The Benghazi murders of a year ago are sliding into distant history without anyone in the U.S. government being held accountable.

     Where are the American people?  Where is the outcry?

     We keep on blaming the media for failing to bring the truth to light, but we – the people – sit back and let each day go by while we are continually distracted with other government issues, bad and good. We’re falling for the shell game.

     The only people who can truly make a difference in these disgraceful criminal acts of government commission and omission, are you and me. Don’t count on Attorney General Eric Holder. Don’t count on the President, he went to bed the night it happened and to a Vegas fund raiser the next morning. Don’t count on the Secretary of State, past or present. For two weeks, Hillary tried to convince us all it was all about a video, knowing full well it was a lie. (And some of you want her to be a president?) The primary job of these people is to protect the administration at all costs, even if it means lying to you and me.

     This is not a scandal. This is a crime. The media has been complicit in allowing us all to be distracted by a myriad of other issues, putting this CRIME on the back burner, hopefully forever.

     We cannot let that happen. The guilty parties at the highest of levels must be held accountable. It’s left up to us.

     Now it seems one media outlet is beginning to show a crack in the Obama armor system, as CBS went on a limb and aired a 15-minute program on 60 Minutes, showing in short sound bytes and brief interviews, how the American complex in Benghazi was absolutely being targeted for death and destruction by al Qaeda months in advance, and yet nothing was done to protect Americans. Washington biggies – meaning the state and defense departments – were fully informed by the Ambassador’s office and chief security personnel. They knew it, and nothing was done. In fact, security was reduced, not increased, as though someone in this administration was complicit with al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

     The CBS show should have been a full hour, but we’ll take what we can get.

     The highest levels of personnel in Benghazi, including the heads of security, military heads and Ambassador Stevens himself, had pleaded with Washington – repeatedly – to provide more and better security to the Benghazi compound, because the writing was on the wall. Al Qaeda flags were flying all over Benghazi. They were taking over. Al Qaeda had posted threats on-line, that they would destroy the British consulate and the Red Cross units, and the American consulate. They made good those promises by attacking the Brits and Red Cross, which ushered them out of Libya. All that was left was the U.S. consulate.

     Greg Hicks, Deputy to Ambassador Stevens, testified to congress and told CBS how often he pleaded for added security, and how it was coldly denied. 

     “Why didn’t you get the help you were asking for?” asked the reporter.

     “I don’t know. I would like to know the answer to that.”

     Then came the attack, which the ambassador knew was coming and which he communicated to the state department. As the CBS program pointed out, and as testified to by the heads of security in the compound, the administration knew within an hour this was an al Qaeda attack and that the Americans were in dire straits facing certain death if forces were not sent to the area to, at the very least, TRY to intervene and protect our people there. But they were not.

     Greg Hicks speaks about the feelings he had when told by the military attaché, one hour into the attack, that no help was coming. “For the people who go out on the edge to represent our country, we believe that if we get into trouble, they’re coming to get us. Our back is covered. To hear that it is not, it is a terrible, terrible experience.”

     And then, the aftermath. A president basically dismissed the attack and issued no orders to military commanders to – at the least – attempt to rescue. Rather, he went to bed. The next morning, a prepared innocuous statement was read in the Rose Garden with his criminal Secretary of State standing by his side, and then Obama was off to fund raisers and talk shows. Meanwhile, though the truth is known, Hillary and her acolyte, Susan Rice, snowed the media with lies on top of lies about a dumb anti-Muslim video. Obama, himself, addressed the United Nations two weeks later with finger-pointing message about that video, KNOWING IT WAS A LIE.

     Here’s a comparable scenario: You and a friend are walking to the end of a cliff. You know it’s coming, but fail to inform or help your friend. The friend slips on the edge, and holds on for dear life, pleading, “help, help.” You watch, then turn and walk away… doing nothing until the friend is down the chasm – dead. You knew he was in danger and did nothing. You could have helped, but turned your back.

     And you’re guilty of nothing?       

     Here’s the deal my friends. The government is being led by two corrupt elements, democrats and republicans. All that really matters to these people are gaining and staying in power. At this moment, with a democratic president, the democratic senators and congressmen have a primary role: To protect this democratic president, even if he might be a criminal. They ignore the role of doing what’s right and moral for America.  Rather, saving the party is more important.

     Knowing that, it’s time to make a major shift in Washington. If the media, or the congress, or the senate or the Attorney General, or the democrats are not going to do anything about this contemptible and perhaps criminal administration, the next best thing is to strip him of his powers by electing major majorities of republicans in the house and senate in 2014, so that his last two years are held in check. (Barring impeachment)

     Perhaps, when his term is over, a new Attorney General or special prosecutor will investigate thoroughly and hold accountable those who have committed criminal acts. At the least, they should be held accountable for violating their oaths of office.

     Time to put the partisan politics aside for once, and consider what’s best for Americans, not what’s best for the party. Barack Obama must be stripped of his power, and that can only be accomplished by you and me.

     Here is the CBS 60 minutes show, video. CBS has constantly been an advocate for this president and for his staff. So this is an amazing step for that news organization. It’s fifteen minutes. Please take time to watch it all.

     Click here: 60 Minutes: Benghazi – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Marshall Frank webThirty years of law enforcement in Miami, Florida, including sixteen years working homicide, gives Marshall Frank a huge reservoir from which to draw insights into the problems facing America today. After retiring from the Miami-Dade P.D. in 1990, Frank went on to become a writer, now with eight published books, five fiction and three non-fiction. His book “Militant Islam In America” was published after an exhaustive research study about the inroads that radicals are making within the borders of the U.S. He is currently working on a non-fiction book about the abominable criminal justice system. Book listings, prices and availability can be accessed at his web