ginni-thomasGinni Thomas | ConservativeHQ

As a national security leader said to me, “Donald Trump’s victory may not be the conservative movement’s victory, but his defeat is America’s defeat.  His win gives us room to maneuver, while his defeat seems poised to end our liberties.”

As progressives erode and weaken what is exceptional about America, I worry we may not have 4 more years to spare.  I fear we are sliding towards “the darkness” Ronald Reagan warned of when he said, “We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

Though I thought another candidate best, Americans disagreed. Donald Trump seems to love America and what made it great. He is now listening to men and women I respect in the public square right now on many matters, including national security.  He has shown the courage to confront political correctness, a malignant weapon making America less safe today as it infects our law enforcement and national security. Far from perfect, Donald Trump is refreshingly common sensical and patriotic, and the only viable option available to keep another progressive from wielding American power.

Hillary Clinton supports policies pulling America apart. She would continue the failed progressive policies of President Obama, who has polarized the nation with identity politics, weaponized bureaucrats against his opponents and set up two sets of rules where Washington picks winners and losers.  Hillary Clinton has not distanced herself from any of these dangerous developments.

Hillary Clinton weakened America as Secretary of State. Breaking a time-honored American ethos of coming to the aid of all Americans under attack abroad, she left Americans who were under attack behind in Benghazi, Libya in September 2012, and then lied to the rest of us about some videotape.  She seems to have supported the release of GITMO prisoners, and the giving cash for Iranian hostages, opening all American travelers and those who serve our nation overseas to greater risk.

By associating with America’s adversaries in the war on terror, Hillary Clinton puts us all at risk with open borders, refugee policies being designed by the United Nations, and foreign policy that offends our traditional allies and emboldens America’s enemies. Her failed foreign policy should be reason enough to deny her the presidency.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t represent all women. She only supports liberal women and causes. Thus, her candidacy is no reason for the rest of us women who love America and the values that sustained it since the Founding to celebrate. I also don’t want the first woman President of the United States to be under a cloud of controversy because she and her husband used public office for private gain. Hillary’s embrace of two sets of rules would continue to denigrate America, where her limousine liberal donors, the mainstream media and Hollywood elites would benefit, while the government is turned upon the rest of us.

Having just finished Kim Strassel’s new book, The Intimidation Game, I firmly believe our government will more aggressively come after those who align themselves with constitutional governance if Hillary Clinton is elected. If you are paying attention, our right to self-defense, to associate, to practice our religion and petition our government is threatened, among others.

We know what Hillary Clinton, working with her borderless world friends, will do to us and to the American institutions that made us great.  The only alternative for this election is Donald Trump, who is committed to bringing Americans together again, not practicing a divisive identity politics.