Dear Fellow Patriot:

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is James Simpson. You may recognize me as a regular contributor to Right Side News. I was asked to write this letter on behalf of Right Side News and am honored to do so. 

Let me be frank. We need your help. This year, RSN celebrates five years of successful operation, and our efforts have materially contributed to major conservative victories; but unlike the Soros-funded Media Matters, Daily Kos and other radical liberal smear merchants, RSN survives solely on the shared concern and generous contributions of people like you.

RSN_Freedom_Isnt_Free_Need_Your_SupportOnce again we are asking you for your most generous contribution. Any amount will do; $100, $50, $35, $25 or even $12. Just $12.00 will pay for 1 day of our dedicated server.

Alternatively, please consider signing up for monthly contributions. If 200 contributors could commit to just $10 or even $5 per month, it would go a long way toward putting this endeavor on a sound financial footing and relieve the financial pressures that, frankly, are increasing even as we continue to grow.

This year we are offering bonuses too.

If you can contribute $50 or more, or can commit to a minimum of $5 per month for 12 months, we will rush you what may be the most important book of the year: Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed AmericaThis book is a MUST read for EVERY American. Author Kent Clizbe is a counterterrorism expert and former CIA case officer who spent years undercover in some of the most dangerous hotspots on earth. He knows his subject cold. It’s yours, free, with a commitment of just $5 per month for 12 months.

Or if you prefer, request Glenn Beck’s latest DVD, Rumors of War III: Target U.S. which details ongoing Muslim radical infiltration into the United States.

If you can contribute $100 or more, or can commit to a minimum of $10 per month for 12 months, we will send you both Willing Accomplices AND Rumors of War III.

Whatever you decide, please consider your most generous contribution. We know times are tough, but we must rely on you if we are to continue delivering the hard-hitting news and exposés you have come to expect from Right Side News.

You are getting much more than your money’s worth. In addition to great reporting, RSN’s groundbreaking articles have been the catalyst for major conservative victories. For example, last year’s series on Agenda 21 kicked off an effort that ultimately defeated Virginia’s onerous Urban Development Areas mandate. 

That series also highlighted the immediate dangers of ICLEI, at that time, a little-known UN organization pushing Agenda 21.

RSN’s exposé generated an avalanche of activism. A short year later, 78 U.S. jurisdictions have now revoked their membership in ICLEI and state legislatures have begun enacting laws barring Agenda 21!

We helped bring this about, but we couldn’t have done it without your steadfast support!

RSN has broken national news stories time and again:

  • RSN’s exposé about IRS auditing of tea parties made front page news last year on the Drudge Report.

  • RSN made the story about Virginia’s Gadsden Flag license plates go viral, getting picked up by The Blaze, among others, and kicking off a nationwide effort to get similar plates in other states.

These are but a few examples. With its rich offerings of daily content on a wide variety of current issues and cutting edge reporting, Right Side News is one of the best conservative news sources on the internet. 

All this is provided free, but it is not free to us!

Can’t you please help now so that we may continue delivering the hard-hitting stores and exposés that are helping turn the Marxist tide? Please consider $100, $50, $35, $25 or even $12.

Better yet, commit to a minimum monthly contribution of $5 or $10 and receive Kent Clizbe’s groundbreaking book, Willing Accomplices, Glenn Beck’s Rumors of War III, or both.

RSN has grown to over 4,400 newsletter subscribers and there are 100,000 monthly visitors to our site. While advertising covers a portion of our operating expenses, we still fall short every month.

RSN cannot continue without your help. It is that simple. RSN’s publisher, Jeff Bayard, works overtime to keep the site running. His only compensation is the satisfaction of knowing he is doing his part to save our country from the rampaging left. His small, dedicated staff works heroic hours for modest pay.

Please help RSN stay in the fight.

Please support Right Side News by making a generous one-time contribution right now of $100, $50, $35, $25, $12, or commit to making monthly payments, so that we may continue to provide groundbreaking investigative journalism.


James Simpson

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