Consider why Colin Kaepernick, now of Nike fame, claims to have knelt:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,….To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” —

So let’s see if I can get this straight that, according to Kaepernick, if you stand for the American Flag you stand for police shooting people of color, oppressing people of color, and he’d be selfish to look the other way.

I contend it’s not all police and not only people of color are targeted (FBI murder of Lavoy Finicum, 8:30+ in, as there are bad people in everything. It is wrong for ANY police to deny due process, but let’s get down to the American Principle bad cops violate by shooting ANYONE who isn’t life threatening (theirs or another person’s life), what they are really doing wrong:

Every American is presumed innocent!

This is the American Constitutional Principle, a principle causing America to have Rights of the Accused and a Due Process Standard to assure these Rights are protected. This standard is what the American Flag and our National Anthem stand for, a standard of Freedom and of a Free People. I disagree with Kaepernick that illegal and wrongful actions of bad cops is a reason not to stand for the American Flag or National Anthem. We all hope our Law Enforcement can be as pure as it can possibly be. We all demand bad cops and departments are held accountable for the murder of any American who isn’t life threatening as to just kill them is wrong. I would never kneel against the American Flag or our National Anthem as controversy that hurts people who have nothing to do with the wrong is not going to fix anything.

But here’s the ironic Progressive parallel universe: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is squeeky clean.

Kavanaugh has undergone extreme scrutiny when a member of the White House Staff under George W. Bush (43) and as a part of the Security Clearance Protocols related to that position. This was doubled when he married Ashley Kavanaugh, who was Personal Secretary to the President, President Bush. Here’s a publicly available chart explaining the clearances and differences to them if an office of “Public Trust” as well, President Trump knows Kavanaugh is beyond clean so another FBI Investigation is just a waste of time.

This last week of Ford’s testimony was pure and unadulterated Character Assassination of Judge Kavanaugh and his life, not by Ford but by those who exploited her, namely Senator Diane Feinstein of the Judiciary Committee and Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader.

Clearly “Assassination” is a form of murder, but Character Assassination you live through the death and the Assassination an integral part of your new life. Denied forever the life you once had you must live with never ending questioning and second guessing by punditry of all sorts of everything you do after the Character Assassination took place – you are guilty until proven innocent!

Make no mistake, what Colin Kaepernick kneels for is the lack of a presumption of innocence for Americans. Kaepernick’s actions are solely corrupted by his apparent need to minimize the wrong of bad cops by racially coloring the purpose, ignoring that corruption and wrong are colorblind as this lastweek of Extra-Constitutional Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings put on display in 4k-Ultra resolution for all to see.

Consider if Democrats really cared about Colin Kaepernick’s issue. Would Democrats be running around like bad cops playing Judge, Jury, and Character Executioner with their political snipe pistol firing forth with keen-eyed precision “that women [not everyone just women] need to be believed in sexual assault allegations, allegations that do not need to be corroborated by evidence.” The Constitution features no such standard as it would violate the Principle of Freedom, the Presumption of Innocence for every American. Talking point of “we’re confirming someone to a life appointment in the highest court in the land” is no excuse for US Senators to carry out a Character Assassination that denied Ford and Kavanaugh their Due Process and Rights, denied them both the basic respect they deserve as Americans. The Constitution doesn’t make a special provision for the Advice and Consent Role of the Senate to “bar and nullify all rights of the person named to serve by the President” or “that all accusers must be believed and the accused treated as guilty” nor does the Judiciary Act feature any similar provision.

What are Americans paying for with these Extra-Constitutional hearings anyway? These hearings weren’t budgeted for and are on top of the cost of an additional unneeded and unnecessary investigation extending beyond the Kavanaugh hearings that have concluded. Remember that these “Confirmation Hearings” in and of themselves are an indulgence, aren’t a prescribed Constitutional Due Process for Presidential Nominees. So all this additional expense and chaos on top of the hearings themselves appears solely because the party who lost in 2016 can’t accept their defeat. The Democrat party feels so entitled they have exploited a troubled woman, Christine Blasey Ford, and Character Assassinated, murdered the life once lived, of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Keep in mind Security Clearance checks are reviewed every few months to 5 years depending on a number of factors, and are re-done routinely to assure their integrity. People close to the President of the United States, like my friend who was a Confidante to Johnson and Nixon, their entire life must be viewed and re-viewed so that any potential compromise that can disqualify you for the position is known and assures you don’t take the position BEFORE you can do any damage.

So while the Progressives are lost in the specious theory of “Russian Collusion” and promote the absolute fiction of the usefulness of an FBI investigation in regard to Judge Kavanaugh, the reality is, and has been for a long time, that we run significant checks on people who could, by blackmail or otherwise, be compromised and thereby could wrongly influence the President and other leaders of our nation.

Anyone who has the means I urge you to ask Colin Kaepernick to support Judge Kavanaugh whose entire life has been assassinated by the failure of Kaepernick’s supporters to afford Judge Kavanaugh the same presumption of innocence Kaepernick wants to see assumed of every American – A noble cause just a very improper and insulting way to get anyone to care. Case-in-point what the Democrats are doing to Judge Kavanaugh is ignoring Kaepernick entirely. Think about that this November.

Necessary Refuting “it’s a job interview”

Go into your next job interview and say “When I was 15 I committed gang rape” and see how 1) you don’t get the job, and 2) that the police are banging at your door to learn more.

The State where Ford alleges the incident with Kavanaugh to have occurred has no Statute of Limitations on sexual assault. This means the Presumption of Innocence is assumed the moment criminal liability could attach – from the moment the allegations are made. Every word said by Judge Kavanaugh is subject to “can and will be used against you” Miranda. This would not be the case if there were a Statute of Limitations. The Presumption of Innocence doesn’t begin with being charged, it begins with when criminal liability can attach, and only by an absolute Statute of Limitations does this become irrelevant and not by the political spin of “it’s a job interview.” Consider how lawyers tell clients to keep their mouth shut even before there’s a charge, or not to talk to the police who are investigating to build a case for a Prosecutor to charge:

I urge more Americans to realize that in America the Presumption of Innocence Principle is a part of our Constitution by Bill of Rights limits imposed on government, and applies to every American, without limitation (“Without limitation” means even Americans who are named by President Donald J. Trump to be a Supreme Court Justice receive the Presumption of Innocence).

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman (@ToddyLittman Twitter)