My awakening to the political situation in America, sometime after 2008, was when the nation decided to elect as President, a community organizer, who had forfeited his law license along with his wife. He convinced America that he could provide the hope and change that we thought were needed and that if elected, the oceans would cease to rise, the Muslim world would unclench their fists, and he would ensure the most transparent government the nation could imagine. This was just the beginning of a string of lies and nuanced fabrications that flowed from his administration.

Unfortunately, this Administration, the Progressive Democrats in Congress, as well as, the left leaning, complicit, and compliant media, have portrayed my fellow TEA Partiers as:

  • Terrorists with bombs strapped to our chests
  • Hostage-takers

  • Anarchists

  • Radicals

  • Extremists

  • Domestic Abusers

  • Extortionists

  • Racists (for disagreeing with the policies of the first black President)

And those are the nice things they have said about us.

As you can tell, I’m not any of those things. I am a very concerned citizen, husband, and father; sad and angry at the deteriorating condition of our beautiful ship of state, floating on the muddy, polluted waters of socialism.

Since Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and the years following, the Democrats and moderate Republicans have been shooting holes in the bottom of this ship, and establishment, country club Republicans have been arguing about the size of the bucket used to bail out the putrid water.

The water in the boat is symbolic of the enormous $17 trillion-plus of debt this country has accumulated since the 1920s, as-well-as, $127 trillion-plus in unfunded liabilities. Both parties have been complicit in creating this debt, which is unsustainable and will be more and more painful for this country to correct. Currently, there are no plans to repay the principle on this debt and as our credit rating deteriorates, the interest payments alone will consume the Federal budget. This is part of the President’s plan to fundamentally transform America. “Yes, we can!”

Our current President, with little or nothing, to show for it, is creating half of this debt by the time he leaves office. The ship is starting to list to the Left and may be unable to Right itself.

This is why I am a member of the TEA Party movement. I believe that the country has abandoned its founding principles of fiscal accountability, constitutionally limited Federal Government, free market capitalism and maximum personal liberty coupled with individual responsibility.

Alarm set in when the “Un-Affordable” Care Act was passed on Christmas Eve, in the dead of night, using an arcane Senate process called Reconciliation, which included bribery of certain Senators. Since that august beginning, the “Un-Affordable” Care Act was bastardized with carve-outs for unions, exemptions for Obama’s friends and delays for crony businesses.

Everything we were repeatedly told by the President, such as keeping your policy and doctor, bending the cost curve downward, a family of four saving $2,500 per year, and others, have proven to be lies of the first order. Now we find out that over $600 million were spent for a non-functioning, insecure and technologically obsolete website, again with crony business friends and a no bid contract.

If this wasn’t enough, it has been reinforced by:

  • TARP and Stimulus Bills that were nothing more than payoffs to political cronies, including Wall Street banks that are “too big to fail”

  • A growing Federal bureaucracy killing the economy with over regulations, such as the EPA declaring that rain-water runoff is now a pollutant in Fairfax County, Virginia

  • No budget process completed for five years and most recently a budget agreement, supported by squishy Republicans, that allows more taxing and spending into an even deeper hole

  • A Federal Reserve System that is monetizing our debt by devaluing our money with Quantitative Easing by injecting $85 billion a month into the economy

  • The hollowing out of our military, while supporting the worldwide advance of the Muslim Brotherhood by refusing to call Islamist terrorism what it is

  • A scandal ridden administration where standard operating procedure is to stonewall and ignore Congressional inquiries into IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious, Benghazi and subsequent lying and cover-up, Seal Team 6 massacre, Obamacare website, and lies told to the voters prior to the election in 2012

  • Pursuing policies and spending priorities to reduce global warming, when science is reporting a lack of warming evidence for fifteen plus years (their policies have never been about the climate, but tyrannical control over every individual’s liberty)

  • Public funding of green technology ventures by rewarding political friends, i.e. Solyndra, while ignoring the laws of physics, i.e. energy densities and the demands of economics, i.e. jobs

  • The granting of eventual citizenship and voting rights for 15 to 20 million illegal aliens by granting amnesty for 12 million illegal, immigrant criminals

  • Taking over local education choices by instituting Common Core; Support for teacher unions that promote Progressive indoctrination instead of education

  • Assaulting personal property rights by forcing UN Agenda 21 restrictions, such as smart growth and sustainable development on citizens

  • A corrupt Attorney General and Department of Justice who selectively enforce some laws and ignores others

  • A Supreme Court that has lost the ability to distinguish between a strict interpretation of the Constitution and unconstitutionality

The choice is clear, Liberty or Tyranny: The bigger the government, the less freedom for the individual. We are on the road to trickle down tyranny and trickle up poverty.

The social and economic justice, we hear so much about, is nothing more than everyone equally sharing misery and poverty. All this destruction of society, wealth and opportunity in pursuit of the false dream of a utopian, socialist society, that never was and cannot be.

Failure is the eventual outcome of Socialism everywhere it and its tyrannical cousins have been imposed on people. This country is quickly running out of time and other people’s money. Our country and our Constitution are in peril. The self-serving politicians in Congress from both major parties and the White House are not governing in the best interests of the American people. We need real change, not focus group tested, marketing slogans and platitudes.

Reagan George

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation


Bio Picture RGG 150Mr. George is a founding member of the Fair Lakes Area Tea Party. He is also a member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, Fairfax County Republican Party, as well as, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. Currently, Mr. George is involved in establishing the Virginia Voters Alliance which is a state wide organization devoted to improving the voting process by sponsoring legislation, recruiting election officials/poll watchers, and combatting voter fraud in the Commonwealth. The Virginia Voters Alliance is empowered by the True the Vote organization located in Houston, Texas where it was successful in reducing fraudulent voter registrations in Harris County.

Mr. George is a Management Consultant specializing in strategic planning, post-merger integration, enterprise system architecture, and project management. He resides in Chantilly, Virginia with his wife and daughter.