Susan MacNaughton is our Right Side News presence at the DNC in Charlotte:
(Charlotte, NC September 2, 2012) The DNC is in full swing! I saw the funniest thing on the local news. They were interviewing the “occupy Wall Street/Charlotte ” protesters. Hippie-looking people standing up for the common man……..with Starbucks cups in their hands. Ha, ha, ha! They are camping out in Marshall Park, near the Government Center. Close to the city jail.

How do I really know the convention is on? Four very loud helicopters flew overhead going to the Ballantyne area. It sounded as though they were parked on the roof. I was in the shower and heard them.  About an hour later, they came back over the house. Yes, I waved. Maybe one of you can tell us which helicopters are so loud. We also have reports that those four helicopters are patrolling uptown. Fighter jets will be checking out the area shortly and maintaining the no fly zone for the balance of the convention. Local news is also filming each stranded vehicle on I-85, I-77 and I-485 as it is being towed.

Local media: No sleepy, weekend frumpy news and weather people. I think this is their job interview! They are dressed to the 9s and picture perfect make up. I didn’t know these people could look so good. It’s funny the way the weather staff is delivering the news of high humidity and scattered afternoon thunderstorms. It’s not happening in Charlotte, it’s happening in “the Carolinas”. When the sun comes out, I bet it will only be shining on Charlotte! The weather maps now show an over-view of St Louis across the east to “the Carolinas”.

Hundreds of police officers have been brought in for the week.

The rest of the state is wide open for crime because most of the police in the state are here. Other cities sending officers: Denver, Philadelphia, and 4-5 others I can’t remember.

We had a breaking alert Saturday: College Street is closed without warning, see the barricades blocking the road.

Shortly after, we saw many horse trailers bringing mounted police. Nobody told us this was going to happen!!

The newspaper says that deliveries will be delayed this week. Evidently it takes special security to get a paper out of the city.

They are giving everyone full access to their website. I took a look and the third story headlines are: Discovery: 30,000 registered NC voters are dead.

Read an article in The Charlotte Business Journal that says the VP has been here a couple of times recently. Trust me, no one knew he was here……….. (could be said for anyone’s VP)

I’m a fan of MSNBC’s morning program, Morning Joe. They will be here this week along with all the other “talking head” shows. When they announced the site of their local broadcast, they also announced how to be in the “audience” at the Black Finn Bar. Tickets….$200 EACH! Standing room only $50 EACH. Sold out immediately. Keeps the riffraff out and me too.

Tid bits:

  • Roger Simon, a Politico columnist, found a snake in his bathtub. His comment: Thought I wasn’t going to have to share a room with another reporter.
  • A large police escort for a bus carrying reporters to the DNC 2012 Media Party. A first!
  • The locals love seeing mounted police in uptown! I feel a bond proposal in our future.

Our goal by week’s end: We want people to refer to the area as Charlotte, instead of Charlotte, NC. No world peace for us, we’re laid-back.

Local news media in the event you’d like to log on their websites this week.

WCNC: NBC – locally the #3 ranking
WBT: CBS – #2. (they don’t shout the news)
WSOC: ABC – #1 ranking by far! (they DO shout the news)

Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy your time.