On January 23rd, 2011, Senator Rand Paul was detained at the Nashville airport when a scanning machine reported that something was wrong with his leg. After offering to pull up the leg of his trousers, he was told he was going to be patted down. Paul knew what many don’t, that the scanners are programmed to go off randomly so he requested to go through the scanner again. At this point he was detained – something denied by the Whitehouse because detaining a Senator is a Federal offence.

While Paul’s detention was widely reported, what was not reported was that on April 4, 2009, Steve Bierfeldt, an official for Texas congressman Ron Paul, was detained at the St. Louis Airport, because he had roughly $4,700 in cash from the sales of books and T-Shirts. He was subjected to intense questioning and harassment about where the money came from, and threatened with arrest if he refused to answer; but carrying money on a domestic flight is neither a security threat nor a crime. However, if a passenger can be bullied into mistakenly providing information that is in anyway incorrect, the passenger can be jailed for making a false statement, even if that statement had nothing to do with airport security.  Today TSA checkpoints are increasingly used as an excuse for seizing laptops, cell phones, and other personal items; interrogating and detaining passengers for things that have absolutely nothing to do with aviation security. It should come as no surprise that TSA agents are trained to select passengers not for their risk to public safety, but instead select them for simply questioning or disagreeing with the agents – or at random. As an example, in 2008, CNN journalist Drew Griffin was placed on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization.

While we all want to fly safely, it is obvious that TSA is not concerned with public safety. In fact, Rep. John Mica, (R-Fl), who wrote the bill creating the TSA, says it should be abolished.

This raises the question, why does the TSA do this? After all, we see the same behavior all over the country, with the molestation of children and old women, so it isn’t an accident. This article will explain what is really happening – and the answer will alarm you!

The Terroristic State Police

“The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don’t ask for their love, only for their fear.” – Heinrich Himmler

While at the Harvard School of Government in the 1970s, the Neo-Marxist professor Carl Friedrich taught that the state has a monopoly on violence, along with the right to use it whenever the elite deem it appropriate. Freidrich also taught that representative democracy was actually tyranny, and believed in a one world socialist (federated) government. He shared this view with his friend Carl Schmitt (1888 – 1985) who worked with Hitler and the National Socialists.  During World War II Schmitt used socialist political theories to develop actions against enemies of the German state, and to rationalize mass extermination. Schmitt was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for his actions, but was otherwise held unaccountable.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TSA_PatdownFriedrich pointed out that in socialist states, the role of the police consisted of enforcing the socialist agenda, not with protecting the citizen, or maintaining law and order. He said that with the coming Totalitarian American state, the role of the police would be “vastly expanded” to enforce extensive new regulations and views on morality, saying, “The guardian of law and order is no longer… the protector of the weak against the strong and the attacker, but the agent of the government in all its ramifications”. The American police force of the 1950s, he said, “was ill suited for such a role and had to be changed;” it should be “stripped of its autonomy,” militarized, and made subservient to a central national police force.  “When an effective world government is established,” he said, the national police would become subservient to the International Police Force.To accomplish this, Friedrich turned to the lessons learned by Schmitt. In “The Concept of the Political” Schmitt said that it was necessary for the state to assume more and more control to defeat enemies of the state, even if that enemy was imagined. First the state needed to create a distinction between friend and enemy, where the enemy needed to be defined as something different or “alien;” creating a situation where conflicts are plausible.  Such an enemy need not even be based on nationality, as long as the conflict is potentially intense enough to become a violent one between political entities, while the substance of enmity may be nothing.  In National Socialist Germany this enemy consisted of Jews,  Christians, and other “undesirables.”

The alumni of Carl Friedrich’s School includes George Bush (v2.0), the same guy who worked tirelessly to create the Department of Homeland Security and abandon the American constitution, while attempting to create a North American Union.  This should come as no surprise, as Friedrich’s other job was to help create the European Union.

