Is Bill O’Reilly a spineless wimp who merely pays lip service to the first amendment? The answer is a resounding, yes!


He disgraced himself in front of millions of viewers by attacking Pamela Geller’s Mohamed art contest. Talk about the shallow veneer of patriotism, when the “chips are down” and “push comes to shove” O’Reilly puts his tail between his legs and runs the other way. How far will he run? — All the way to joining together with the blood thirsty barbarians who are vehemently calling for the death of Geller.

Let’s face it, by condemning Pamela Geller, O’Reilly is tacitly supporting Islamic jihad’s goal of murdering Geller. Will O’Reilly’s next book be called “Killing Geller”? If so, then it could also be called “Killing the First Amendment” which is synonymous with “Killing America”. Bill O’Reilly, “You are a pinhead” because, unlike Geller you have become an obscurantist, who has no courage to fight for the first amendment.

President George Washington

Who is correct regarding the first amendment Geller or O’Reilly?

This question is easily answered by turning to the wisdom of President George Washington who emphatically warns:

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Washington obviously sides with Pamela Geller who bravely stands up and fights for free speech. In contrast, O’Reilly condemns Geller and calls her stupid because she — refuses to remain “dumb and silent.” Thus the “battle lines” have been drawn. It’s Pamela Geller and George Washington versus O’Reilly and the blood thirsty barbarians. Whose side are you on?

Tyranny Prevails When Free Speech is Eviscerated

Insult a tyrant and it’s off with your head. Tyrants, despots and barbarians always forbid free speech. They murder anyone who slights them, and here lies the essential difference between America and the Islamic barbarians. America encourages free speech — especially that which is offensive or insulting.  On the other hand, the Islamic barbarians impose the death penalty for the slightest insult.

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News clarifies the situation by stating:

 “. . . free speech is non-negotiable and that the whole point of the First Amendment is to protect speech that offends.”

Unfortunately, Bill O’Reilly and other heedless Americans, by condemning Pamela Geller indirectly condone the actions of the murderous Islamic tyrants. In so doing they betray our nation, and place our homeland in severe jeopardy.   

What O’Reilly Should Have Said

I fully support Pamela Gellar’s Mohamed Art Contest because without the first amendment America will cease to exist. The essence of free speech is to protect offensive speech.  America and free speech are synonymous, no more free speech no more America.  “The spin stops here.”

Pamela Geller’s contest has revealed that Islamic death squads are fully operative within our borders. It is the duty of every American to follow Geller’s example and fight back to defeat this barbaric enemy hell bent upon destroying our nation’s foremost principles. Let’s hope that O’Reilly soon corrects himself and joins Geller in the fight for our nation’s victory against Islamic tyranny.   

What Must Be Done

Something like a nationwide Mohamed art offensive should take place. Every form of media should publish Mohamed cartoons en masse all together on a wide scale — especially Fox news.   All newspapers, magazines, journals, and other publications should consider it their patriotic duty to publish the cartoons.

They do not have to be crass or vulgar cartoons.   They can be classy, respectful and artistically pleasing cartoons but without doubt they are cartoons of Mohamed. There is no need to publish new cartoons. They can be copies of those previously published.

The key point is to show that Americans live by American law and absolutely reject the barbaric Islamic assault upon their first amendment, which is an act of war in our own backyard.  

Act of War

It is outrageous, infuriating and an act of war that Islamic thugs demand we obey their barbaric creed or die. They come into our country and bellow “do as I say or die”.  However, it is a thousand times worse that our leaders like Bill O’Reilly, President Obama, President Carter, and Donald Trump have surrendered to them. A servile leadership is nothing new. Prior to World War II Neville Chamberlain took Hitler’s side against Winston Churchill.  As a side note, remember when Obama got rid of the Winston Churchill statue?  

In Jean Swirsky’s brilliant article:Pamela Geller – America’s Churchill.   She, like Geller emphasizes the crucial role free speech plays in protecting our constitution, bill of rights and national security.

“I Have Been Made Victorious With Terror” –  Mohamed

By emulating Mohamed’s penchant for terror, his present day followers have effectively silenced free speech in Europe. The Charlie Hebdo massacre has cowed the European media to lay supine to Islamic death squads. There are few if any Mohamed cartoons found in Europe today. Disgracefully, Europeans have been capitulating to barbaric Islamic gangs and lawsuit jihad for some time. “Europe’s Last Stand” the must see documentary produced by Christian Action Network provides devastating proof of this fact.   

The purpose of the attempted massacre upon Pamela Geller’s Mohamed art contest was to duplicate the Islamic terror victory gained in Europe. The barbarians sought a similar blood bath on American soil in order that we also cowardly self-censor our right to free speech. This makes it imperative for all Americans to support the work of Pamela Geller and all like-minded patriots or the bitter cup of defeat will be ours.

Does it not foretell our doom that our military and intelligence agencies are forbidden to use the words Islam, Islamic terrorism and terrorism itself?  The prophetic words of President George Washington come to mind once again:

 “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.”


Martel Sobieskey has four decades research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed by our leadership’s failure to recognize the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam, moderates included.