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Rolling Thunder Rally 2016 – Pictures and Video, Trump Speech

Conservative Tree House | Sundance Perhaps many have forgotten. In 2013 a progressive group of leftists began organizing a Million Muslim march on Washington DC scheduled for September 11th 2013. In rapid response (mostly through social media) the national assembly of motorcycle enthusiasts, various clubs, began organizing a counter demonstration; A Million Biker ride on DC scheduled for the same day. Within days hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, began riding from every single state in the union. At least 800,000 (counted by Viriginia LEO stationed on I-95), and up to 2 million, arrived in the DC suburbs on Sept. 9th, 10th and 11th 2013. bikers-1 Without any permits the 9/11/13 bikers were denied “non-stop” entrance to the national mall; so they rode into, around and through DC in wave after wave of rolling patriotic assembly. The media never reported on the ride, preferring to try and downplay the event. However, their assembly sent shock waves through Washington DC as the professional political class immediately noticed the scope of the backlash. The White House and the progressive movement also took notice. The simple act of showing up sent a very loud and clear message: “There are more of us, than you”.  In many ways this visibility was also the representative imagery of The Monster Vote. Today the annual Rolling Thunder ride to Washington DC to commemorate Memorial Day took place.   Many of the 9/11/13 riders were on hand.

Nothing scares the progressive left more than the scope and visibility of the American Patriot.

BIRDS EYE 360 VIEW FROM BEGINNING OF RIDE FOR 25 MINUTES trump-bikers-2 trump-bikers-3 trump-bikers-4 trump-bikers-5 trump-bikers-6 trump-bikers 7 donald-trump-bikers 8 trump-bikers-9 trump-bikers-10 trump-bikers-11 SOURCE: CONSERVATIVE TREE HOUSE    ]]>