This appeal was posted on April 7, and will stay on top until Tommy’s court date. Scroll down for more recent material. Update: Progress reports on the appeal are being posted separately. Scroll down for more — looks good so far! I never thought I would be using these “Free Tommy” graphics again, but here we are, five years after his first court case, appealing once again to our readers to help Tommy Robinson’s legal defense. Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive. I’m told it will cost more than £10,000 for him to engage competent legal counsel. He does not have that kind of money, so please help by clicking the graphic on the right, or this link. We can’t possibly raise that amount through this site alone, so I ask you spread the word by email, on forums, or on your own website. A few details on his case… The last time Tommy was in prison, he was locked up with hardened Muslim criminals who wanted to kill him. He was repeatedly attacked and beaten up, and ended up in the prison hospital more than once. On one occasion he was locked in a cell with several Muslim prisoners, one of whom (a Somali, if I remember correctly) was about throw boiling water in his face. Tommy acted pre-emptively, knocked the boiling water away, and beat up the man who tried to throw it on him. It is this incident for which he is being charged. tommyrobinson
The real issue behind all these arrests is that Tommy speaks the truth about the danger to the British people posed by Islam. But he is no longer being prosecuted for “hate speech” offenses — the state does not want the substance of what he says to aired in an open courtroom and discussed in the national media. Thus other types of infractions must be found and other charges brought. The current case against him is simply the latest example of the repressive tactics being employed by the totalitarian British state.
The Powers That Be were successful in “decapitating” the English Defence League — with the help of the Quilliam Foundation — and are now attempting to do the same thing to the recently established UK chapter of PEGIDA.
So here’s the plan: Lock up the most charismatic leader the British Counterjihad has. Put him in with his most dangerous enemies — Muslim criminals who have promised to kill him. Make sure that the guards are absent or looking the other way when the trouble starts. Then, as far as the shariah-compliant British state is concerned, the problem has been solved. The UK, like all the other enlightened governments of Western Europe, has abolished the death penalty. But there’s more than one way to kill a political nuisance — you don’t have to march him up the steps to the gibbet, put the noose around his neck, and open the trapdoor under him. What is happening to Tommy Robinson is capital punishment by alternative means.
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Dymphna has this to say about what is being done to Tommy:
My biggest concern about a possible return to prison for Tommy — beyond the monstrous injustice of his having ever been charged at all — is the likelihood he will be deeply harmed or even killed while there. I believe that is the reason the powers that be want him back in prison.What is equally troubling, should They decide merely to put him in solitary confinement “for his own safety”, is what that would do to his mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity. In his book Tommy wrote movingly of the deleterious effects those extraordinarily lengthy (and illegal) stretches in solitary had on his well-being. So now They know, and will no doubt use that knowledge of his fears. With impunity they can keep him in solitary as a further extra-judicial pressure in their ongoing attempt to break him by whatever means. If he commits suicide? So much the better as far as this brutal, criminal soviet is concerned. If there is a way to have an organization like Amnesty International involved it would be at least some protection for him. The UK needs far more oversight regarding its treatment of political prisoners than it currently receives. The prospect of additional prison time for Tommy is more dreadful than I can possibly explain.
The goal of this appeal is to keep that iron door from clanging shut behind Tommy Robinson again. Please give what you can afford to his defense fund and spread the word among your friends and colleagues. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON!