Once we decide to ignore the rule of constitutional law, we are a lawless society and no law on the books carries any weight at all. There is no such Illegal Alien Criminals Get Amnestything as “crime” once no one is obligated to abide by any law in a lawless society.

In a letter dated 30 July, 2013 and sent to congressional Republicans, almost a hundred top GOP donors call for House Republicans to immediately pass legislation legalizing illegal immigration. Their reasoning… “the current system is already allowing them to stay and so it makes sense to register them and bring them into the system.”

These morons have one thing right here, the current system is already allowing illegal aliens to stay. Of course, the current system is doing this in direct violation of our federal immigration and naturalization laws, making the system just as illegal as the illegal immigrants. We have a lawless government pandering for the illegal alien vote, that’s all.

In the letter, Cuban immigrant Carlos Gutierrez makes some astonishing statements, such as – “Doing nothing is de facto amnesty.” That’s exactly right… passing any form of amnesty for illegals or so-called immigration reform is a mere formality. The criminals running our illegal government have already established de facto amnesty for millions of illegal invaders by simply refusing to uphold and enforce existing immigration and naturalization laws.

Once again however, in doing so, they have become criminals themselves, traitors to the U.S. Constitution, to all legal American Citizens of the United States and violators of the rule of law. So, why bother writing anymore laws, since lawmakers clearly have no need to abide by or enforce our laws?

In the same letter, Gutierrez writes – “We need to take control of whom we let in our country and we need to make sure everybody plays by the same rules.” Wait, I thought this is exactly what we did when we ratified the 14th Amendment and established our national immigration and naturalization laws

Had our existing laws been enforced at any point over the last thirty-years, we would not be having this discussion over millions of illegal invaders on our soil today, nor would we need Obama’s DHS Gestapo to protect American Citizens from jihadists and MS-13 members allowed to live among us.

Yes, I realize that any opposition to insane anti-American public policy is an act of “racism” now. Never mind that I fully support LEGAL immigration and only oppose ILLEGAL migration and the ongoing massive exploitation of every American taxpayer forced to pick up the tab for our government’s illegal activities.

By opposing illegal immigration, just as I oppose illegal bank withdrawals (bank robbery) and illegal sex (rape), I’m sure it will only take milliseconds for some totally indoctrinated moron to call me a racist for my comments here.

It’s worth noting that Cuban Carlos Gutierrez was entrusted to anchor the Hispanic vote for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race, a race in which Gutierrez was only able to deliver 27% of the Hispanic vote, compared to Obama’s 71% Hispanic vote. It’s also worth noting that Carlos Gutierrez is head of APCO Worldwide, a Global Political Strategist firm.

Also signing Tuesday’s donor letter were Karl Rove and a number of ambassadors who served Mr. Bush, as well as former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former Vice President Dan Quayle and several former governors. Note that these are all “former” one thing or another’s…

According to the Washington Times, the donor letter came the same day that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 400 other businesses and umbrella groups fired off a letter to House leaders of both parties, urging them to pass something — though the business leaders did not specifically call for legalizing illegal immigrants.

A list of those 100 signers is made public by the New York Times so that American consumers and ICE agents know which businesses are pushing Republicans to join Democrats in the utter destruction of our once great Constitutional Republic. Wonder how many of the 400 businesses already employ illegal aliens illegally?

The subject is not at all complicated… Not arresting someone for robbing banks is de facto amnesty for all bank robbers. If we don’t enforce our laws against rape, that is de facto amnesty for all rapists. Murder is okay too, so long as the murder is committed by the mother during the first nine months of a child’s life. We are already a lawless society and nobody ignores the law more than lawmakers themselves.

Many Americans seem to get it though, judging from the comments regarding the RNC RICH FAT CAT letter. Let’s be clear here, people like this are NOT GOP members, they are only RNC donors. The RNC (Republican National Committee) agenda has not represented the GOP base since Reagan.

Karen posted this comment – “And as long as Holder allows them to keep coming here illegally, while American taxpayers pay for their free stuff, they will keep coming.” Indeed, lawlessness leads only to more lawlessness.

Another comment reads – “I always wonder why they support criminals? Just because someone breaks our laws and gets away with it for a few years is no reason for them to get to the front of the line. Deport them and let them apply to come back.” Maybe it’s because our politicians are criminals too and birds of a feather…

Why not issue a Presidential Medal of Honor to rapists, thieves and white collar criminals? I mean, if we are trying to destroy the entire legal system and social fabric of the United States, why not go all the way with it?

The bottom line here folks is that we are a nation in control of our own destiny, which requires control of our own borders, or we are a nation living under the dictatorship of a few white collar criminals in Washington DC and their rich fat cat friends.

The RNC has not represented the GOP since the Reagan era. Today’s Democrat Party is controlled by Democratic Socialists like Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and their entire Federal Cabal. But today’s GOP finds itself under the dictatorship of the Republican National Committee which is funded and run by foreign fat cats like Gutierrez and Ivy League indoctrinated morons like Spencer Abraham, both of whom are thoroughbred Globalists.

People like this have no business being in positions of public power in the United States. They belong in the private sector doing what they do best, making money and creating private sector jobs. In the public arena, they can be just as disastrous as the Democratic Socialists running Washington DC today.

You bet we have a problem… an aging American population ready to collect the social benefits they have paid into all their lives and a dwindling reproduction rate of less and less productive citizens who feel entitled to the American Dream without any input or sacrifices of their own. 50 million murdered Natural Born American Citizens via “women’s rights” (aka abortion) over the last fifty-years has left America about 50 million taxpayers short of footing the bill, after Washington DC criminals raided the public trusts.

But who in Washington DC represents Americans today?

Washington DC politicians obviously represent the 6.3% of people who invaded our country illegally and started mooching off of American taxpayers. But who represents the other 93.7% who were born here or came here legally, live by our laws and respect our language and culture?

If you want to know how this happened it’s quite simple. Alinsky Marxists took over the Democrat Party decades ago. Left-leaning RINOs were allowed to seize control of the Republican Party years ago. None of them represent American interests now, but at the end of the day, the American people are to blame.

Instead of letting criminals take over both parties and our federal government, we should have thrown the bums out on arrival. Instead, as the parties and the nation drifted farther and farther left, the American people packed their bags and handed the keys over in search of a new political home, which they have yet to find.

That’s what makes this comment the most frightening of all…

“Here Here! The Republicans are DEAD…long live Libertarians.”

If this were true, then the country would be finished as today’s libertarian movement appeals to less than 15% of the population and for pretty good reasons. As of the most recent surveys, only 24% now call themselves Republicans, 34% Democrats and 41% Independents. But only a tiny fraction of those independents identify with the modern libertarian movement.

Turncoats like Marco Rubio, John Boehner and John McCain are responsible for the death spiral of the Republican Party. But the people who left their party in the hands of folks like this are equally responsible.

If the people cannot stop these people from destroying American sovereignty and security on the immigration issue, they cannot stop these people from creating a totally lawless society and soon, even rape will be legal in America.

At what point will American Citizens stop the lawlessness of their alleged leaders?

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots Union |·Veteran Defenders |·Archives E-Mail: JB.USPU@gmail.com