By Eliana Benador

“They were young newlyweds —- Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, a dental student at the University of North Carolina, and his wife, Yusor Mohammad, 21, soon to enter the same dental program.

He sent dental kits to Syrian refugees and helped the homeless. She was an honor student. He was Syrian American and she was Palestinian American. Both were U.S.-born.

And they had complained to their families about an angry, aggressive upstairs neighbor well-known to residents for confronting neighbors about parking spots and noise.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the couple and Mohammad’s 19-year-old sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, were shot and killed inside their apartment in a leafy neighborhood two miles from campus. Authorities charged their upstairs neighbor, Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, with three counts of first-degree murder in what they said was an ongoing dispute over a parking space. The shooting will also be investigated to determine whether religious hatred played a role because of the victims’ Muslim faith.”

3 shot chapel hillAnd so will begin a new tide in America that will probably propagate worldwide.  It fits nicely as the successor alternative to Islamophobia which Muslims worldwide have been using to alert on “racism” against them in order to disarm even more their detractors. 

Even the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday criticized President Obama for his silence following the killings of three young Muslims in North Carolina this week.

According to Reuters, this is “the latest sign relations between the two leaders have become strained,” but I disagree.  It’s not a sign of disagreement.  It’s a call to order from the Turk, reminding Barack Hussein Obama what he needs to do in case he was forgetting.

Naturally, Hussein obliged.

Never mind that Islam is invading the world to impose their religion, their traditions, their likes and dislikes, their political structure under the name of sharia which inevitably they will force onto Western civilisation as soon as they succeed becoming a demographic majority.

Then, dutifully, they will propose “sharia law” up for referendum and with the democratic dispositions giving equal rights to all citizens, they will massively approve that referendum and the subsequent vote will most definitely implant sharia by “the free will of the citizens of any country.”

Never mind that you very rarely find a church or a synagogue or Buddhist or Bahai temple in almost any country of the Muslim world.   They couldn’t care less.  Their goal is to flood the West with mosques and, helped by local politicians worldwide, their mosques are already and will soon be too numerous to count.

Islamophobia is the term they use to silence opposition from nationals who disagree with any invasion of their country by anyone.  Unequivocally, Muslims are the only ones on this neck of the woods whose intention is to dominate the world.

Now, while United States officials are saying that the motivation for the shootings of three young Muslim-Americans by a self-avowed atheist in North Carolina remains unclear, there are growing numbers of Muslims around the world who are of course grabbing the opportunity and weighing in with suspicions that the murders were an American hate crime and, perhaps, as the Palestinian foreign ministry suggested on Saturday, even an act of terrorism.  There you have it.  Palestine?  And, Israel, of course.  

The killing of those three Muslims, with a unique background from Syria and “Palestine” is ideal to find excuses for explanations to why they were the victims.  

Muslim victimhood

So will begin a new tide with an untold, unofficial but very insidious psychological blackmail.

Sure enough, the mainstream media is willingly propagating the new mood in order to create some more ways to attack Americans from the inside…  Do not believe for a second that they are not going to use this random act to their advantage.

This happened on Thursday, and on Friday the FBI was already working on it:  Muslim anger and frustration rose here Thursday, an emotional day when three young American Muslims were buried after being shot to death, allegedly by a white neighbor who had publicly railed against their religion.

At a solemn outdoor funeral attended by several thousand people, Mohammad Abu-Salha, the father of two of the murder victims, called for a federal investigation into the case, which he said “has ‘hate crime’ written all over it.”

The FBI said Thursday evening it had [already!] opened “a parallel preliminary inquiry to determine whether or not any federal laws were violated.”

In all, a new way to muzzle the opposition to Islam’s world domination.  

Recently, I have spoken to some of my former Muslim associates who were very pro-democracy in the time.

Now, however, I get the impression that even those “democratic” forces would no longer have an issue considering the entire world their “home.”   This was not said with words, but with some rhetorical inflexions hinting in that direction.

The random act in North Carolina will definitely be used by the Muslim community to advance their cause, that’s for sure.  It gives them a new way to muzzle the opposition to Islam’s world domination.  

The fragile political situation of Americans and their safety will once again be jeopardised as the pro-world-domination forces, unstoppable, continue to rise.


Eliana Benador 2015Eliana Benador is a strategic risk consultant, adviser, opinion writer. Her website is  Follow her at @ElianaBenador on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.