When listening to those on the left talk about gun control everyone should understand that almost all of the left’s arguments for gun control are phony!  The people presenting them may sound convincing and even believe the talking points they parrot, but don’t be fooled by these traitors and useful idiots. Their arguments are presented by the left only to totally eliminate guns in the hands of the people. These people should be viewed at best as useful idiots, and at worse traitors to the Constitution and to the Country. But why does the left expend so much time, energy, and money in the pursuit of gun control? We could take the reasons they present at face value. But in my opinion that would be akin to believing anything uttered by Hillary Clinton, and we’re not idiots. The rationale presented by the left for more and more gun control laws and regulations never withstands close scrutiny, or critical statistical analysis. Previously the obvious answer as to why the left is pushing so hard for eventual elimination of guns was dismissed as being ridiculous.  We thought our Government and the politicians would never attempt to destroy America.  But now all we have to do is look at the literally hundreds of ways the Obama cabal is destroying our Country. Now we know we were wrong, and the politicians of the left and their army of collaborators ARE destroying America. Further they want to ban all guns.  These same politicians of the left and the RINOS of the right have been consciously trying to take our guns since at least 1995 when Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-CA said on the TV program 60 Minutes, “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ‘em all in — I would have done it.” (…the hypocrite Senator from San Francisco was saying this while packing a handgun of her own) and that ladies and gents is the exactly reality the left wants; Mr. and Mrs. America is not to have access to guns, but rather for the elitists, and politicians to have all the guns they want, and/ or bodyguards to be paid for by Mr. and Mrs. America’s taxes. Too often we look at the individual arguments the left presents for “common sense gun control” like individual trees in the forest; for their individual worth.  However, we should be looking at the forest or the end goal of the arguments they present as a pretext to their real goals. The forest in this case is gun registration, illegalization, and finally, total confiscation. That’s the goal, “Mr. and Mrs. America turn ‘em all in …” One only needs to look at the cabal that is the Obama administration and the illegal actions they have already taken in full view of an armed population, and a corrupt national media to see where this is going. They have correctly bet that an armed population would not rise up with such gradual, but nonetheless illegal, incursions on the Constitution and the rule of law without the media shinning the light of day to the people on their actions. But the pace of their tyrannical changes is much too slow for them. Their desire is to completely implement their dictatorial socialist plans immediately and even yesterday if they could. The fastest way for them to do this is a revolution, and the leftists desperately want one. The Occupy Wall Street movement didn’t work, so now they’ve moved on to racism. MAKE NO MISTAKE and think for a moment that the riots in Ferguson, or Baltimore were spontaneous events. They may have started spontaneously, but were soon being agitated by paid provocateurs until they became out of control riots. Simultaneously, across the country more of the paid provocateurs attempted to spread these riots countrywide. The mainstream media appeared delighted to air so called supporting “spontaneous” demonstrations in a dozen different cities nationwide. It seemed as though the media was hoping that these other cities would turn from protest to full-fledged riots and thus start the left’s REVOLUTION. Yes, they want a revolution, but what the left is deathly afraid of is a counter-revolution.  The leftists can ill afford 65 percent of the country being armed, and rising up against their communist/socialist revolution. They are petrified that their political traitors and collaborators in the media, Hollywood, and the hundreds of left wing funded groups will be shot by the people in a cleansing counter-revolution. Their fear is that their their paid bodyguards won’t be able to withstand the onslaught of the people. They haven’t forgotten what one of the left’s favorite people, Mao Tse Tung said is true, and that “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” We the people must not forget that either!]]>