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Ah…  contemporary life is so confusing, misleading, and always taking you on the wrong path.

At the same time, the left worldwide takes advantage of the situation and do not lose a second.

In fact, they are more than willing to serve their peoples on a silver platter to their enemies.  They are keen not only in America but also in other countries like the United Kingdom and France, to grant citizenship to the masses of immigrants they have allowed in their countries.  As I have often repeated on many of my columns, the dire situation is worsened by the quiet silence of their locals.

Recently a commentator to one of my columns, left me the following message:  “ORGANISE and ACTIVATE on social media, before it’s too late.”  Really?!

What has happened to us?  What was supposed to be a great technological advance has rather incapacitated human beings instead of making them rise to the Heavens, with wisdom, with strength.

Mankind is now critically handicapped thanks to the comfort of the Internet at the tip of your fingers and which has instead robbed you of your creativity, your imagination and your will to survive.

What’s worse, it has robbed you of your fire of living for the right values.

Indeed, people are now allowing the thugs, the criminals, to destroy the remnants of human decency, as they have lost the sense of right and wrong and, at the same time, the imperative need to fight for what is right.

It is despairing now to see on social networking, how many groups for instance are popping up on Facebook.

From Daesh is IS, to different Israel support groups as well as groups on Christianity, Islam and Judaism, conservative groups and all the variations of democracy or groups on spirituality, psychology groups and one that I just found, calling itself “The Most Boring Group on Facebook…”  Laughable?  Maybe.  But tragic for sure.

In fact, Twitter is no better, with the hundreds of thousands of wannabe writers who don’t know how to write or the topics they want to write about.

It is all about talking.  Talking or writing to one another on social networks gives people the illusion of achieving something when they are so tragically far from the reality.

Alas, there are those whose bread and butter are made out of their Internet interaction and how many gullible souls they can attract to their material.

Therefore, those people have found a way to be a magnet and they appeal to all possible tricks, like they tell you a funny joke and give you a link which you will click on, only to be taken to their article you have already read more than five times.

And why do they do that?  Simply because the more clicks they get, the more chances they have to earn extra US$500.00 on their weekly production.  Pure business based on how much and how often they get to cheat on you.  Nice, huh?

Meanwhile, the enemy has been taking this situation very seriously as well.  The Islamists are using their Twitter accounts to advance their agendas.  Hamas and Hezbollah also have their Facebook pages, as well as others.  But, truth is as you know, they advance their agendas, and are wise enough to use social media as a tool.  NOT as their lives goal.

Put-God-300x239Indeed, along the road, social networking has become this handicapping element in the lives of peoples in the West.  As much as it is a palliative for loneliness and a replacement for real life, it is turning to be a liability in the face of real problems.

We must grant Muslims that despite all their flaws they are the only ones to use social networking with savvy.

Whether it’s the subhuman terrorists from Islam or the decent however ignorant good masses of Egyptians who rallied to the call, thanks to Twitter they were able to unite and stand at the now famous Tahrir Square not once, but   t w i c e   to save their country, especially the second time, from the Muslim Brotherhood.

First was NASA, then was Benghazi, then came Seal Team Six, then Fort Hood, then Obamacare, now it is Obamanet, common core destroying your children, Keystone…  The list is tragic and endless.

But what is even more tragic is the people’s indifference.

removed-300x248Shame on the over 330 million Americans who are waiting for elections to replace the current treacherous regime who are relentlessly attacking the American people.

The time is overdue.  It’s time to peacefully do this.

Get organised using Twitter or Facebook.  300Million Americans have the intrinsic power to redress the situation.

The power of the people and their love for God, country and family and all the generations to come should give you enough guts to get this done.

This is it.

For God and Country, take back America now.

Eliana Benador 2015©ElianaBenador

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