Somehow, America has been blessed over its history with great leaders and Commanders-in-Chief when we desperately needed them. It has been as though the hand of Providence shielded us, ofttimes from ourselves.

Strong_America_Save_AmericaThe American people really are a breed apart.  We are a mongrel people — a MIXED breed apart, if you will.

My father used to say, “If you want a pretty dog, son, get a highbred.  if you want a strong dog, son, get a mongrel.” I don’t think we ever had a dog that was a highbred, or had “papers.”  We had working dogs — watchdogs and hunting dogs.  Mom had her tiny little “toy” something or other that grieved itself to death upon my mother’s passing. 

The point is — like mongrels, Americans are a strong, resilient, hard working people.  We ain’t pretty (The Ugly American!) but, by golly, we get the job done — whatever the job may be. 

Having said the above, it also should be noted that Americans need strong leadership.  By “strong” I don’t mean a “strongman” type leader but a leader who, himself, is strong in his belief, in his political ideology, and in the skills of leadership, which, in and of itself, is no mean task. 

Look.  We live in a mean, cruel, jealous, spiteful, vengeful, DANGEROUS world.  The world we live in today is akin to living on “Mean Street”.  The farther down the street you go, the meaner it gets.  And we live in the last house!  Only the biggest, baddest, dude on the block gets to climb to the top as America did in such a very short time in history. 

The problem with being on the very top of the pile is — you are an inviting target for anyone wishing to take a shot.

We are not a homogeneous people.  Get two of us together and you get three opinions. 

The point is — it takes a special person, an extra-special leader to shepherd this crowd.  “Herding cats is” apt when trying to describe leading the American people. 

We do big things, and we do bold things, and when we make a mistake, we REALLY make a mistake.  (Example of a HUGE American mistake:  The Election Of Barack Hussein Obama as President!) 

That said — there can be no question that America is in deep trouble today.  There can also be no question that the current leader in the White House is NOT the person to lead America out of her distress.  He is simply not up to it. In fact, many believe, as do I, that our President is in — way over his head. 

As a nation, we are teetering on the edge of the abyss.  One more wrong move and we’ll be over the edge and in free fall toward the inexorably certain “splat” at the bottom. 

The so-called Great Recession is over, they tell us, but our economy is stalled.  Business in America has “forted-up.”  They perceive an attack on them by the current government, led by Obama, so they have gone into a defensive mode refusing to do anything more than that which is absolutely necessary to remain in business. 

If Romney wins the election, the “Great American Recovery” will begin on November 7th, 2012.  If he loses and Obama remains in power as the leader of America, our problems will get worse and the national depression/malaise will deepen.  America cannot survive another four years of leadership by Obama with his socialist/Marxist agenda. 

America desperately needs another Ronald Reagan — but that’s not going to happen.  What we have, instead, is Mitt Romney.  While he is unquestionably a good and decent man, a brilliant business leader, he does not have the charisma that inspires the average person top come off the sidelines and throw everything they have into the drive to save this great land. 

That, dear reader, is why so many people are looking past Mr. Romney to the man he chose for his running mate, Paul Ryan.  Congressman Ryan DOES have a portion of the Reagan “can do” charisma.  He, somehow, inspires people to dare great things.  Already, he is being spoken of as the Republican candidate for President next time around. 

Someone once said: “Leaders are like eagles.  They don’t flock. You find them one at a time.” 

It is, of course, early in the campaign for Congressman Ryan, and we may still learn of flaws that may mar his fitness for such a high office as Vice-President of the United States.  That sometimes happens.  It was even reported that the Democratic Party had a booklet of some three hundred pages in length filled with, shall we say — “weaknesses” — attributable to Congressman Ryan.  If so, anyone of them could present a problem for his candidacy.  At this point, we can only wait and see. 

What, I think, is telling is the way the conservative wing of the GOP suddenly ignited upon the announcement of Ryan’s candidacy and — in a split-second — went from dead stop to full speed ahead in this campaign.  They caught fire.  Something about Ryan did that! 

Recent polls (over the weekend) showed Romney and Ryan had pulled slightly ahead of the Obama-Biden ticket.  Gallop was showing Romney at 47% and Obama at 45%.  SOURCE: Could it be that “momentum” has made it’s debut on the side of the GOP team? 

America is a great country with a great problem in need of a great leader.  There can be no denying the obvious.  But we must not overlook the necessity of placing the US Senate in the hands of the GOP, as well. 

Repealing Obamacare, alone,  demands that the GOP control the Oval Office, the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate.  Complete control of legislative and executive branches of the US government is necessary to implement so many of the changes we know are necessary to stop America’s plunge into darkness and restore her to her former glory. 

Thus far, under the leadership of the Obama Administration, we have had, as Winston Churchill once said:  “A government of the duds, by the duds, and for the duds.” We cannot continue this disastrous course. 

We have already seen Romney and Ryan boldly take on the Obamacare/Medicare maelstrom.  They did not skirt it, by-pass it, or downplay it.  They charged ahead — right into the debate.  Nobody is comfortable with this debate/discussion.  But — it is a debate we MUST have. Somebody had to lead — and the Romney-Ryan team has done that.  That elevated my confidence in the GOP team. 

In my opinion, America needs BOLD leadership now — RIGHT now! 

We have had almost four years of Obama endeavoring to fundamentally change America into some sort of collectivist society akin to socialism with a definite Marxist  foundation. 

History is replete with examples of failed nations that have tried the very same experiment that Obama has made clear he wants for America.  Already, we see the damage Obama’s ideas have, can, and will bring to our beloved country.  Do not fool yourself.  American will fare no better than the devastated nations that have tried Obama’s formula before us. 

It’s time, America.  Obama’s America is NOT the country that will lead the world.   Obama’s America is not the America in which you can rest assured that your children and their children will have a bright promising future. 

Romney and Ryan offer Americans a chance to reclaim our heritage, our birthright, our prosperity, and yes, our dignity. 

Frankly — there IS NO CHOICE November 6th.  For America to survive we MUST dump Obama and elect Romney and Ryan to lead the greatest country on earth. 

J. D. Longstreet