by Eliana Benador
“This is dedicated to the one in the IDF whose home is my heart…”  


I learned the news and immediately got sick for most of the day, so much unlike me -and not associating one with the other, was wondering why…?  

Naturally, as one of the thousands of Jewish mothers whose children are servicing with love and full of idealism in the Israeli army and for whom, this news was no good news.

So, it is with pain in my heart and my soul that I begin to write this article.  

Judeophobia runs hysterically rampant in the world and no one seems to react.  

It is no longer what used to be called, simply, antisemitism, a word that has by now become obsolete.  What we are dealing with right now, is sheer Judeophobia, the viciousness of succeeding to make appear what’s wrong as if it is right -despite the knowledge of the contrary.  

Let me say first, what a normal, civilized world should have done in a case such of a young IDF soldier, taken hostage by Muslim Palestinian barbaric terrorists.  

A civilized world, would have supported Israel’s as well as the Shalit family’s demands to free their young soldier, no questions asked.  

That civilized society, should not have stopped decrying that abuse until the hostage would have been given back to his country and his family, within the briefest delays.  But, what do we have instead?


This virulent nest of world liberals, is formed of increasingly rabid Judeophobes who see nothing wrong in the mishandling and abuse of a whole people.  

Liberals are notorious for claiming to be supporters of victims of tyranny, and portray themselves as the defenders of liberal values of freedom, tolerance and human rights.  But all stops at the facade.  As a rule, the left is totally the opposite of what they pretend to be:  They are intolerant, abusive, violent, excessive, racist, prejudiced, narrow-minded, and many other adjectives.

The United Nations resolutions that concern -condemn- Israel, are abundant.  For instance, their Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions condemning Israel than it has all other states combined.  As recently as March 2011, the UN Human Rights Council was urged to fire Najat Al-Hajjaji, a long-time mouthpiece of Col. Muammar Gaddafi, from her post as council investigator on human rights violations by mercenaries.  Shortly thereafter, Libya was suspended as a member of the 47-nation council.

And, yet, Israel is the one country where all citizens have political, religious, democratic rights in the region. The only country in the Middle East where their soldiers -at risk of their own lives- are taught to shoot at the lower part of the bodies of their attackers… and so much more.

Last September, 2011, Abu Mazen, came and gave a virulent, venomous speech requesting Palestinian statehood at the United Nations, and no one sneezed at the gratuitous, racist attacks on the Jewish people and Israel, by a man who is a great enemy of the State of Israel -next to which he hopes to set his own country one day.  Not foreign to these attacks, Europeans have clearly stated that Jewish Israeli sovereignty over its capital and control over its heartland in Judea and Samaria, will imply that Israel is illegally occupying the Palestinians’ land. As do Israel’s worst friends, the Obama Administration.


During my life in Switzerland, I heard so much about the tragic absent presence of the Red Cross at the Swiss borders, busy sending back Jews who wanted to get into the country.

Judeophobic Red Cross -which had nevertheless gone out of their way to admit a  -red- Islamic crescent, had opposed the adoption of the Israeli Magen David Adom since 1930, because of their use of the Magen David or Star of David.  Israel has been admited only in 2006 after they agreed to replace their Star of David for a red square.  

True to their Judeophobia, instead of having been instrumental to put their name and pressure on the international community to succeed to free Gilad Shalit from his bestial Muslim Palestinian terrorist captors, the Red Cross is now willing to help facilitate the swap of ONE young Israeli soldier for the incredible number of over 1,000 Palestinian Muslim terrorists -as if this was a normal operation among civilized people.


The Almagor Terror Victims Association was founded to allow the voices of victims of senseless terrorism be heard, to influence public discourse regarding terrorism.

In 1985, the “Jibril deal” was concluded between Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Ahmad Jibril, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In the deal, Israel freed 1,150 terrorists in exchange for three soldiers who had been kidnapped during the First Lebanon War.

netanyahu_abbasJust as the current Netanyahu deal, the Jibril deal aroused a storm of controversy in Israel, due to the stark disproportion between the price paid and the few captives received in return, who did not even include all the captives and those missing in action for whose release Israel had bargained.

The enormity of the price paid became clear only three years later, when many of the freed terrorists became the leaders of the first “intifada.”  Of 238 terrorists freed in the Jibril deal who reached Samaria or Judea, in Israel, (the West Bank,) forty-eight percent returned to terrorism and were recaptured by Israeli forces.

In 1986, in the wake of the Jibril deal, the Almagor Terror Victims Association was founded. Since then, the TVA has played a critical role in exerting pressure against any release of terrorists.


No doubt Commander Yoni Netanyahu, the Prime Minister’s late brother, who was the only casualty at the Entebbe raid to recuperate the Israeli hostages, must be turning over in his grave as his brother betrays Israel -because there is no excuse for Benyamin Netanyahu to do what he is about to do, not even political gain, which makes his a most senseless move.

As Caroline Glick puts it: “The deal that Netanyahu has agreed to is signed with the blood of the past victims and future victims of the terrorists he is letting go.”

