Seth Rich Patriot in Chair

I woke up May 16, 2017 and took a picture of my backyard, the edge of a swamp, a protected sanctuary. Within that environment lives all sorts of creatures, big and small, an ecosystem of birds and bugs, deer and wild boar.  All cohabiting together, doing their thing.  Sometimes eating, sometimes the eaten.  Nature at its purest and finest.  A symbiotic relationship.  I tweeted the picture (Below) adding “Time has come to finally and completely drain the swamp” in DC, where vile and disgusting creatures create, spin and engage in pay to play tactics.  It’s not symbiotic. It is, in fact, carnivorous. It’s everything that’s wrong with America in 70 square miles.  Blatant dishonesty, fabricated lies, and a complete disregard for truth and justice.  And for what?  The almighty dollar, a pension, a special table by the window, or a better parking spot?




And then it happened – it all came together – a picture I remembered of a handsome young man in a patriotic suit, sitting in an Adirondack chair, drinking a beer flashed across the TV screen.  Somehow I knew he wasn’t a bro in the Hamptons.  He had an air.  He was special.  Perhaps it was his smile.  He looked happy. The caption read he had been killed.  Sadly, it happens so often your mind makes a mental note and you experience grief for him and his family.  But it doesn’t really affect you because you have a family and a job and a to-do list.  Still, there’s this picture of a guy in a funky stars and stripes outfit and he’s dead.  I’ll never forget it.  And I don’t want to or have to.



News began to break about Seth Rich, a 27 year old DNC staffer who may have been killed for doing the right thing.  Speculation surrounded his death.  A reporter stated Seth Rich had been robbed.  Yet he still had his wallet, watch and cell phone. It sounded more like he had been murdered in cold blood, drug lord style.  Shot twice in the back.  He must have come across something terribly wrong and he had to let someone know.  But the machine is so great, churning so rapidly, it can’t be stopped.  I couldn’t forget Seth’s image.  It was etched in my brain.  The thought that he could be yet another victim of the Clinton killing machine was reprehensible.  Why all the cover ups?  Where has honesty and integrity gone?  Someone knows something.  They need to come forward, but our justice system is out of control.  What should they do?


Unable to get the young man out of my mind, life almost stands still for the day.  I mourn for a man I never knew.  I mourn for his family.  That’s what each and every one of us should do for #SethRich.