A Sudanese Christian, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, is to be hung on charges of apostasy… even though she’s a life-long Christian and an American citizen by virtue of her marriage. Islamic jurisprudence is fascinating in the ways they can twist their “laws” to fit their blood-lust needs.

The interview with Dr. Bostom also provides some background on previous Boko Haram atrocities against boys in Nigeria.

Meanwhile Michelle Obama gave a speech on the kidnapped girls. Her problem with the terrorists? That the girls are being denied an education. We can presume Mrs. Obama is speaking officially for this incompetent, bored, and obscenely mismanaged administration. In other words, who cares?

Here is a page with lots of background information on this typically Islamist terrorist group.

As Dr Bostom and his interviewer point out, the silence of putative “moderate Muslims” in Nigeria – or elsewhere – is an example of the lack of any authentic “moderation” in Islam.

Once Islam is in charge in any country, the collective citizenry are too busy surviving to develop further, much less to show any inclination toward moderation.

For all its wealth, Saudi Arabia is no different: Backward, indolent, superstitious and supremely intolerant.

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