The Construction of the National Police Force

On September 11th, 2001, some Arabs with box cutters perpetrated one of the most heinous crimes in US history.  The attack had the effect of galvanizing public opinion in a way not seen since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. On September 12th, George Bush (v2.0) and the Congress had the moral authority to respond with as much force as they wanted, and the nation would have supported it. In fact, it is not inconceivable that the president could have nuked the entire Muslim world, and still had a statue erected in his honor. So what was the response of America’s leaders?  In terms of defeating the enemy or improving our nations security – not much.

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Instead of pursuing a quick victory against a determined foe, and yes there is one, our government resurrected tactics used in Vietnam, waging another prolonged war of attrition in a place where Muslims have been killing each other for over 1,400 years. With rules of engagement designed to preclude victory, and the repeated surrender of military advantage to the other side, defeating the enemy was never the objective.

Instead of addressing the problems with the Muslims, who have been the determined enemy of America since George Washington, the biggest response to 9/11 has been that the government now treats American Citizens as the enemy. Instead of supporting a document they are supposed to defend, the government has shredded a constitution that took the lives of millions of service men and women to obtain and protect. We are told this is necessary to make us secure, but the government leaves our borders open, encouraging the greatest foreign invasion in history. A point to be made here is: when Bush (v2.0) said, “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists;” we must take Schmitt into account and ask ourselves, what was Bush actually talking about?

Department of Homeland Security

To supposedly make us safe, the Federal Government consolidated our nation’s intelligence and investigatory agencies into a single “Department of Homeland Security” that includes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a national police force that has demonstrated the ability, and the will, to do whatever it wants without oversight or recourse; and despite its stated purpose of protecting our nation and its citizens, Carl Friedrich and the evidence says otherwise.

In June of 2005, the Cato institute issued a report voicing concern about the Department of Homeland Security saying, “Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, bureaucrats and special interest groups have been busy repackaging everything from peanut subsidies to steel protectionism under the rubric of ‘national security’. Federal law enforcement agencies have also been expanding their power in the name of combating terrorism, whether or not such expansion has anything to do with enhancing security. One safeguard that exists to prevent such abuse is congressional oversight, but too many members of Congress are too often reluctant to challenge law enforcement officials.

For freedom to prevail in the age of terrorism, three things are essential. First, government officials must take a sober look at the potential risk and recognize that there is no reason to panic and act rashly.

Second, Congress must stop federal police agencies from acting arbitrarily. Before imposing costly and restrictive security measures that inconvenience thousands of people, police agencies ought to be required to produce cost-benefit analyses.

Third, government officials must demonstrate courage rather than give in to their fears. Radical Islamic terrorists are not the first enemy that America has faced. British troops burned the White House in 1814, the Japanese navy launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Soviet Union deployed hundreds of nuclear missiles that targeted American cities. If policymakers are serious about defending our freedom and our way of life, they must wage this war without discarding our traditional constitutional framework of limited government.

The Department of Homeland Security has taken on a roll that far outweighs any legitimate need to conduct those security tasks delegated to the Federal Government under the Constitution, while ignoring legitimate responsibilities such as protecting the nation’s borders. Unfortunately, the actions of this federal police force reveal that their true purpose is the creation of a Totalitarian Dictatorship as stated by Carl Friedrich.

Federal Terrorism

While we are inculcated with propaganda and threats of terrorism from supposed “Islamic Extremists,” the biggest threat facing most Americans is the Federal Government. Robin Kassner is a marketing executive for a New York based public relations firm that promotes ladies fashions. In February 2007, she was pulled out of a line at Reagan International Airport when her contact lens solution didn’t meet the liquid ban requirement.

