Entering to the sound of riotous and raucous applause, Senator Ted Cruz stormed the Texas GOP Convention amid calls Ted Cruz OfficialPortraitwelcoming him as the next president of the United States. May it be so. Cruz crushed Rand Paul and Rick Perry in the straw poll held at the convention. It wasn’t even close. 43% went to Cruz, with a distant second place of 12.2% going to Ben Carson. Rand Paul came in at 12.1% and Rick Perry at 11.7%.

The convention rocked with thunderous calls of “Run, Ted, Run!” and “Cruz! Cruz!” The event became a massive display of grassroots support for the Senator from Texas and the Tea Party. So much for the much decried demise of the Tea Party… we have only begun to fight. The Tea Party ruled the roost at the TX GOP Convention and struck a hard line over immigration. 7,000 delegates put the kibosh on a guest worker program for illegal aliens, entitled the ‘Texas Solution,’ that was an addition to the Republican platform only two years ago. The tide is turning and not in favor of the Progressives. The language was poorly disguised Amnesty and this time around, Conservatives proclaimed, enough! It’s about damn time.

You have just got to love Texans – they are a breed apart with spines to match:

This time, the convention had appeared poised to pass a plank including a compromise removing a specific call for a guest-worker program but creating a work-permit plan that essentially did the same thing once the U.S.-Mexico border was fully “secured.”

That initially passed, but then collapsed as the tea party flexed its muscles — the latest sign that grass-roots activists have pushed the always conservative Texas GOP even further to the right.

Delegate Jack M. Finger of San Antonio walked the floor with a hand-scrawled sign reading “No! Not even a hint of amnesty!”

“There is language that allows us to slide toward amnesty,” Finger said of the plan that eventually was defeated. “Guest worker, visa permit, all that puts us on a road to make our citizenship meaningless.”

Indeed, the hall was enveloped in applause when delegate Ivette Lozano, of Dallas, took a microphone to liken a softer immigration stance to negotiating with terrorists.

Right on, right on! Ding, ding, ding!! Give that Texan a prize. To hell with the all hat and no cattle approach. The boos and catcalls against Amnesty were deafening and the party chairman had to continuously call for civility. Time’s up for that crap and Katie bar the gate, because that bronco is long gone. Amnesty and all its evil facets were voted down – decisively. Good times. Go Texan or go home.

In the midst of a Conservative maelstrom, Ted Cruz was treated like the rock star he is. Promising another ‘Reagan Revolution,’ Cruz swept through the convention and dominated the stage.

Huffpo and the Progressive Marxists would like you to believe that Cruz running for the presidency is a sheer gift to Hillary Clinton and ensures her win as the next president of the United States. After I finished laughing over that one and picked myself up, I took time to wonder over their propaganda and/or delusions. Ted Cruz is Hillary’s worst nightmare. She couldn’t even begin to compete if she was pristine politically — which, as we all know, she is not. Between Benghazi, Bergdahl and a whole host of scandals, Hillary Clinton is about as useful as an old, tattered, hole-ridden shoe and just about as attractive to Americans. Texas casts a long shadow over the Clinton stain.

Both sides of the Progressive aisle keep telling America that the Tea Party and Ted Cruz represent a vocal minority. They are lying. They represent Conservative and Constitutional principals and the majority of Americans. Cruz is for defending ALL of the Bill of Rights and exposing the evil mischief being conducted by those in power — he stands for those rights and is working to drag those Progressives hiding in the dark into the light, exposing them for all to see. For all of us who have stood against Obamacare, Common Core, the IRS, abortion; for all of us who have stood for religious freedom, for our guns, for our privacy, for state rights and on and on… Cruz is the leader we have waited for and now is his time.

Cruz is energizing millions of Americans to fight back. He is willing to stand in front of them and take the heat and keep on fighting. He is strong on national defense at home and abroad. Securing our borders and strengthening our military in a time of war, are things he strongly believes in. He wants to restore us to world leadership and make us strong once again — freedom is everything to Cruz. Cutting the debt and ACTUALLY balancing the budget are also among his passions.

Ted Cruz is a principled man, who chooses his friends carefully and makes his endorsements judiciously. He doesn’t mince words – he is unapologetically pro-Israel and anti-Communist. He stands against radical Islam and will stop nuclear encroachment. Cruz is a Christian who doesn’t believe in cutting deals with terrorists… he believes in standing up for persecuted Christians across the globe. So, while the Obamas are jetting across the globe, partying and golfing, Cruz is doing what a real president does… speaking to the important issues of our time and taking a stand. Obama should take notes, but he won’t. Cruz rightly asks America, “Where is the president of the United States?”

In a much-anticipated speech on Friday, Cruz hammered those present over the “great stagnation” and “crushing regulations” of the Obama administration, calling on Texans to “stand up and lead the fight to defend our freedom.” In typical Texas fashion, he elicited laughter and applause by asserting that gun control in Texas means “hitting what you aim at.” Indeed.

Cruz is blacklisted among the Washington politically elite and loving it — all the way to the White House. The Democrats may think that Texas is their new stomping ground, but they couldn’t be more wrong. As goes the great state of Texas, so goes the nation. As Rafael Cruz put it, “I lost my freedom once, I’ll die before I lose it again.”

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Source: Noisy Room

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is a Libertarian and she writes at NoisyRoom.net. NoisyRoom is a Conservative blog that focuses on political and national issues of interest to the American public.