”   …    Obama’s loss of nerve and decision to call off a military strike that could have taken out the Benghazi insurgents, and instead—just letting Americans die an agonizing, lonely death—is the most quintessential aspect of the story. This is because it reveals Barack as he truly is inside—an immoral, gutless, unfeeling, selfish, hypocritical, overly ambitious and hideously uncaring person. Obama ONLY cares about what he personally finds valuable, which obviously does not include individual Americans, or any random human beings.” SOURCE

The quote above s from a piece by Kelly O’Connell published originally at Canada Free Press.Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama


O’Connell goes on to say:  ” Barack is a self-centered, utterly unfeeling, revolution-seeking drone who cannot be bothered with the hard work of genuine leadership. And as terrifying as it sounds, he is a typical Marxist leader who wants to “save humanity,” but finds individuals not important enough to consider. It’s no wonder Barack’s White House loves Mao, a possible role model for crazy, unthinking and ideologically-driven tyranny from the man who murdered 77 million of his own countrymen. Or perhaps Vlad Lenin, first dictator of the USSR is his example, who said—“Any cook should be able to run the country.” Marxists have no respect for democracy, republicanism or capitalism.

Whatever the purpose of Barack’s presidency, he must face the decision of getting beaten at the ballot box in November 2012 or being impeached. Yes America, it has finally come to that after Barack’s murderous high treason!”

O’Connell is a “must read” article.  If you don’t read anything else today please read this insightful article at Canada Free Press.

It seems clear that with less than a week to go before the Presidential Election, the electorate is extremely upset and deeply concerned over the incident in Benghazi, Libya, and the conduct of our Commander-in-Chief,  his administration, and yes, the leftist Mainstream Media in America who tried — with all their mightto cover-up “the cover-up.” But truth has a way of digging itself to the top no matter how deeply buried.

Articles of Impeachment should be drawn-up — forthwith — for President Barack Hussein Obama in the event that America has truly lost its mind and reelects the exposed Marxist to power on Tuesday, November 6th.

I would like an answer to my question (posed days ago) as to WHAT, exactly was going on that was so covert, so secret, that it was worth the lives of four Americans left to be slaughtered by blood thirsty terrorists. I am still inclined to believe that the US was covertly running guns for Libya to the Syrian rebels through Turkey. At this point it is only a theory on my part as I cannot confirm it.

This is just one of the myriad of questions just hanging out there waiting — begging — for answers.

Again, we need a congressional investigation to drag the people responsible out into the light, force them to answer, and if we learn laws have been broken — then the appropriate punishment should be meted out.

The Obama Administration has played fast and loose with the constitution since day one of their regime. It is long past time they be called to account.

I’m not a clairvoyant.  I have no crystal ball, and even if I did — I wouldn’t have a clue how to use it.  I say all this to say — I haven’t a clue who will win the election.  BUT — if Obama wins, he’d better prepare himself for a scathing, penetrating, investigation of him, and of his administration, unlike any ever seen in the history of this country. Even if Obama loses, the investigation should go forward.  We need to learn WHAT happened and WHY. We need to learn if laws were broken and by whom.

Meanwhile, Obama takes cover from the Benghazi storm by submerging himself in the storm that struck New England a few days ago.  Anything to draw the public’s attention away from his callous conduct, which MAY include high crimes and misdemeanors, which are constitutional grounds for impeachment.

I have a feeling that when the truth finally comes out, as it surely will, it will make “Fast and Furious” resemble a Sunday School picnic.

America!  Get a grip! Reclaim your common sense and go to the polls next Tuesday and rescue America from the clutches of our current Marxist regime before they can utterly destroy our constitution and enslave three hundred million Americans.

If you need a little extra incentive, just remember — if Obama is reelected there is a strong possibility that he will be able to appoint at least two new justices to the US Supreme Court. NOW do you see the immanent danger to the US Constitution?

If you cherish freedom, if you want your children to live and breath free, then you can’t sit this one out. 

That oft-quoted British statesman Edmund Burke warned us clearly: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” Neither goodness, freedom, or liberty have the luxury of doing nothing. It is a constant struggle just to preserve them.  Our most powerful weapon is the ballot. Next Tuesday is our chance to strike a blow for freedom and liberty by sending Mr.Obama and his minions home.

© J. D. Longstreet

J. D. Longstreet is a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.· He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcastingbusiness, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.
Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.· A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.
Articles by J.D. Longstreet are posted at: “INSIGHT on Freedom”,· “Hurricane Alley… by Longstreet”,· “The Carolina Post” and numerous other conservative websites around the web.·