As taxpaying citizens in America, we must all demand that the government take every step possible to ensure all voters are eligible. Otherwise, ballots can be illegally neutralized, thus violating our rights as voters. It is the responsibility of the federal government and the legislators in every state, to enact and enforce laws that prevent voter fraud. The only way to do that is to require photo I.D. for all American citizens who are lawfully registered.

It is inconceivable to know that our Attorney General is fighting to block and overturn such legislation, including South Carolina’s whose governor has vowed to fight the federal government.

There is only one reason to oppose voter identity in this country; To enhance opportunities for voter fraud. For Eric Holder to oppose voter I.D. by slanting the same worn-out platitudes about “racial discrimination” is a far reach and has no substance. Sadly, gullible people fall for the ruse. This is the standard Obama administration outcry when there is no other legitimate defense for anti-American policies, like opposing state’s rights to defend borders, saying it creates profiling. The only reason to oppose voter I.D. is to muster illegal voters for a particular candidate.

Enough already, Mr. Attorney General. You are not serving Americans, or minorities, or voters. You are serving Obama’s voting blocks, be they legal or illegal.

We are living in an age when America is rife with identity theft, a major concern to the criminal justice community. If identities can be fraudulently concocted for profit, they can be just as easily concocted to swing elections. Applying for bank cards, gun licenses, driver’s licenses, employment I.D. and so forth all require photo I.D., and not a one of those entities are discriminating based on race. They are making sure the person receiving the license or the credit card is the actual person. What national system can be more important than ensuring legitimate voters are showing up at the polls, not imposters and illegals?

In 2008 and before, many cases of voter fraud surfaced during and following the investigation of ACORN, the “community organizing” movement that strongly supported Obama. The Wall Street Journal, among other publications, cited numerous reports of dead people voting, illegal aliens and non-citizens. Rep. John Conyers — an Obama supporter — was asked to hold congressional hearings on ACORN’s misconduct in registering illegal voters, to which he refused. In Philadelphia alone, more than 1,500 registrations were found to be fraudulent. Many thousands more in Missouri and other places, some of whom were prosecuted and convicted.

In 2008, the Obama campaign was known to donate $800,000 to an ACORN affiliate. Obama defended ACORN in a 1995 law suit. Michele Obama’s prior law firm represented ACORN in an embezzlement case. One only has to Google “Obama Acorn Connection” to find several articles and references to Obama’s cozy relationship to ACORN.

Since all the sleazy scandals and frauds came to light, ACORN has reorganized and changed it’s name, whereby a state will call it: Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. Or New York, or California. But they are still nationwide, still have the same purpose and still pander for federal handouts: Your tax dollars.

They’re in business for one purpose, to get their man elected…by hook or crook. And they certainly do NOT want to see voter I.D. initiated throughout America.

Amazingly, nineteen states still do not have any requirements for voter identification, including California, New Mexico and Nevada, home to millions of illegals. Currently, fifteen states have passed, or will be passing legislation requiring photo I.D. Another sixteen states require I.D., but no photo.

It’s too easy to cheat. People who drive must produce a photo. State I.D. cards all display a photo. Why not a voter I.D. card?