In the midst of all the scandals involving the president’s administration, lost in the shuffle is one of the worst of all, now reduced to a bare blip in the order of priorities because so much time has passed. No doubt, that’s the way the president wants it.

There are those who would not consider the mass murder of thirteen military personnel and wounding of more than thirty a “scandal” per se. By itself, it should not be a scandal. It’s the follow-up by the administration, of lack thereof, that is scandalous. It’s the fact that the shooting occurred at all, in view of the plethora of lead-up evidence that an Anti-American, enemy combatant was not only embraced, he was promoted as a mole within the U.S. Army; Terrorism on the ready-line, compliments of Islamic Political Correctness.

If that’s not a scandal, what is?

How else would one categorize an act of terror in America for which nothing has been done in 3 ½ years, other than a perfunctory arrest?

The second deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil in the history of this country, took place November 5th, 2009, within the confines of a U.S. military establishment known as Fort Hood. Fourteen Americans were killed (including a fetus), another thirty-two were shot and wounded, mostly service personnel. The perpetrator was an Islamist terrorist wearing a U.S. military uniform bearing the rank of major, named Nidal Hasan.

As he stood on the table preparing to fire his weapon, numerous witnesses heard his Islamic Jihad cry; “Allahu Akbar.”

He is still awaiting trial – 3 ½ years later.

He is still receiving military salary, at the rank of major. This terrorist has banked nearly $300 thousand in taxpayer salary since shooting forty-six Americans. And we look the other way.

Two-and-a-half percent of Hasan’s salary goes to Zakat, Islamic charity, which is money likely-to-be funneled to terror groups.

In his customary protective posture concerning anything to do with Islam, the president refuses to label the attack an act of terror. Rather, he deems it an act of “workplace violence.” Therefore, all surviving military personnel shot by Hasan have been denied the award of a purple heart, because the administration refuses to acknowledge the shooting was an act of war.

According to the president, we must keep Islam from being the focus of this murderous act. Never mind that Hasan had been in constant communication with one of the premier leaders of Islamic terror in the world prior to the attack. Hasan had been known to give talks and presentations to military groups, while in the line of duty, decrying America and extolling Islam. Once, while presenting what was supposed to be a medical lecture to other psychiatrists at Walter Reed Hospital, Hasan talked about Islam saying that, according to the Koran, non-believers would be sent to hell, decapitated, set on fire, and have burning oil poured down their throats. According to the Associate Press, Hasan’s lecture also justified suicide bombings.

Nothing was done. After all, Hasan had PC license; he was a Muslim

It happened in front of military officers and enlisted men and women. Yet, he was still given a platform to orate Jihad.

Have we gone nuts?

Despite his maniacal behavior and suspicious attachment to radical Islam, Hasan was not investigated or disciplined. He was promoted!!! – from Captain to Major in June of 2009. After all, we don’t want to skip over a Muslim, that would look bad to the Islamic world. And what is more important? Americans or Islamists?

Hasan was one of the more obvious radical Islamists in our military for which nothing was done about. Doesn’t anyone wonder how many more radical Islamists are infesting our military today, but are untouchable thanks to this Islam-sympathetic administration?

Hasan, they say, cannot be tried because he refuses to shave off his beard. Thus, Nidal Hasan calls the shots, though he’s responsible for fourteen dead Americans and another thirty-two wounded. If he refuses to shave for the next thirty years, he’ll just keep collecting his $100,000 a year in salary, plus room, board and health care…which we will pay for.

In truth, he can be force shaved or he can he tried with a beard. It’s just a matter of an “executive order” – you know, those decrees which Mr. Obama issues whenever he can’t get his way otherwise. But don’t expect that when it comes to Nidal Hasan.

There were at least forty prosecution eye witnesses to this act of terror. There are no doubts about what, when why or who. We can talk about innocence until proven guilty, but this is one of those fait accompli cases where the facts are clear and well known. So what is holding up the trial?

All one has to do is follow the dots when crises occur in the administration. Allow enough time to pass – even years – and people forget, lose interest, media changes their focus, no one give a damn any more. Such, I suspect, is the reason Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on a 4 ½ month travel jaunt around the world following Benghazi. Out of touch, out of sight, out of mind. After all, she can’t answer questions if she’s not around. That’s an easy way to let a case grow old.

Same with President Obama. The day following the Benghazi murders, as the compound smoldered and the bodies were not yet in their caskets, it was more important for him to attend a fund raiser in Las Vegas and a comedy show in New York, than to lead an investigation into the terrorist murder of a U.S. Ambassador that occurred on his watch.

Today, the administration is certainly hoping for time to pass in the IRS scandal and the AP scandal. The more time goes by the less important it will become.

Alas, the days of Watergate are over, when a competent media sunk their teeth into wrong doing by government officials until they paid the price for incompetence and/or corruption.

As for Major Hasan’s trial, if one is ever held at all, much will depend on who is elected in 2016. But as long as Barack Obama is in office, don’t raise any expectations. After all, Hasan is an Islamist and he needs the money.

Click here: Fort Hood shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Click here: Fort Hood shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Click here: Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood Jihadist, Received $278,000 in Gov Salary Since Massacre

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