Obama is “returning” to politics. Are you surprised?

I have identified eight signs of Hillary’s coming arrest. She laughed at Flynn’s resignation on Twitter, but I don’t think she’ll be laughing after she faces dozens of charges and the prospect of more than 2000 years in prison:

1) Anthony Weiner will likely face charges dealing with child pornography. Remember, just before election day Weiner’s computer was confiscated and investigated. There were 650,000 files on it, some from Hillary Clinton.

2) Just after Trump’s election, another lawsuit was filed against Jeffrey Epstein for…child trafficking. Epstein is best friends with Bill and Hillary. Bill used his private jet as a resource to fly around the world, and Bill Clinton took more than 20 trips aboard Lolita Express. There are now multiple women who have come forward claiming that they were slaves in Epstein’s child trafficking ring.

3) The Clinton Global Initiative made a mysterious announcement just before Trump’s inauguration: It will be shutting down. Many people believed this was due to the lack of donations coming into CGI since Hillary’s stunning defeat on November 8, 2016. We’ve seen high-profile donors completely cancel donations to the Foundation including Norway. CEOs, royalty, and Hollywood actors were involved in raising money for CGI. One actor is Brock Pierce, who was implicated in a child trafficking ring with other elites. We know the Clinton Global Initiative provided 2.5 million dollars to a small non-profit called “Beyond Borders,” which claimed it was involved in child trafficking prevention in Haiti. We also know CGI gave financial backing to the Radcliffe Foundation, led by Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra. Giustra and Bill Clinton took trips around the world together, including to Haiti. Giustra, through the Radcliffe Foundation, operates a refugee camp called Elpida Home. The Foundation was caught in several pictures displaying symbols associated with child trafficking, which were identified by the FBI in 2007.

4) The Clinton Foundation severed ties with nonprofits in Haiti including the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership. It is rather alarming they would cut off the Haiti nonprofits at the same time.

5) Patrick Kennedy’s abrupt departure happened because he was fired by Donald Trump. Remember, Patrick Kennedy was instrumental in covering up “missionary” Laura Silsby’s Howard Gutman’s trafficking cases. Kennedy also offered a quid pro quo to the FBI to get Hillary off the hook. Wikileaks published hints of “Vault 7” with a picture of the Svalbard seed vault, which I believe is a hint of what is to come. Norway was one of the highest donors in the world to the Clinton Foundation. After they announced they were withdrawing support, a major child trafficking ring was busted there.

6) For 4 days before the 2016 election, Bret Baier covered a story that the FBI would be recommending charges against the Clinton Foundation. This was around the time when Michael Flynn tweeted a reference to the Clinton Foundation and its involvement in child trafficking. Clearly, Flynn was a top target of Clinton. Hillary’s media also hit Jeff Sessions, who said there should be an investigation of the Clinton Foundation. I believe there will also be an attack on Mike Pompeo, another Trump cabinet member who has spoken out against Hillary and called for an investigation.

7) On 2/16/17, Jason Chaffetz requested the Justice Department and Jeff Sessions charge or bring before a grand jury Hillary’s IT aide, Bryan Pagliano. Pagliano has previously refused to cooperate with authorities on Hillary’s server and lost email investigation.

8) Timothy Sedlak, convicted of crimes against children, was convicted again (on February 23, 2017) of trying to hack the Clinton Foundation. Why is a sex offender try to hack the Clinton Foundation and why was significant information about Hillary and Chelsea found at his home?

Many dismiss the claims and say “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The problem with this argument is that we have already seen it, with previous cases like Jerry Sandusky, the Vatican, and the BBC. All of these cases involved people in the media denying that any crimes against children were committed. Also, a whistleblower, Jill Dando, was murdered after she began a campaign to promote awareness about child trafficking crimes. She also claimed that the BBC was involved in a large trafficking ring. We know Dando was right. Mark Thompson of the BBC, who now runs the New York Times, protected Jimmy Savile and the child trafficking ring.



All Christians should defend children against these elitist child traffickers. Don’t be scared of them. The Holy Spirit will protect us. Jesus, the Messiah, loved children, and we must protect His children.