Upon further review of the Twitter Direct Messages that Donald Trump Jr. disclosed between himself and Wikileaks on Nov. 13, it is evident that Wikileaks requested that Donald Trump Jr. contact Wikileaks lawyer Margaret Kuntsler and disclose to her the emails that were mentioned in a New York Times article. Wikileaks sent that message to Don Jr. on July 11th, 2017.

However, on that same day Don Jr. disclosed his emails between himself and campaign individuals regarding a meeting with a Russian attorney flying in from Moscow. That email chain is most likely the one Wikileaks was offering to publish in its aforementioned July 11th request to Don Jr. Did Don Jr. also share privately with Congress the DMs between himself and Wikileaks, where Wikileaks requests that Trump Jr. disclose his information to Wikileaks’ lawyer Margaret Kuntsler?

Is this why Senator Dianne Feinstein requested access to Kuntsler’s private DMs in her letter on October 27? Or was she tipped off about this “go-to point” with Wikileaks by others who have also been in touch with Wikileaks? Or, did Trump Jr. disclose the aforementioned DM with Wikileaks during his 5-hour meeting with Senate investigators on September 7, 2017?

My previous article noted how it was Twitter that may have leaked Kuntsler’s emails, but now that it is obvious that Wikileaks mentioned in their DM with Don Jr. that Kuntsler is the point contact for information that is to be leaked, it may be possible or likely that Twitter never has responded to Feinstein’s request by divulging private DMs. Furthermore, no other DMs between Wikileaks and others have surfaced so far.

Privacy and freedom advocates should still be concerned with how Sen. Feinstein wants Wikileaks’ lawyer chats in violation of attorney-client privilege. Assange himself has shown his support for this issue, tweeting out an article on this subject.