As a TSA employee searched Kassner’s bag, the Washington D.C. airport police arrived and appeared to motion her to step away from her bag. She turned her back and that’s when things got ugly. Security cameras show a police officer grabbing Ms. Kassner from behind, throwing her across the room into another passenger who was seated in a chair.  At that point she was beaten senseless.  While begging for the police to stop, three officers lifted Kassner to her feet and shoved her head into a nearby table, driving their elbows into her skull. At this point, she lost consciousness, suffering a concussion. Robin Kassner now suffers from severe memory loss and is suing the police and TSA for 10 million dollars, but absolutely no legal or disciplinary action has been taken against the government officials involved. In fact, the government’s official position is that TSA and the police were following policy. As detailed in my book, there are many such stories, including incidents where innocent passengers have been shot and killed.

Today TSA checkpoints are increasingly used as an excuse for seizing laptops, cell phones, and other personal items; interrogating and detaining passengers for things that have absolutely nothing to do with aviation security. It should come as no surprise that TSA agents are trained to select passengers not for their risk to public safety, but instead select them for simply questioning or disagreeing with the agents – or simply at random. As an example, in 2008, CNN journalist Drew Griffin was placed on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization.

Perverts and Pseudo Security

While we are told that sexual molestation and public humiliation is necessary to national security, nothing could be further from the truth.  The practice of sexually assaulting passengers can be traced to the attempt by Umar Abdulmutallab to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear, while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253. The explosive that was used is called Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate or PETN,  the same explosive used unsuccessfully by the “Shoe Bomber”, Richard Reid.  PETN is a stable form of plastic explosive that requires a detonator to explode; simply subjecting it to a flame is insufficient, as it only causes PETN to burn; just as it did in Reid’s shoes and Umar’s underwear. The popular show Myth Busters illustrated this on an episode where they burned plastic explosives to show it wouldn’t blow up. They then tried detonating it with a rifle bullet while it burned, and it still didn’t blow up. As it turns out, plastic explosives require the use of a high velocity detonator that is detectable by X-rays and metal detectors. This means that taking off one’s shoes and groping little old ladies adds nothing to public safety.

Unfortunately this is all mute as there are even bigger problems with TSA’s security measures – they don’t work. Reports show that when undercover agents test airports, up to 90% of the bombs, bomb-making materials, guns, and knives routinely make it through airport screening procedures.

Breaking the Rules

Since 9-11, there have been hundreds of thousands of abuse complaints against the TSA, a figure they are actually proud of;  but simply refusing to comply with a search, or leaving the terminal is not a crime. The law says that failing to submit to a search at an airport subjects the individual to expulsion not arrest.

Regulations for airport security are detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations 49 C.F.R. Parts 1542, 1543, and 1544 – Airport Security, which defines TSA’s authority. As it turns out, the only authority that TSA has is to inspect people entering what is called the part 121 – Air Operations Area, also called the “sterile area,” “for weapons, explosives, and incendiaries,” never mentioning eye wash solution. The statute explicitly states that the only recourse that TSA has is to refuse to transport “any individual who does not consent to a search or inspection of his or her person.”

Part 1544.211 regulates the use of X-ray systems, saying, “No aircraft operator may use any X-ray system within the United States or under the aircraft operator’s operational control outside the United States… unless the system meets the standards for cabinet X-ray systems… issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and published in 21 CFR 1020.40.” In March 2011, the TSA admitted that their X-ray machines fail these standards.

Passengers are constantly being threatened, arrested, and fined for not complying with unreasonable demands; but according to public law 49 C.F.R. 1542.217, airport arrests can only be made by Local Law Enforcement Officers “… while on duty at the airport for … violations of the criminal laws of the State and local jurisdictions in which the airport is located— [these are]

(1) A crime committed in the presence of the individual [police officer]; and

(2) A felony, when the individual has reason to believe that the suspect has committed it, ‘and to provide’ … courteous and efficient treatment of persons subject to inspection, detention, search, arrest, and other aviation security activities”

While it won’t help you board your plane, turning your back on a police officer, or attempting to leave an air operations area is not illegal. In fact, physically restraining someone who is lawfully attempting to leave, amounts to wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, while beating them senseless constitutes felony assault under color of authority. Of course the ultimate conclusion is that the law means absolutely nothing to these people.

Perhaps the most blatant example of how little any of this has to do with actual security occurred on the 6th of December 2010, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 300 soldiers were returning from Baghram Air Field Afghanistan, where they, their baggage, and cargo had been thoroughly searched – including body scans. The plane stopped in Indiana to drop off some 100 National Guardsmen, and to take on fuel. For no apparent reason, all of the soldiers were ordered off the plane and into a secure holding area that had no facilities other than a latrine. After testing positive for gunpowder residue, the soldiers were held for hours while they were searched, groped, and questioned; confiscating such things as fingernail clippers. One soldier complained, asking why they were being treated as criminals, and why the TSA was stealing fingernail clippers. When the TSA responded that the clippers could be used as a weapon to take over the plane, the soldier responded by pointing to the butt of his M4 Carbine (rifle) and said, “What do you call this.” The troops were armed with M4 Carbine’s, M9 pistols and M-240B machine guns.

Cognitive Dissonance

The real reason that TSA agents act as they do is a psychological phenomenon called Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is the feeling of psychological discomfort created by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously, where the greater the discomfort, the greater the desire to reduce the conflict between the two competing thoughts. Cognitive Dissonance has become a major psychological tool in a modern Totalitarian State, especially when combined with terrorism. In 1959, Leon Festinger and James Carlsmith published a paper entitled, “Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance.”  This paper described what happens when people are forced to comply with orders that violate their moral worldview of what is good, right, or just. What they found was that over time, people will begin to accept a new worldview on morality, altering their own personal definitions of what constitutes right, wrong, just, and unjust as a way to reduce the psychological discomfort caused by Cognitive Dissonance. In other words, they changed their own worldview to ease the psychological pain associated with living a lie, by accepting the lie as true.

Over time, small incremental changes to a person’s worldview of morality causes them to accept government abuse as valid.  In this regard, cognitive pressure can and will be applied, until total subservience to the needs of the Institution or State becomes the only acceptable behavior.  The Military has long used this as a training method in Basic Training (Boot Camp) to obtain what is called “Instant Willing Obedience” from their soldiers.  And while the military is not a Democratic, or Representative institution, the country it is sworn to protect is supposed to be.

Not surprisingly, airport screener’s body language, hostile tones, and abusive behaviors are not only encouraged, TSA trains them to do it.  Like Marine drill sergeants, they are using psychology  to create instant willing obedience to authority, if the TSA agent knows it or not. In 1963, Terry R. Herb and Robert F. Elliott at the University of Alabama published Authoritarianism in the Conversation of Gestures. This report showed that the majority of authoritarian communication comes from body language and the tone of the speaker’s voice. Police are routinely trained to use these communication techniques to gain control of situations,  but TSA agents are not police; besides when police officers misuse these skills in the way that TSA does, it’s called abuse.

Today, TSA personnel are bullies who physically invade people’s private parts, conducting searches that have nothing to do with airport security. While it appears that the government is incompetent, the seemingly unpredictable treatment of people, and the apparent inconsistencies are not an accident. The real point of these searches is to change people’s moral aversion to unreasonable searches by the state, by making such searches a concession that must be made to board a flight. The search of little old ladies and little children that pose no threat, combined with the politically correct treatment of Muslims and the disregard for illegal immigration, is designed to create cognitive dissidence; while instilling fear in the traveling public by deliberately detaining, arresting, and fining passengers that don’t obey.

Carl Friedrich said that with this kind of terror, the ambivalence that screeners and passengers necessarily develop for each other must eventually become one of contempt and condescension, eventually resulting in brutality and violence. This view is supported by the history of all Socialist Totalitarian regimes, and is being encouraged by such people as billionaire George Soros.

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Note: The author is not a member of any political party, and does not endorse any candidate.

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