Obama plays the race card more than he plays golf.  rc barack obama

A month ago former Mayor Rudy Giuliani dared to say that Obama doesn’t really love this country. More surprising, Giuliani refused to back down. He said that our big problem is that Obama doesn’t grasp what it means to be an American. After all, his father was a foreigner. His upbringing was foreign. All of his relatives are foreigners (or politically extreme Americans). 

After all, Obama had casually announced  years ago that he wanted to transform the country, telling us in no uncertain terms that he does not like the place the way it is. In other words, everything  we know about Obama confirms what Giuliani said.

 But never mind the reality. Immediately there was a shrill chorus complaining that Giuliani’s criticism is racist. One good liberal even referred to the famous Mayor as a “racist thug.”

Ah, racism and the race card. If you say anything critical about Obama, you are a racist. Playing the race card is intended to stop further thought, discussion, or comment, and usually does. What a powerful word. Democrats have been pulling this stunt since 2007. Even liberals must think, wow, how do we keep getting away with this?

 Apparently, in order not to be called a racist, your only permitted comment is “I love Obama.”

 The Big Lie here is that criticisms are made only because Barack Obama is black.  Never mind he doesn’t have his paperwork in order, he is very far to the left politically, and he lies almost every time he opens his mouth. No, people don’t have any legitimate complaints. So if they do complain, it must be because Obama is black. This is preposterous. How do we know?

 Easy. Let’s imagine that Barack Obama is white. It’s a safe bet that you would hear people speaking a  much greater range of opinions at a much higher volume. You would probably hear screams and obscenities  from every street corner in America. 

 Basically,  we have a country now full of people who can’t believe what is  happening to them. They are being lied to and ignored. Our laws are broken, our customs are disdained. The president acts as if he is a dictator in some Third World hellhole. But nobody is supposed to say anything.

Let the people  express their true feelings. The anger and resentment would likely be volcanic.

 Ah, yes, if Obama were white you would hear, loudly and incessantly, that the President is a blankety-blank, blank-blank Executive Orders blankety-blank golf-playing Communist blank-blank.

Other people would scream, no man, you didn’t really get the essence. This guy is a no good blankety-blankety,  ObamaCare, blank blank blank, blankety,  birth certificate, blankety-blank national debt blankety-blank Reggie Love blankety, Islam in the schools blankety blank Valerie Jarrett blank blank.

 Shouting matches  would break out as to the  exact nature of what we’re up against. You would hear over and over the criticism that Barack Obama is blankety-blank, blankblankblank, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, no good blankety-blank-blank.

Yeah, others would say, let’s not forget that he is  defined by blanketey-blank-blank blank, Common Core, Benghazi, blankety, IRS, blankety-blank, Eric Holder, Michelle blankety-blank-blankblank, Muslim, blankety-blankety Fast and Furious blankety-blank blank blank Lois Lerner blankety-blank Ferguson blankety.

In short, America is drowning in a swamp of reverse racism. People are not allowed to express their true opinions either in person, at work, at parties, on bumper stickers, or on radio shows. Everybody tiptoes around, careful not to criticize the black guy, even as  they suspect he is screwing up the country. Everybody hopes to avoid being accused of racism.

 In reality, the predominant form of racism we see is Obama  and his supporters playing the race card against his opponents.

 Reverse racism is the main racism we have now, and that’s the  kind of racism which shows how really generous and decent this country is. We are all on our best behavior. And Obama is taking advantage of it. Blankety-blank-blank.

 Bruce Deitrick Price explains educational theories and methods on his site Improve-Education.org.