Americans_RisingThere seems to be some very nervous politicians, libs, leftists, hyphenated-Americans, and other die-hard Obama supporters who still don’t get it. A recent video on YouTube called “America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians” seems to be getting some interesting attention. Most of that attention is supportive and “Right ON!”. However, some of those viewing the video seem to be uncomfortable with that whole “Freedom of Speech” thing and have done all they can to get this video repeatedly removed from YouTube sites.

The site RSN found the video still up and running and included some astute observations in the “More Info” section :


Gizgreen seems to have a reasonable grasp of the situation:

“I am not trying to pick on Democrats, I am picking on politicians. I plan on exposing lies they get caught up in. We need to start holding all accountable for their actions.”

This YouTuber writes about the video:

“I had stopped the comments on this video for many reasons, for example: racist rants, death threats, calling out for murder, accusing me of things that are just not true (as if you liberals somehow have ESP and know what I am all about.) Get over yourselves! Thanks to all the people who do get it, you are out there, keep spreading accurate information as most of us can agree we are not being shown the truth.

1. I did not create this video, buckrush wanted everyone to spread this video, buckrush’s account has been closed since.

2. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of legislating poor policies that negatively affect us for generations to come. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Post Office are not doing well, they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

3. Anyone who is in the health care field understands why this reform is not going to do anything but grow the government and raise the cost of health care. Anyone who is not, thinks they know best.

4. Big government is not the solution as it is unsustainable. Government needs to be run like a business not a service, they need a reduction in force. Any company designed like our federal government would be long gone by now unless, of course, they had unlimited access to the taxpayer’s wallet.

5. Contrary to all who think that being “unenrolled” somehow prevents me from voting any way I would like, again, in my state I can.

6. Most of the absolute anger, death threats and name calling has come from the left, real grown up guys.

7. This experience has [awakened] me to the sad fact of how Obama got in office, you believe what you want and reject anything that paints your “man” in a negative light. As if “well, where were you when Bush was in office?” is a valid argument. Wake up!

8. Many of the Tea party goers I met were unhappy with the over-reaching hand of the government, regardless of political affiliation.

9. If you voted for Hope and/or Change, you should just stick to American Idol. There is a reason they call it “Chicago Politics”

10. They want us to be divided, as long as we are they will remain in power to do as they wish with our lives, our money and our freedom.

11. The fact that some members of Congress are breaking laws that would end us up in prison, should have you motivated to demand they step down, but you probably don’t even know who Charlie Rangell is.

Thanks to ElitestPirate, comments for this video are back on.”

This video has already received 197,000+ views on the YouTube site and with any luck, YouTube won’t sabotage the excellent message by taking it down [again].

And we will replace them with Great Americans like Lt. Colonel Allen West!