November 21, 2008
Posted: 21 Nov 2008 06:52 PM CST
A Detroit radio station (WRIF Radio, Detroit) allegedly calls Kenya and claims to speak to someone who represents himself as the “Kenyan Ambassador”.  While this call has some interesting aspects, what anyone with diplomatic experience would ask is why call Kenya to talk to the Kenyan Ambassador – presumably to the USA – unless he was on home leave from the Kenyan Embassy in Washington D.C.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO AUDIO (comment on birth place around the 12th minute of the 15 minute audio)

What brings on this kind of audio, real or otherwise and a dozen lawsuits throughout America, including to the Supreme court, rests with Obama’s absolute refusal to provide anyone with his also alleged birth certificate, which more likely will prove to be a COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) not a BC (Birth Certificate) which lists a ton of information on it.

Interestingly one of the two Hawaii hospitals claimed as his birthplace was not built until TWO YEARS after his again alleged birth date.

Hopefully the Supreme Court, now deciding whether to look into the matter on December 5th, will help settle this once and for all.

So far lawsuits have been rejected on the status/standing of those bringing them rather than the ACTUAL merits of the complaint or suit, which have yet to be formally addressed.

Another mystifying clue to Obama’s mother trying to manipulate the system comes from his younger Indonesian half-sister (Indonesian father), born in Indonesia, which until a year or two ago refused to accept dual citizenshi, nor allow non-Indonesian students in their schools, appears to have a Hawaiian “brith certificate”, more probably a COLB not a CB.

Her apparent false registration of Obama in Hawaii was repeated with his VERY definitely NOT Hawaiian born half-sister.

Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum)

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