birtherJB Williams

For the past eight years, millions of Americans have been trying to restore national reverence for the founding principles and values set as the cornerstone of freedom and liberty in the Charters of Freedom. If successful, they would have also disqualified Barack Hussein Obama from the Oval Office, a natural consequence of constitutional accountability that no one in Washington D.C. was going to allow.

Although “progressives” have demonized that endeavor by labeling those people “birthers” or “alt-right” constitutional crackpots full of conspiracy theories, those documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the only thing that stands between peaceful national sovereignty, security, freedom and liberty… and global tyranny. They only exist to the degree and extent that they are enforced.

To be clear, the movement focused on where Barack Hussein Obama was really born, Hawaii or Kenya, the foundation of the so-called “birther” movement, had little to do with the enforcement of the Founders intent of the natural born Citizen clause in Article II of the Constitution. It had much more to do with the fact that when Obama was challenged on his eligibility, he chose to issue not one, but three different “Certification of Live Birth” documents, none of which were a “Birth Certificate” and all of which turned out to be forgeries.

In this regard, the “birthers” still have an issue, as those three forged birth documents remain the only documentation of Obama’s U.S. citizenship today, and they remain forgeries. Law Center calls for impeachment were ignored by every member of congress, despite a mountain of evidence.

However, the issue of who is or is not eligible to occupy the Oval Office under the natural born Citizen clause is of far greater importance, as Obama prepares to vacate the Oval Office and pass the national baton to President-elect Donald J. Trump. The issue of who is or is not eligible for that office remains unsettled.

Over the past eight years, efforts to enforce the natural born Citizen clause largely resulted in a plethora of competing politically motivated opinions about what the Founders originally meant by that term and whether it remains relevant today. Despite the politically motivated hyperbole on the matter, those three simple English words do have a very simple, well-documented and well-known meaning.

For over a hundred years now, the judicial branch has been used to amend the Constitution by way of broad interpretations of constitutional text. Just as Jefferson had realized and warned in the early 1800s, the judicial branch, left unchecked and able to undermine the Constitution by mere broad interpretations, had indeed become the greatest threat to the Constitutional Republic.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the endless discussion over what the Founders meant by “natural born Citizen.” The debate over the meaning of this term was complicated by the reality that Barack Hussein Obama had managed to steal the 2008 DNC nomination from Hillary Clinton and was now sitting in the Oval Office, unconstitutionally. To avoid a nation crisis, or “constitutional crisis” per some, the term had to be made “ambiguous” to protect Barack Obama from removal from office.

For eight years, no one would be allowed to settle on the true meaning of natural born Citizen.

Making matters even worse, the GOP allowed no less than three non-natural born Citizens to seek the Oval Office under their banner in the 2016 elections, resulting in even more unconstitutional opinions of what a natural born Citizen is, in the end, making the term nearly meaningless.

US News wrote a column confirming that Sen. Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born Citizen, stating – “Constitutional scholars are dusting off their crystal balls as they are asked to discern what the Founding Fathers really meant by “natural born” citizen. Let me join the chorus of opinions by saying that based on the original framework of the Constitution and the 14th Amendment, Sen. Ted Cruz does not appear to be constitutionally eligible to hold the office of the president.”

Meanwhile, some of Ted’s friends at Harvard had a different opinion – as did Cornell Law – and the LA Times – and Heritage Foundation as well as numerous Law Professors as reported by the Washington PostSalonSlate and even Wikipedia. There was no shortage or opinions or legal theories supporting those arguments. But isn’t the truth much more obvious than indicated?

Still, it remains the only three words in the entire Charters of Freedom that prevents a foreign agent from ever occupying the most powerful political office not only in the United States, but in the world.

In short, the debate over what a natural born Citizen is falls on the following competing views;

  1. Someone born on U.S. soil and under the jurisdiction thereof? (The definition of native born citizen per the 14th)
  2. Someone naturalized to the United States, as defined by U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Amendments and statutes? (The definition of a naturalized)
  3. The Natural Law definition of natural born Citizen, the natural offspring of a legal U.S. citizen Father, who naturally inherits their citizenship from their birth Father at birth? (The Law of Nations definition)
  4. The “birther” definition, someone who is both native and natural born and not naturalized.


The first key to unlocking the real answer to this question is the word natural; which means a condition produced by nature alone, and not a man-made act by any legislative process. A natural right, which is inalienable by man, such as the right of every child born to an American Father to also be an American at birth.

The fundamental importance of this issue is the fact that all inalienable rights are natural rights. If we do not understand or revere natural rights, then we have no inalienable rights. Natural Born Citizen is the most fundamental natural right and it too, like all natural rights, is inalienable, which means, beyond the reach of legal opinions and legislative act.

Now, in order to protect our Constitutional Republic from foreign invasion and occupation at the highest levels, our Founders made it a constitutional requirement that only a natural born Citizen, as opposed to native born or naturalize citizens, can occupy the Oval Office.

An in depth historical accounting of the Founders use of the term is presented in the following two-part essay…

A Natural Born Citizen is a True Citizen, Part 1, 12-11-14

A Natural Born Citizen is a True Citizen, Part 2, 12-11-14

Is this still an important issue as Barack Obama leaves his tenure as President of the United States?

In my opinion, it is more important than ever and here’s why…

Because Obama was allowed to complete two terms in the Oval Office without ever being held accountable for his massive fraud; and because too many Americans buy into the lie that this sets some type of “legal precedence” equal to “settled law,” from this moment forward, anyone from anywhere on earth without so much as a legitimate U.S. Birth Record can become president of the most powerful nation on earth.

In other words, those three simple words placed in Article II of the U.S. Constitution to prevent foreign invasion and occupation of the people’s White House can no longer provide that protection, unless and until, the true meaning of natural born Citizen is known by every American and enforced as a constitutional requirement for high office.

Until then, this constitutional protection of the Oval Office is no more use that the immigration and naturalization laws that have not been enforced since 1986. Our laws say that unless you enter this country through our immigration and naturalization process, you are in our country illegally. But some 200 U.S. cities are now sanctuaries for these illegal invaders and the same people have also worked to undermine and subvert the natural born Citizen clause.

Until the people insist that this matter be corrected, there will be no way to protect the Oval Office or the Constitutional Republic, much less make America great again!

The 2016 Revolution was based entirely upon a “fed up” attitude of average American voters from all political affiliations, towards elitist Beltway insiders from both parties. With a new incoming administration, now may be the best time to strike and set the record for the future.

Since no one would allow the conversation to take place so long as the usurper Obama was in office, right now might be the perfect time to resolve this matter before another usurper decided to seek the Oval Office. In fact, like the critical nature of the 2016 election itself, this might be the last chance we ever have to resolve the so-called “birther” issue, for all posterity