The Voice of Idaho This is Part 1 of a 2 Part story. After reading the Raw Story titled Militia Warns Against Refugee Invasion (linked from Drudge Report last night ) about the III% March against the Refugee Resettlement Program in Boise last Sunday, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they pulled out their boilerplate story changed a few variables, took a quote out of context, emphasized it and published their smear piece. They drew their slant from the story published on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s website: III Percenters Ride Wave of Islamophobia in Idaho to Lead Anti-Refugee Protests. Because the Raw Story website and the SPLC have painted the III% with a brush they don’t deserve, TVOI News is going to tell the REAL Raw Story – the story behind the story that you will never see in the mainstream media. The name of the III% event was March against the Refugee Resettlement PROGRAM. Why are the III% marching against the program? Because the program is redistributing massive numbers of people from war torn areas like Syria where the people cannot be properly vetted as Michael Steinbach, Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division testified to in a Congressional hearing last February. First to correct the record, the III% of Idaho is not a militia. They support and exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry firearms and most of the men are veterans. They know how to use their weapons and they are prepared to do so only when necessary. They are law abiding citizens that are more properly characterized as Minutemen, Minutewomen, Minutechildren and MinuteSenior Citizens who stand ready to defend our country and our way of life from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Brandon Curtiss, the President of the group is a former police officer. The III% is not anti-government, they are pro-good government and anti-corrupt government right in line with the thinking of the majority of Americans. There is no need to dwell on the falsehoods of the Raw Story and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their reputation precedes them. It’s becoming a badge of honor among the right to be targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It means you’re over the target when they start firing at you. We’ve had enough of the communist CRAP (this is Idaho – we say it like it is) from this organization that was started by a pervert and a fraud so it doesn’t matter what they write. I’ve probably given them too much space already. What we need to do instead is to focus our attention on the counter-protestors at the III% March Against the Refugee Resettlement Program. These are the people who profess to “love the refugees”. They don’t give a damn about their fellow citizens even though they cloak themselves in religion. The following is a video photo album of the people at the III% March. The first counter-protestor to look at is this man: MG_2074_small   Sign_only         So who is this man collecting chump change for the rich and powerful? His name is Alex Neiwirth and he is currently employed as a Special Education teacher by the Nampa School District. Prior to that position, Alex was a Field Representative at the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE). Who is NAGE? It’s one and the same with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) headquartered in Quincy, MA.

“You will sometimes hear NAGE referred to as SEIU Local 5000. NAGE affiliated with SEIU in 1982 to become part of the largest and fastest-growing union in North America, with more than 2 million members.”

The SEIU actively supports illegal immigration (cheap labor – service jobs) because it expands their membership – it’s a win-win for union employers and the SEIU because the dues are the same regardless of citizenship and paycheck amount. NYFD_small Another interesting person in the crowd is this man with the New York City Fire Department (NYFD) cap. It’s not known who he is, but an educated guess would be that he is either a union organizer or perhaps he is working in some capacity on the Enhanced 911 system that is the center core of the Fusion Center panopticon for port security – inland port security in Idaho.  Or perhaps he is both.


Ports in the Desert

The “Goths”

Catty-corner from the Capitol steps was a small group of “Goths”. Goths are Luciferians – Satan worshippers although the juvenile cult inductees may not understand that initially. This little pod tried to disrupt the III% speakers by making loud bizarre noises that sounded more like a bull elk during the rut than it did human sounds. Their costumes with their black painted fingernails are supposed to be scary but this trio – later to be joined by a fourth just looked silly. They are however among the group who really are the domestic terrorists. They are chameleons who insert themselves into patriot groups but their brand of “freedom” is anarchy – elimination of government, elimination of borders, etc.


(For later viewing… get a load of this). They don’t all necessarily look like freaks all the time, but the black fingernails are the calling cards when the chameleons do come out.


 The Religious Actors

Across the street from the Capitol where the III% March rallied, were the religious chameleons. They are international socialists who use religion as a cover.

United Church of Christ



The Interfaith Alliance is an association of religious associations that is collectivizing at the global level under the leadership of the World Council of Churches. The Christian followers apparently believe that these are the end times and Jesus or God will be returning to the earth to rule. In the patriot communities, these are always the people who encourage others to just stand down and let everything happen because it is prophesied. People who are not so blind and brainwashed however, understand that what is happening is the rise of the anti-Christ.

One World, One Religion


Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury was in New York to speak to the Council on Foreign Relations. One info-bomb he dropped was that the Anglican Communion (Church of England and derivations) and the Catholic Church are taking actions towards reconciliation.


 Taking it up a Notch

Back in February, the White House held a three-day summit on combating violent extremism. The purpose of the conference was to announce a pilot program in the hotspot of radical Muslim recruitment amongst the Somali diaspora in Minnesota. The following is a clip from that conference in which an Imam from the World Peace Organization gave an opening prayer.

What is the World Peace Organization?

“Our plan for world peace is based on two proven concepts—the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. The U.S. Constitution has kept a land of diverse cultures and religions at peace for over 230 years, and nature has functioned perfectly for billions of years, creating a sense of abundance for all.

The World Peace Plan creates an international government based on fair and equitable practices, an additional layer of government over what already exists. It does not attempt to change what now exists in any country. Change must come from within the country, when the people have evolved to that point that they see the need to change. Every nation, culture, religion and individual has the right to be respected.

The website is cheesy and seemingly unimportant but don’t forget, the Imam representative of this organization was invited to the White House Conference on Combating Violent Extremism and it seems that the way Obama plans to combat it is to surrender our country to them and I’ll show you how they are doing it in Part 2.]]>