By Hannah Szenes Col. Tom Snodgrass accused Obama of unconditional surrender to Iran a few days ago.  I completely agree.  The same thought popped into my head when I heard the news last week that the US and Iran had reached an “historic” agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.  I’m sure many of you have the same thoughts on the issue.  

Time to speak out – loudly

  It’s time to stop thinking and start speaking – loudly.  It’s time to call out our so-called leaders and demand that they totally repudiate this “deal”, a “deal” that betrays everything we believe our nation stands for.  It’s past time for a public shaming.  

Our lying leaders

  It‘s appalling to see our elected officials make promises they never intended to keep.  Time and time again, we were assured.  We were promised. Is our government filled with the worst negotiators in history or is this the result they desired all along?  I believe it is the latter.  And what do you call such people?  I call them craven, conniving miscreants chasing their own illusory notion of personal legacy because they think they know what’s best. It’s insulting to see them continue to misrepresent the facts when those facts are obvious to everyone.  They want us to believe them and not our own lying eyes even as the facts prove otherwise.  Do they think we do not see?  What do you call such people?  I call them liars and deceivers who will say anything, do anything to get us to follow them like sheep to the slaughter.  

Aiding and abetting the enemy

  It’s embarrassing to see grown adults run from their responsibilities.  It’s like seeing your parents drunk in public, the laughter of strangers ringing in your ears.  We witnessed this week our leaders on their knees in submission to their new Persian masters as they assure us that this is the best they can do.  They will do anything, say anything to secure their positions of leadership, their jobs, their standing in their party. What do you call such people?  I call them quislings, collaborators and traitors who give aid and comfort to the enemy while endangering the peace and freedom of the entire world to save their own skins.  

Abandoning our friends

  It’s shameful to see our country offer a nation 1/50th as a sacrificial offering to a common enemy. As our nation turns away from her duty to protect and defend freedom, we see a much smaller, besieged people assume the mantle of world leadership.  And do our leaders actually believe that the bloodlust of this modern-day scourge will be sated at the sea’s edge?  Any security they obtain with this human sacrifice will be temporary.  Since when do we leave others to fight our battles for us?  What do you call such people who abandon others to do their fighting and dying for them in an attempt to save themselves?  I call them cowards. They want to secure their legacy and be forever remembered as great diplomats and peace makers.  They will be remembered, but not as they would like.

Craven, Conniving Miscreants

Liars and Deceivers

Quislings, Collaborators and Traitors



We will not forget you

  Oh, yes. Anyone who presents this “deal”, anyone who advocates for this “deal”, anyone who votes for it or does not vote against it, anyone who does not do everything in their power to prevent this “deal” will be remembered so. And they better get used to the smell of blood.  There will be so much of it that they will never be rid of the stench. We will remember.  We will not forget.  And we will not forgive.]]>