Many of us could see that we hit the bottom of the conservative talent pool when George W. Bush had to be recruited from Texas just to avoid John McCain in 2000. Fourteen years later, conservatives are quite literally grasping at straws in the latest CPAC Presidential Straw Poll for 2016.

The results of the 2014 CPAC Straw Poll is shocking to say the least, highly disturbing at best. 27% of CPAC voters voted for a constitutionally ineligible candidate – 11% Sen. Ted Cruz – 7% former Senator Rick Santorum – 6% Sen. Marco Rubio – 2% Gov. Bobby Jindal and 1% Gov. Nikki Haley… none of whom are Natural Born Citizens of the United States under Article II requirements for the office.

The mere fact that CPAC placed these names on their ballot at all is very telling… On the same day CPAC and Drudge poll results were issued, Fox News reported that Ted Cruz is “not eligible” for high office, based upon a false definition of Natural Born Citizen which leaves Obama presumed eligible.

CPAC has been running a straw poll since 1976 and over the thirty-eight years since, the CPAC poll correctly identified only three GOP nominees, Reagan, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, only two of whom became president. Not a great track record in terms of influence or predictions…and that may be a good thing.

Drudge Report ran their own straw poll at the same time and the results were equally troubling. Sen. Ted Cruz, who is a Natural Born Citizen of Cuba and Canada, not the United States, received support from 29% of Drudge readers. Libertarian freshman senator Rand Paul, the first US Senator to attempt to legislate by campaign data basing petitions, topped the Drudge results at 31% of the vote.

Like the CPAC poll, Drudge offered no less than three “constitutionally ineligible candidates” to voters and 33% of Drudge voters cast their ballot for one of those three ineligible candidates. Amazing!

Barack Hussein Obama is the first constitutionally ineligible candidate to win the most powerful political office on earth, not once but twice, thanks to an ever increasingly ignorant electorate. Five years later, the term Natural Born Citizen has been so bastardized by people on all sides of the political debate that the term literally has no meaning at all today. Partisanship trumps the Rule of Constitutional Law, even amongst so-called “constitutionalists.”

Of course, once words lose meaning, our Constitution and Bill of Rights lose all meaning as well.

Senators have never made good executive branch leaders in 227 years of U.S. history and despite the fact that congressional approval has been in the single digits for years now, a large percentage of “right-wing” voters seem to think that two freshman senators are the best we can do, even if one of them isn’t even eligible for the office.

To say the least, it is a very disturbing sign of things to come, an electorate in which no group has respect or reverence for the founding principles and values that once made America the greatest nation on earth.

Thomas Jefferson warned – “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – and he further explained, “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

What is America’s future when the majority of those who participate are too ignorant to participate?

The international left is in the closing hours of their total destruction of the Constitutional Republic. Not a single member of the U.S. Congress has lifted a finger to stop the destruction that nearly every American is able to see today. Communists no longer have to work in the shadows. Under more progressive sounding titles like liberal, they are able to drive America off a cliff without so much as a fight…

And those who pretend to resist, now participate in the same set of evils as their alleged opponents, advancing ineligible candidates, violating more than 300 million legal American citizens in favor of 20 million illegal invaders, authorizing debt levels that no nation can survive, and sitting on their hands as anti-American leftists seize control of nearly every private industry and asset in America.

The salvation will come from CPAC, who is promoting a couple freshman senators with pretty words and an otherwise empty résumé, one of which is not even eligible for office? The salvation will come from Drudge readers doing the same?

God help us if these groups are to be the beacon of truth, justice and the American way…. They are just as corrupt as the corrupt politicians in D.C. that they claim to oppose.

Half of our nation’s eligible voters don’t even bother to vote and the other half are in a race to the bottom of the political cesspool, both totally discarding the Constitution and Bill of Rights as if they no longer apply.

In 2008, many Tea Party folks were so focused on disqualifying John McCain, who is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, that they left the door wide open for an anti-American communist from Kenya to seize the White House.

McCain became the GOP nominee with 1575 primary delegates, Huckabee receiving 278, Romney 271 and Ron Paul 14. CPAC had chosen Mitt Romney in the 2008 straw poll. McCain was below the bottom of the talent pool… the pool was drained empty in 2000.

In 2012, CPAC chose Mitt Romney again and Romney became the nominee with 1462 GOP delegates, Santorum receiving 234, Ron Paul 154 and Gingrich 137 delegates. The GOP was more divided than ever and when conservative evangelicals and Ron Paul libertarians refused to vote for “the Mormon” in the general election, America’s most anti-American unconstitutional White House resident was re-elected with at least 49% of the nation opposed.

All of this spells serious trouble for the 2016 presidential election cycle. If Hillary Clinton decided to run, she will essentially run unopposed for the DNC nomination. The Democratic Socialists will once again be united in their assault on America…

Meanwhile, it looks like the deep divisions in the so-called resistance or opposition party, the GOP, run deeper than ever.

If ineligible candidates like Cruz, Rubio or Santorum somehow win the nomination, they will be obliterated in the general election and GOP voters will deserve another national spanking.

If freshman libertarian legislators with no record of accomplishment like Rand Paul, somehow become the GOP nominee, the RNC will lose by historic margins and the Republican Party will cease to exist beyond 2016.

Now, before libertarians and unconstitutional “constitutionalists” write to attack what I am saying here, realize that what I said in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 was dead on the mark. I said that the right was in self-destruct mode and they were. I said that the so-called “right” was so internally divided that they were easy prey for the Marxist left.

I said that 2008 was very likely to be the “point of no return” for America, wherein 51-49 became 49-51 for the foreseeable future, at least several generations, if not forever. I was right on all predictions…at a time when I prayed every day that I was wrong!

Today, more than ever before, the political right is poised to commit national suicide, driving the final nail in the coffin of a once great nation. Sadly, the political right now shares a condition once reserved only for the political left… facts don’t matter when they don’t suit your agenda.

As a result, the right is dooming itself to failure, and in doing so, they are dooming the nation to total collapse. Do I have to be proven right again for people to listen?

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.