tepid water . . . it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor . . . and before long, with a smile on its face; it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.”

The Bush administration should have bombed Iran in 2007; instead, through ineptness and corruption they produced a glaringly dishonest National Intelligence Estimate concluding that Iran had stopped nuke production in 2003.  Even the devil would not have told such a lie, yet our leadership lied thru their teeth.

Sadly, 8 years have passed, allowing Iran to greatly increase their military strength. Thus, it is imperative to act before the enemy further increases their lethality. It’s crucial to remember the parable of the frog that waited too long


Everything has its price, and Iran may have already purchased full nuke capacity and rocket delivery ability from clandestine sources and rogue nations such as North Korean, Pakistan, China, and Russia.

Perhaps they wish Israel to make a first strike on their nuke sites providing an excuse for them to launch their hidden weapons against Israel. They could thereby blame Israel for “casting the first stone.”

Even if Iran has clandestine nukes America must go forward and bomb them immediately in order to curtail a much greater future threat. Better to flush out and eliminate what they have now. Why? Because Iran is “rabid” and “foaming at the mouth’ in an apocalyptic fervor to obliterate its adversaries based upon its barbarian ethos of kill or be killed, might makes right, and dog eat dog. Iran 1000% believes it is on the side of the Divine against the little and big Satan, Israel and America


In many ways Israel and America are behaving like Able in the biblical story of Cain and Able. Cain in his homicidal envy murders his brother Able. Able was too naïve to see his brothers murderous intent because he had no animosity against his brother, and he could not even conceive that his brother Cain wished to murder him. Able was blind to the malice of Cain, and then it was too late. Able’s mistake was that he wrongly believed Cain thought just like he did


Iran is guaranteed to nuke Israel, and this guarantee is required and sanctioned by the Koran. Allah, and his war lord Mohamed. All Muslims wish to emulate Mohamed, in their secret heart, for he is the paradigm required by the Islamic Creed which states, “There can be no god but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet”.

Martel Sobieskey has four decades research experience in the field of religious conditioning and warfare. He is greatly alarmed by our leadership’s failure to recognize the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam, moderates included.