by Eliana Benador

Ever since the zionist takeover and the secular independence of Israel back in 1948, zionism’s  goal has been to destroy the religion which has inherently been attached to Israel from the very beginning of its existence, when God gave it to His Chosen People, the Jews. 

As good leftists, zionists have been keen to rewrite its history as if it had started with them when there is nothing further from the truth.

A brief overview follows below to show how Israel is millennia old and not merely 66 years old as zionists pretend.

For starters, Israel and the Jews have a genealogical tree (see photo from the Chumash Stone Edition) that proves their background coming directly from the creation of the world, which historically and chronologically begins with Adam and Eve, passing through Noah, and later generations culminating with their direct descendants, the three Jewish patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Tableau Chronologique De Adam A Jacob

Abraham, one of the richest men in his time, bought the Cave of Machpelah in the Hebron in the most expensive business real estate deal in those days.  He paid the fortune of “four hundred shekels of silver” to purchase the place to bury his deceased wife, Sarah.

If there is a deed showing that the Jewish people are owners of the land, it is this real estate transaction, a pure business deal whereby Hebron belongs to the Jews.

There are buried three Jewish patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and three matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca and Leah with matriarch Rachel being buried in Bethlehem.

It is said that Adam and Eve are also buried there.  

Few thousands years later King David was anointed King of Israel in Hebron as well and reigned in the city for seven years.

On the other hand, history has recorded how Moses received the Tablets of the Law from God at Mount Sinai and how he spent 40 days writing the Holy words for the Torah.  

“On that day, God revealed Himself to the entire Jewish people (which included some 600,000 adult men, in addition to women, children and the aged, in all, by some accounts, up to two million people witnessed this defining event in the history of mankind) and declared to them the Ten Commandments. Afterwards, Moses ascended Mount Sinai where, for forty days, G-d taught him the entire Written and Oral Torah…”

As Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi states:  “Unlike other religions where history relies on the story told by one person who can provide no testimony or witnesses, this important event is verifiable and it shows that Moses and between 600,000 to 2 million Jewish people did in fact receive those key testimonies in the year 2448 of the Jewish calendar (which now counts 5775 years.)”

Not only that, the word “Israel” appears for the first time ever in the Torah, when God says to Jacob: ‘Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel.” Bereishit or Genesis 32,29.

Fast forwarding to 1845, Rebbetzin Menucha Rochel Slonim and her family immigrated to the Hebron in the land of Israel. This matriarch of the Chabad Hasidic dynasty and her family found the Hebron desolated, but with hard work they managed to turn the situation around and the region became prosperous.

But the tide was going to change for a while for the Jews living in Hebron. On August 23, 1929, local Arabs attacked the Jewish community in a vicious, large-scale organized, pogrom.  They massacred 133 Jews.  

A few decades later, inspired by Theodor Herzl, the foremost self-loathing Jew before Noam Chomsky, zionists invaded the Land of Israel with remnants from the Holocaust.  

The public at large is unaware that their goal was to create a secular state that would have nothing to do with Judaism.

The seed at the root of zionism in Israel was made of atheist communists Russian and Polish Jews, who were adamantly opposed to any religion. They even appropriated the name Sion for their political purposes, while in the Torah it is used only to refer to Israel.

With independence in 1948 they began achieving some of their goals: They chose their independence day precisely during a period in the Jewish calendar year when Jews are forbidden to rejoice or have festivities.  

Even the national anthem of secular Israel, Hatikvah, has no mention of God whatsoever. And more. And worse.

As the communist zionists needed to populate the land, they began bringing in the most observant Jews, from Yemen and Morocco.  They extirpated Judaism from their lives, forcing them to abandon the religion they had meticulously practiced during many generations. They forced them to work on Shabbat or else they would not have anything to eat. They shaved the religious Jewish men’s beards and they cut their payot or side locks which men are commanded to keep by the holy Torah. They forced the women to abandon the laws of tzniut or modesty. They separated them from their children whom they sent to the Kibbutzim where no religion was taught.   As a result, sadly, the newer generations of Yemenites and Moroccans in Israel now populate their prisons.

On a side note, one may strongly disagree with Zionism while at the same time deeply love the Land of Israel and the Jewish people.   In times of war, even detractors of Zionism, such as this author, will unhesitatingly join ranks in defense of Israel, regardless of any other consideration, for the greater love of God and Eretz Yisrael.

Zionism is persevering.  As such, the current zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu has taken measures to corrupt the strict conversion system controlled in Israel by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, although this is not new.

With the strong personal support of the Jewish refusenik from the former Soviet Union and Nobel Peace laureate Natan Sharansky, the Netanyahu government has been pushing to implement the “obtainable conversion” which practically would allow any rabbi in Israel to make conversions.  

In principle, Judaism does not proselytize, in fact, it’s the only religion to discourage conversions.

The law has now been approved and it is an affront to the official orthodox conversion of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, whose authoritative intervention is deemed necessary by the highest Jewish authorities given the complexity and intricacy of regulations and commandments contained in the Torah and whose implementation has been guided by pre-eminent Jewish sages throughout millennia, and which Jews are expected to follow and adhere to.

As expected, the chief rabbis and the ultra-Orthodox haredi and their political parties have manifested great hostility towards of these reforms by secular authorities.

They are most likely bracing themselves, conflict is looming between the religious and the non-religious in Israel.  

Just as an incurable cancer, zionism ill will to disown Judaism in the Land of Israel seems unstoppable.  

Eliana Benador is an author and contributor to The Blaze.  She is a strategic and risk consultant, adviser, opinion writer, and speaker, was the founder of Benador Associates. Her website is You may follow her at @ElianaBenador on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook