Just days after ground was broken on a new mosque in Richmond, Sylvia Hoehns-Wright, who lives near the Islamic Center of Richmond, claims the small building currently there does not have enough parking for worshipers as it is. Imagine what will happen to the neighborhood when a 31,000 square-foot mosque is built on the same property.

WTVR Last month, the Henrico County Planning Commission approved plans to expand the mosque, daycare and school.

“[During the past 8 months], we`ve already experienced more than 100 vehicles there, the overflow of traffic into the various neighborhoods,” said Hoehns-Wright. ”And we`ve already seen the increase in accident.”

“I would like someone to take a good look at the intensity of use, take a look at their website, understand how many meetings are going on there, get their arms around their unadvertised meetings that are going on there,” she said. “This is not just a daytime operation. It doesn`t really fit with the zoning qualifications we really have,” said Hoehns-Wright. “In fact,  the center is busy 365 days a year.”

(And mosque’s neighbors are so looking forward to the aroma of Halal-slaughtered tortured meat wafting  around the neighborhood and the Islamic Calls to Prayer starting at 5:00 in the morning)



Here is a copy of Notice of Public Hearing on the Mosque.  Please make arrangements to attend.