Title Runner Up: Under Penalties of Perjury “SCAM”

In a court case a sworn statement carries weight because there is 1 judge and that judge can find you lied (committed perjury) and order you to be taken into custody and charge you with perjury, and, depending on the circumstances, a number of other crimes could be charged against you, even as an Attorney.

To do the very same thing to a Committee of the Senate, or even the Senate itself, is meaningless.

Let’s say you lie in a hearing to a Senate Committee in a “Sworn under Oath of Penalties of Perjury Statement.” You have to be found by the Committee to have lied to them. Then this finding is taken to the Senate Majority Leader, they in turn make a referral to the Department of Justice who then dispatches the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate. Then the information from that investigation is given to a U.S. Attorney and can result in a direct indictment or the convening of a Grand Jury which can lead to an indictment.

What are the odds of all that happening? That is the question to be asked. We’ve been reminded by Democrats “this isn’t a criminal trial” as a means of minimizing the rights of judge Brett Kavanaugh who also happens to be an American with the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty (the Constitution isn’t so limiting in application of its protections, especially in light of the Senate’s due process role in appointment of a Supreme Court Justice). So it’s clear a Senate Committe is not a single judge without political considerations acting to determine the character of the witness, the veracity of their testimony, and to hold them in contempt and subject to immediate arrest. No! Instead, a group of politicians whose role is solely political and making political consideration in voting whether or not to make sure someone who lied to their Senate Committee is held accountable, that group is the arbiter of these Committee Hearings to Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court…. Or at least that is what was done until the Progressive Democrat 11th hour charade was carried out for a time delay to thwart the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump in keeping his promise to the American People.

It isn’t rocket science to see why Avenatti came forward with the “3rd victim” and is treating/resulting in the assumption therefore that the other 2 accusers (also just for delay) are valid. Avenatti, a lawyer, knows that his client and all the “corroborating witnesses” can lie and nothing will happen to them if Judge Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court by the United States Senate. The politics of this dies, no one cares, it all disappears and their lies are assumed true by Kavanaugh having not been confirmed – And the Democrats will use this tactic over and over and over as they repeat and refine their conjob.

So there’s the truth about, “Lawyer” Avenatti whose capacity to judge character is well blemished by more than just Stormy Daniels as his client (https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/01 and https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/22). As a lawyer Avenatti figured out how to exploit the assumption of validity encompassed in “sworn testimony,” “under oath,” and subject to “penalties of perjury.” The delay is why the 2 previous accusers had no sworn statements. Democrats via Avenatti worked out, as they always do, how to game the systemexploit a weakness of public perception and systematic procedures, always using a loophole of grammatic construction, and, irrespective of the cost of Judge Kavanaugh’s life’s work as his reputation demonstrates he works with women often and helps them excel in pursuing their lives. To be sure the Progressive goal here is Alinsky’s “ends justify the means” tactics and, in light of the scofflaw attitude of Senator Corey “Spartacus” Booker regarding the rules and laws allowing the Senate access to George W. Bush’s [POTUS 43] Executive Branch archive, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Democrats want to destroy America and acts like Booker’s and Senator Feinstein’s 2 month delay to show her care and consideration for the weight of the allegations levied by Christine Blasey Ford are the most recent evidence, and in typical narcissist Progressive importance fashion a dramatic public spectacle for all the world to see. Let that sink in: The Democrats in their zeal for delay and their entire immersion in party politics held Ford’s letter for 2 months. Was Senator Feinstein’s delay intended to help women, to empower them? Was Senator Feinstein thinking about the “victim” as a woman who should be heard then? Was Senator Feinstein thinking about what is best for America since we’re all paying for these hearings? In my view ANY additional hearings should be paid for by the Democrat Party from their campaign funds since it is their delay that has caused all of this.

Believing Democrats want to destroy America is an easy conclusion. From property destructive protests, to violence against any who disagrees, and numerous “left-leaning” business organizations banning or deplatforming Conservatives while Social Media Corporations promote an appearance of objective, neutral, and acceptable trustworthy use that is all a lie, https://rightsidenews.com/.

So I urge everyone and anyone who is taking the repeated talking point of “sworn affidavit” as meaningful, set that whole idea aside because you’re being played for your good nature and exploited for your knowledge of the law but not the knowledge of the Senate, prosecutions of lying to them and what happens when the lies achieve the intended result. Optics and public perceptions/assumptions is all this is about now, especially in the Progressive exploitation of women who may have well been victims but not of judge Brett Kavanaugh, though some may just be liars willing to do so for free for sake of an agenda, and maybe a little Soros cash.

Other Points of Interest

Fascinating that the claims attributed to Julie Swetnick, the 3rd “victim’s statements, sworn under oath,” are so similar to current Bill Cosby news, Cosby was found guilty of drugging women to have sex with them.

Also Avenatti’s other client Stormy Daniels often scripted and did gang sex scenes, and may even have been a contributing “author” to Swetnick’s statement due to Daniels unique qualifications as a promoter of sexual proclivity(ies).

So with all of this what’s it mean to have made a statement “sworn under penalties of perjury,” to a Committee of the United States Senate? Answer: Zero/Nothing! It’s just a Fake News Progressive Democrat SCAM to keep the real news of the good President Trump is doing for America out of the Press – Curious how Progressives call it “Freedom of the Press” when they control it prioritizing lies.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman (@ToddyLittman, Twitter)