Below is the transcript for David Horowitz’s appearance on Monday, July 28th, on The Hannity Radio Show to discuss his just Official portrait of Barack Obamareleased new book,  Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.

Sean Hannity: David, it’s good to have you back on the program.  How are you?

David Horowitz: Thanks, Sean.  Let me just say that you have the best media voice of anyone on this issue of the Middle East, and I thank you for it.

Obama is an anti-American.  He supports the terrorists, he’s supporting Hamas in this battle.  He supports the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of al-Qaeda and all the terrorist groups in the Middle East.  He is leading a retreat of America from the world.  He is taking us down as a nation.  He’s an anti-American radical with Communist views.  And we need to have more people saying this, telling it like it is.

Sean Hannity: Let me just say — whenever somebody — I have so many people that tape this program on a regular basis — they’re going to say — Hannity allows Horowitz to say the President hates America.  Let me –

David Horowitz: He does hate America!

Sean Hannity: Let me ask you this question.

David Horowitz: Yes?

Sean Hannity: Why would this President give Mohamed Morsi 1.5 billion –

David Horowitz: Exactly.

Sean Hannity: Now, Mohamed Morsi referred to the Israelis, Jews, as descendents of apes and pigs.  We gave him tanks –

David Horowitz: These are followers of the jihad, they’re supporters of the jihad.  They want to kill every infidel and make everybody subservient to their version of Allah.  That’s basically what it’s about.

Sean Hannity: Well, look at what’s going on in Mosul.  We now have a situation where if you’re a Christian and you live in Mosul, and the new radical ISIS — because we never supported Iraq with intelligence and training; we just pulled out, because politically that was expedient for Obama.

David Horowitz: Obama came to office determined to lose the Iraq war, which he has done.  And he has lost the war in Afghanistan, which he has done.  And he has lost the Middle East.  And Republicans are not shouting this from the rooftops.  Obama’s actions are all very deliberate.  He is a lifelong anti-American radical.

You’ve been terrific on Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers’s views are Obama’s views.  Bill Ayers is critical of Obama from the left, but that’s because he’s not in power.  But if Bill Ayers was in power with Obama, he’d be doing exactly what Obama is doing.

Sean Hannity: Here’s what the United States of America is doing right now that I don’t think most Americans know.  We are giving the Hamas Palestinian coalition government — they just give him 47 million more dollars.  We gave them, what, 400 million recently.

David Horowitz: This guy sympathizes with America’s enemies.  There’s no other way to explain it.  But I need to talk about my –

Sean Hannity: I’m going to talk about your book.  Look, I don’t [see] it the way you do.  I don’t know what’s in his heart.  I do know that he is exactly who I said he would be, and that is his ACORN, Alinsky, friendships and associations with Father Pfleger and Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  He is a rigid, radical ideologue.  I –

David Horowitz: That’s all correct, Sean.

Sean Hannity: Hang on, hang on.  And he has governed with no capacity to be pragmatic or change like Bill Clinton — the era of big government is over.

David Horowitz: No, because he’s an ideologue.  I know what’s in his heart.  Because he comes out of this exact identical Left that I spent, you know, my life in until I was 35.

Sean Hannity: Why do you say –

David Horowitz: The same people, the same ideas, the same ill will towards this country.  And he never came out of it.  So that’s how I know.

Sean Hannity: So in other words, you grew up with Communist parents.  Your parents were Communists.

David Horowitz: Right.  And his mentor was a Communist.  He came –

Sean Hannity: Frank Marshall Davis.

David Horowitz: — out of a Communist background.

Sean Hannity: Well.

David Horowitz: And he never repudiated it.  And because he never repudiated it, I know he still believes it. He didn’t repudiate it because he identifies with it.  You know, Valerie Jarrett is the same, David Axelrod — they’re all — they all come out of the anti-American communist left.

Sean Hannity: What is it that you think he thinks?  Because I know you’re going to criticized for your words, “anti-American radical.”  So I want to give you some — I want to give you a chance to clarify.  Are you saying that his radical, rigid ideology that he believes that America’s an imperialist country, that –

David Horowitz: Absolutely.  And he wants to weaken America. Every time America is weakened, the oppressed of the world are, in his eyes, uplifted.  That is his view.  He is a radical of the Jeremiah Wright, Billy Ayers, Alinsky school.  And there’s just no question about it.  You know, Stanley Kurtz has written a whole book documenting this.  But it should be evident to everyone now.

