by Eliana Benador

They say that you appreciate something once you lost it.

American history is a blatant case of not knowing what it is to lose one’s freedom because from its birth, the country and Americans at large fought for “independence” but not from actual slavery.

Instead, their struggle was against a far away king taxing them.  So, basically, Americans liberated their dollars from British masters.

So far, America, the crib of the internet, has enjoyed quasi-total freedom to access the internet.


Now, as government needs to enslave them more, the situation is hanging on a cord and as a result there is a neat possibility that at the end of the week, Americans may get another leash around their necks.

What would it mean “losing” the freedom of the internet?

For one, most likely there will be an insane annual fee.  In Switzerland for instance such a fee is in the range of SF400.00 yearly and it includes internet usage and television or radio.  That is regardless if you have or not have a television set or a radio at home.  They assume that if you have internet you could also use it for those purposes.

That said, why should they care if you use the internet for this or for that.  Besides, ‘this’ is also a way for you to see how much they will interfere in your choices and lifestyle.

There will also be different levels of internet available to you and the least you pay, the worst your internet connection will be, i.e., slow, blurred, interferences, and so on.

Then there will be a whole array of graduations and the value of the little money you have will vanish as you raise your internet expectations and demands.

Are there any benefits that you will actually get from a government regulated internet?

Actually, there will be benefits but none of them will be for the majority of 330+ million Americans.

Instead, benefits will be almost exclusively reserved for government coffers so they can continue funding terrorism and all the causes that sooner or later will come to haunt you.

Internet does not cost anything.  That is why from the onset it has been free.  Had it costed anything to its inventors or developers, believe me, you would have had to pay for it since its very beginning.

In that respect, nothing has changed.

Meanwhile, this anti-American government is all too keen to strangle each of you at every step of the road.  In fact, for them, the sooner they can expedite you inside the inferno, the better will they have achieved their goal.

It is vital to oppose this internet control at any rate because if you let them get away with a government controlled and regulated internet,  they will use that power to control your internet content, exchange, tools, likes and dislikes that will further increase their tyranny and your slavery.

Americans never had a combative spirit and keep telling me, you will see, this or that will never happen, we will not allow it.  Seriously?

Things are happening, situations are worsening as you all know, you do not need to wait to see that your pockets are emptied because your personal financial situation is worsening by the day and the vast majority of you are going from crisis to crisis.

They have kept prices, but at the same time have tacitly allowed companies to fill their tubes with air, any product, is to be consumed much sooner.  A fine and treacherous way to increase prices without you noting anything.

Now, the internet is to be added to the attacks against the Americans financial dire situation, another way to curtail not only your meager finances but also a disguised attack to undermine your right to a responsible freedom.

My dream?   It would be to see millions of Americans rallying in Washington, D.C., peacefully, quietly saying NO to government control of the internet.

That is the only way your representatives in Congress and patriotic senators will get the message.  And it is the only way to protect yourselves and protect future generations.

It is called the Power of the People.  It is yours.  Use it.



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Eliana Benador is a strategic risk consultant, adviser, opinion writer.

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