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Kerry Iran talksA majority of Americans elected the son of a Muslim father yet they still doubt about the president’s allegiance.

Experts say Americans suffer from acute depression and that is a reason not to face reality despite the fact that reality is slapping you on the face.

No one can erase that the son/daughter of a Muslim man is a Muslim.  Period. 

That is not an opinion but a fact: The child of a Muslim father is a Muslim, forever. That is the way it is.  

Obama and his people’s main concern is not America, but Islam.

Whether it is Iran, Saudi, Emirates, Qatar or Bahrain or any other Muslim country, and whether it is  Sunnis or Shias,  radicals or moderates, regardless, they read the Koran, they follow their Prophet Mohammed, they want sharia in the world they are conquering.  Their common denominator is Islam.  

Roughly a week ago, the Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey shared that the U.S. military leadership are now viewing favourably at Iran’s contributions to the fight Iraq is waging against the Islamic State.  Nonetheless they are “still concerned” about Iran’s influence in the region.  Seriously.

In a very dangerous move, the Americans have served the Iraqis on a silver platter to Iran so they can “help” the Iraqis fight the IS terrorists.  

Iranian-backed military have joined the Iraqi Security Forces and have been advancing on Tikrit, in a coordinated assault, their largest offensive so far against Islamic State.

Suddenly it stalled, and the “Tikrit Pause” is now in place.  

“We need air support from any force that can work with us against [the Islamic State],” Deputy Minister of Defense Ibrahim al-Lami told Reuters, declining to say whether he meant from the U.S.-led coalition or Iran, which is playing a role in the assault.   

Iraq needed more military equipment.   What did Obama and his Department of Defense do?  

They did not give the Iraqis what they needed.  Instead, somehow the Islamic State terrorists have managed to get American equipment.  

Other troubling news have announced that the Obama Administration have quietly removed Iran and Hezbollah from the “Worldwide Threat Assessment” of the U.S. Intelligence Community report.  And so are off the global threat list both the rogue regime of Iran and its most radical Islamist terrorist wing Hezbollah, the Eastern Mediterranean outpost of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

For full disclosure and to be accurate and fair to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) James Clapper,  Iran is mentioned unfavourably in other sections of the report: cyber threats, counterintelligence, weapons of mass destruction and proliferation, and Middle East regional threats.

However, this is only one step among many others that this administration has adopted lately to the benefit of the Iranian regime precisely at a time when nuclear negotiations are taking place.   

Ever since the Islamic Republic of Iran overturned the Shah, they have been faithfully devoted to spreading Islam violently in the world.

Their goal?  They made no secret about it: To dominate the world and to destroy the big and little Satan, i.e., America and Israel, the two pillars that have so far kept the world together.  

Their means?   Funding terrorist groups, foremost Hezbollah.   

Hezbollah comes from two Arabic roots:  Hizb Allah or the “Party of Allah,” party of God, is Iran’s terrorist army around the world, for which Iran has abundantly provided weaponry, physical and of course religious training plus broad financial means to achieve their goals.  

Iran’s investment in Hezbollah goes beyond imaginable.  According to Dr. Matt Levitt, one of the foremost Iran experts, “Iran invests on Hezbollah roughly [a whopping] $200 million per year.”  

Dr. Levitt’s latest book is an excellent source of information:  “Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon’s Party of God.”

On the other hand, Obama and his people have a newly found interest on the Shia and Sunni division.  

In parenthesis, having been in the region for several years, I want to point out how difficult, if not impossible, it is to tell a Sunni from a Shia.  

In the streets of the Muslim world, people do not wear a badge on their foreheads to identify them as one or the other.

If Obama is using the noun Sunni with a negative connotation now, it is to insinuate that Shias are better and our friends.

Trouble is that Shias include the trouble-makers and funders of trouble-making, mixed Sunni-Shia Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran.  And because Obama says so they are turning into the good guys.  Really.

As mentioned in my previous articles, in the aftermath of the Liberation of Iraq in 2003 a friend, then ambassador of Iraq, stated in no uncertain terms that:  “Iraq has a Shia prime minister, a Kurdish president and a Sunni ambassador, me.”  And he added, “We don’t look at our ethnicity, as you can see.”  True.  

You may recall, not too long ago we were also ‘bombarded’ with terms as “radical” Muslims and, oh good luck, there also existed the “moderate” Muslims.  

Trouble is that now there have been extraordinary examples of serious and major initial revolts within Islam, especially under such notable people as the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan.   

Therefore, the “moderate” argument is no longer so attractive to terrorist-friendly people as Obama and his team.  

Now that the inner fight of Muslims against Muslims is highlighted, the president and his people desperately needed to find a solution to continue their PR for Islam.  

And found it they did.  That is why his emphasis is now on Sunnis and Shias, with Sunnis fulfilling the role of bad guys because of their allegiance to the Islamic State, and the Shias who thanks to the Obama magic, appear as the ‘good guys’ with  Iran and the partly Shia Saudis.  So, go figure.  

For good form, recently the American government closed various representations in Saudi, reportedly due to a terror alarm, and just a few hours ago, the U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia has been indefinitely closed.  

In closing their representations in Saudi, once again the government showed off how they learned the lessons from Benghazi.  But. What the Benghazi Martyrs need is Justice.  

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