Dealing with Hamas after all, gives the terrorist organization needless luster and regardless of how democratically elected a terror organization is, it continues to represent terror, until and unless they renounce terrorism altogether.   

Releasing 1,027 terrorists in exchange for Schalit in time will most certainly result in the murder of Israelis and young Israeli soldiers, most of whom have come from the comfort of their homes abroad to fight for their ideals: defend the Land of their dreams and their people in the Land of Israel…   

Netanyahu evoked the Jewish tradition of pidyon shevuim, or the redemption of captives. But, the Talmudic rabbinic sages have clearly specified that: “Any ransom paid cannot involve the murder of other Jews.”  

Unlike the Palestinian Muslims and Muslims in general, where a cult to killing and death, terror and mayhem reigns, among the Jews there is the utmost respect for life.  


No one knows who Gilad Shalit has become now.

Why has he been brought to Egypt for such a longtime, since the 13th, to the 18th of October, when he will be arriving in Israel?

We are happy for Gilad and his parents, family and friends but, as an Israeli soldier, how will Gilad live with his conscience for the rest of his life, with the idea that his freedom, actually guaranteed the freedom of 1,027 Palestinian Muslim terrorists?


Officially, the White House has announced that the United States is “pleased with deal that will see the return of the captive solider to his homeland -furthermore, the Press Secretary, Jay Carney, added that the swap, of 1,027 Palestinian terrorists, now called rather, “prisoners”, in return for Schalit, was long overdue.”

To be sure, the Obama Administration is satisfied that their terrorist friends will be set free, as many of them are linked to some of the deadliest terror attacks on Israeli civilians in recent years.  

What else can one expect from the man who asks flat from Israel to go to the indefensible pre-1967 borders?  Obama is very likely, satisfied to learn the danger in which the Israeli population and its army are being put now.  After all, that was his goal in demanding the pre-1967 borders for Israel.  And, Netanyahu is being instrumental on this.

Hamas has been headquartered in Syria since 1988.  Since the infamous Arab Spring, their benefactor and protector, president Bashar Assad is being besieged by the opposition, and the Muslim Brotherhood are the leading forces in the Western-backed Syrian opposition.

With the constant massacre of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly becoming the dominant political force to be reckoned with in Egypt, which may turn to be a more appealing base for Hamas especially given that back in the 1920s, Hamas appeared there, as an offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian Islamist association.  

Reportedly though, appears that in exchange for Schalit, and beyond releasing over a thousand terrorist-murderers, Netanyahu may also have agreed to give safe conduit to Hamas leaders heading for Egypt -making things much worse for Israel, than feared at the beginning.  

With the Shalit deal that will free the most experienced Palestinian terrorists, Netanyahu will be reinvigorating Palestinian terror war against Israeli civilians and their military.

Instead of grabbing the opportunity to let the Hamas leadership be ambushed by fate, the former member of the super elite Sayeret Matkali, Bibi Netanyahu, is opening for those terrorists, sworn enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, the doors for their survival.


One of the 1,027 cases.  It is mind boggling how can a leader of any country even consider freeing any prisoner serving 15 life-sentences -one for each of those killed in a terrorist attack at the Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001.  

Yesterday, a man was caught protesting at the Rabin Memorial in Tel Aviv.  He explained to the police he was doing so, because his parents and three of his siblings were murdered during the massacre at the Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001.  And now, a co-conspirator of that attack, the driver of the suicide bomber, will be freed by the Netanyahu government.  


Breaking news last evening announced that Israeli elite counter-terror soldiers have written a letter urging the Netanyahu government to refrain from the Shalit swap for 1000 Palestinian terrorists, “… 450 murderers with blood on their hands… in addition to 550 prisoners, for the release of one kidnapped soldier.”  

“We are very hurt by the cabinet’s attitude on this matter, and the next time we soldiers are asked to stop terrorists again, we will have to think twice about whether it is worth risking our lives to capture killers who will only be released again.

We the undersigned demand that the State of Israel not release murderers we will only have to risk our lives yet again to capture later in our service…”


As days are passing by and the Gilad Shalit swap is sinking in the minds and hearts of the Israeli society and the Jewish people at large, the initial euphoria may be giving room to the disproportionate reality of 1 to 1,027 -including 450 terrorist-murderers whose hands bear witness of Jewish Israeli blood and pain they inflicted in massacres they perpetrated in Israel not too long ago.  

Perhaps the only ones who have a chance to be heard, are the courageous Israeli elite soldiers who have urged the Netanyahu government to renounce the swap on grounds of national security.

Their success would save so many lives among the innocent Israeli population and among their ranks.

Netanyahu-abbasNetanyahu’s success would fill Israel with pain and suffering.  

History has proven through change of governments and revolutions that, when irresponsible leaders want to take their countries into the abyss, is up to their population to behave responsibly.  

Let’s hope that Israel’s pioneer spirit will wake up before it’s too late.

Capitulating to terrorism has never worked. And never will.  


EB-carlylepic-2Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international global  strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. You can  find her at the Goodwill Ambassador or at her website.  Follow her on Twitter, or her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook.