USA Today and Fox News understood Israel was attacked by terrorists, but The New York Times, ABC, NBC, and CBS won’t say “whodunit.” The Arabs who carried out their psychological warfare against Israeli civilians for the past 12 years, sending over 12,000 rockets, mortars, and missiles to terrorize, kill, maim, and causing the very young to old to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, continue to be defined as militants. Militants equate to soldiers; terrorists are “those who fill or overpower with terror, who coerce by intimidation to achieve an end.” Our State Department and the European Union declared Hamas a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” in 1997, yet these media eschew the terminology. Neither word was chosen arbitrarily; the majority of the mass manipulative media uses words creatively to intensify or diminish the impact according to their agenda.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s recent reprinted article, Israelis, Hamas declare cease-fire, references eight days of constant (and retaliatory) Israeli bombing and artillery fire on the (staged for camera) “cowering” citizens of Gaza City, while diminishing the militant Hamas’s role in instigating the war and severely increasing the missile barrage on the targeted Israeli citizens who have a scant 15 seconds to reach a bomb shelter after the Red Alert warning is sounded.

A subsequent article, Gaza cease-fire begins between Israel and Hamas, reported that Israel launched its military offensive in Gaza to halt months of renewed rocket fire from Gaza – which is actually defensive – although it did acknowledge that Palestinian militants led by Hamas showered Israel with more than 1,500 rockets and longer-range weapons that were now reaching the major cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Why is the world more upset with Israel’s building apartments for her citizens on her own land than they are about Hamas’s war crimes of firing rockets on innocent civilians in Israel?

The commentary informed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in retaliation to four days of heavier shelling, had indeed decimated Hamas’s cache of long-range rockets, killed 30 senior operatives of Hamas and allied groups such as Islamic Jihad, identified as militant, not terrorist, destroyed 1,500 targets in eight days of airstrikes and artillery attacks, including hundreds of rocket launchers and 400 smuggling tunnels to Egypt.

Cleveland’s Plain Dealer reprint of an analysis in the Los Angeles Times, November 24, is titled, Israeli troops kill Palestinian man on border of Gaza, and it is only deeper into the article that we are told “hundreds of Palestinians had tried to breach the border fence in several places Friday, deliberately prompting Israeli soldiers to shoot at them.” This is yet another duplicitous method of reporting the news.

The international community and media are complicit in supporting Hamas’s unlawful tactic, its terrorizing warfare against Israel’s civilians to provoke a response. Hamas prepares its launches among Palestinian civilians to maximize their own casualties and evoke a compassionate reaction – they hide in bunkers while installing their unprotected mothers and babies to be deliberate collateral casualties.

Influenced by the severe media bias, and perhaps by his personal predisposition, the Vatican’s Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, delivered a severe attack on the Jewish people in his comment on the conflict. “I think of the ‘massacre of the innocents.’ Children are dying in Gaza, their mothers’ shouts … a universal cry,” as he equates Israel’s efforts to save her population to the Biblical times of Herod’s edict. Israel has overextends itself to secure safety for the duped Gazan civilians, including dropping leaflets or calling Gazans by phone to warn of impending retaliation, but the media continues to blame Israel for the number of deaths – and dutifully fails to report the Muslims’ war crimes of firing rockets at civilians. And where was this Cardinal during the decades of Hamas’s deluge of terrorist rockets?

Following retaliation, Hamas’s leaders use their tragedies to their best advantage, or re-stage them for Reuters, BBC, CNN, and prepare to march and exhibit their dead children to the cameras, even if later it might be called out by CAMERA or HonestReporting that one old video had been filmed in Syria and another casualty was caused by their own incompetence.

Former commander of British forces in Afghanisan, Richard Kemp, has gone on record verifying that the Israel Army does “more to safeguard civilians than any army in the history of warfare,” which includes dropped leaflets and calling Gaza residents to warn them to take shelter from an forthcoming reprisal, but Hamas deliberately exposes them to the peril. And if Israel were to cede more land to Hamas, as they did in 2008 and 2009, Hamas would then have an even closer territory from which to launch new attacks at the Jewish state. Hamas is a terrorist organization and has never indicated their desire for a permanent peace.

Flag_of_HamasNevertheless, when it’s time for a respite, an interlude, the terrorists request the time, the Muslim hudna, to rebuild, re-arm, and re-attack. Certainly, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands the Islamic strategy, yet he must bend to Obama’s pressure once again, while remaining prepared for a wider military operation, as Hamas’s leader in exile, Khaled Mashaal, boasts victory for Israel’s failed venture and destined defeat. This will be followed by the report of inflated number of Palestinian victims, more often combatants than civilians.

The Palestinian violence and terror succeed even if their rockets miss their targets, and even if Israel’s fatalities are fewer, for then they can accuse Israel of disproportionate warfare, always good for media support. Never before in history has a country been limited in its retribution by having to maintain an even score. Was England told to fight the Nazis but with restraint? Did we drop the bomb on Hiroshima with restrictions on her citizens? Regrettably, the world remains silent while the Islamists are free to bomb Israel and kill their own who fail to hate and join their war.

The media also sees nothing wrong with Hamas’s demands for a cease-fire and lifting the Gaza embargo, while another branch continues the bombing. No white flag has been raised in surrender; this is merely so that Hamas can regain an edge in their warfare and replenish their weaponry and failed leadership. According to Islamic law, Muslims must never stop attacking Israel or the West, never stop usurping land for their own expansion, because this is jihad for Islamic globalization. And if Muslim children are sacrificed for the cause, they have been indoctrinated to accept martyrdom and the prize of a post-mortem orgy with 72 virgins, with candy distributed to the survivors.

As long as the international community, Hollywood, and our news media fail to distinguish between offensive and defensive actions; decline to recognize and identify terrorism, jihad, and radical Islam; fail to hear Islamic leaders’ vows of Jihad against Jews, Christians and the US, then Islamic takeover will continue. And if no one admits that the Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House by invitation and by post appointment, and the people accept their reports without challenge, then Islamization may well prevail.

Tabitha_KorolTabitha Korol began her political writing upon her retirement, earning a writing award from CAMERA.   Her op-eds have appeared in The Algemeiner, Arutz Sheva, JewishIndy, RenewAmerica, Right Truth, The New Media Journal, and others. A fashion designer in New York City, she later moved with her family to Ohio, where she became the consumer advisor/writer for two major manufacturers and a freelance editor.