Sean Hannity: Now, let me ask you about this.  We’re heading into an important election.  And I’ve talked about, at length on this program, I’m kind of inspired by what conservative governors are doing.  I was just talking to Paul Ryan about it.  And in other words, they’re taking deficits, turning them into surpluses.  High unemployment — they’re creating jobs in their state.  You know, I’m talking about Texas, Rick Perry; Florida, Rick Scott –

David Horowitz: Yep.

Sean Hannity: — Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Scott Walker.  I mean, you know, Susana Martinez and Nikki Haley — those people are doing some good work.

I have been frustrated with Republicans in Congress, because they don’t seem — they seem too timid, too unwilling to fight Obama, too unwilling to use their constitutional authority on spending.  And they don’t have an inspiring vision that makes me say, you know, I want to vote for you, because that sounds like a good idea.

David Horowitz: That’s exactly right.  My book is a book on how to fight.

Look, Chris Lehane, who’s a Democratic strategist, said — everybody has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth.  The Democrats have a massive punch, which they use every election against Republicans, calling them racists, sexists, women-haters, minority-haters, haters of the poor.  When they do that, they can take a perfectly decent human being like Mitt Romney and so tar and feather him that his message never gets across.

What’s the Republican punch in the mouth, the response to this?  There is none!  They have absolutely no answer. Republicans are all focused on policies, on budgets, on administrative things.  The answer is very obvious.  You take the victims of the Democrats, and you throw them in their faces.  It’s Democrats who are racist.  They control all the major inner cities in America.  Every policy that affects the inner city is a Democratic monopoly.  They have millions, millions of poor black and Hispanic children in schools that don’t teach them.  And they have them trapped there and won’t let them go to private schools.  They won’t give them choice, freedom.

This is a horrendous social atrocity.  For decades, this has been going on.  The Democrats have controlled the inner cities of America for 50 to 100 years.  The Republican Convention should’ve been held in Detroit, which is the symbol of what Democrats do when they have the power.

In 1961, Detroit was the richest city in America.  Now, it’s the poorest large city in America.  Two thirds of its population has fled.  Why?  Because the Democrats have racist, anti-white policies; they drove the white middle class out.  They’re anti-business; they drove business out.  They bankrupt — they turned Detroit from a first-world city into a third-world city in one generation.  If the Republicans held their convention in Detroit, they’d have a symbol to shove in the Democrats’ faces and shut them up about Republican wars on women and minorities.

Sean Hannity: You know, I’ve known you a long time.  A real long time.  You’re really, really worked up about how bad things are.  And I got to be honest — I share your emotion here.  Because I think we’re losing our country.  You say that, and people say — you know, you listen –

David Horowitz: We are losing our country, rapidly.  Obamacare — what is Obamacare about?  Why don’t Republicans mention this?  It’s a fundamental attack on individual freedom. Republicans need to make their argument a moral argument, the way the Democrats do.  The Democrats portray Republicans as evil.  Until Republicans effectively portray Democrats as evil, they will be outgunned in any political contest.

Sean Hannity: So what else do you think they should do?

David Horowitz: Obamacare is a major transformation of the country.  The government can now tell you that you have to buy their health insurance.  You have four choices.  Someday, it may be one choice, if they get their single payer system. Then they also tell you, if you’ve worked hard and played by the rules, we’re going to stick our hands in your pockets and take money out of it to subsidize people who haven’t worked hard, who haven’t played by the rules.

This is a fundamental transformation of America, Obamacare.  And I just don’t see Republicans fighting the moral issue.  The conservative movement is built on the idea of freedom, individual freedom.  And you don’t hear that rhetoric.  And you need to hear it in these election battles.

My book, “Take No Prisoners” — goes over all of this, chapter and verse — how to do it.  And it’s just out today, and I thank you for –

Sean Hannity: Boy, you’re out of breath.  Are you okay?

David Horowitz: I am out of breath. One of the reasons I’m so angry is I’m 75 — you know, I’ve been saying this for 20 years; Republicans don’t listen.  I’ve watched the country slipping away.  You know, I don’t know what to say.  I would never have believed it could happen so rapidly as it’s happening now.

Sean Hannity: Yeah.

David Horowitz: But we are now no longer a power in the world.  And that means that the bad guys are having a field day.

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