Craig Writes on Virginia Politics and the Republicans lack of will to field a game plan based on their own RPV Creed

Let me start by stating I admire Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Manning is a class act, from a classy family. That said, there was plenty of expectation that the record-setting, number one offense in the NFL would at least show up in last Sunday’s Super Bowl. The problem for Denver was they were tentative and Seattle was aggressive.

That seems to be the perpetual problem of the Republican Party as well; they’re afraid of their own shadow, and the Democrats are relentlessly pounding them 24/7. The Republicans are as accustomed to being beaten up as the Broncos were at half-time Sunday, with the score 22 – 0. What did Denver do to open the second half? Rather than kick the ball honestly as far as possible and running as fast as possible to destroy Seattle returner Percy Harvin’s attempt to return it, Denver got cute. They bounced the ball in an effort to keep it from Harvin, who got it anyway and ran it back 87 yards for a score. Game over!

The leaders of Denver’s team, who devised that strategy, were communicating to their team that Harvin was “unbeatable”; so much better than them that trickery, cuteness, and evasion were more desirable than an honest contest. The same thing is happening in the upcoming Virginia Senate race with all of the talk of Mark Warner being “unbeatable”. The Republicans “team”, including donors, may well respond like Denver did, with a half-hearted going through the motions.

On the executive level it’s the same thing. Obama violates the constitution repeatedly, and Justice Roberts violated the constitution in a twisted passage of “Obamascam”, but the onion-less opposition deems them both “unimpeachable”.

Unlike Seattle and the Democrats, the leadership of the Grand Old Party has for years been “bounce kicking” to the American Communists who run the Democrat Party Leadership, and their comrades, like: academia, entertainment, crony Wall Street, Demo-journalists, pulpit pimps, and poverty pimps, rather than debating them with the confidence of a warrior / scholar.

The Grand Old Party has no faith in itself to win the argument, so they evade, play

me-tooism, back-peddle, and attack their own teammates who do believe in fighting back. In 2008, John McCain fought any Republican who as much as spoke Barrack Hussein Obama’s entire name; never mind offering a tough critique. It got worse in 2012 when Romney had Obama on the ropes when Benghazi hit the news. Sad for the nation and the families of our brave dead, but Romney and his overly cautious advisors could have honored those dead by showing the onions those two Navy Seals showed. An easier argument to make, one could not imagine. Had a Republican President been accused of watching a Benghazi like attack, in real time, via drone cam, on the anniversary of 9/11; and instead of responding to the attack, opted to pretend that he had “won” the War on Terror, so as not to hurt his chances for re-election; then the Democrats would give Romney and his advisors a stark lesson on aggression.

Another apt comparison between the Grand Old Republicans and the Denver Broncos is the inability to stop a play or player that the opposition repeatedly uses. Last Sunday it was Percy Harvin the Broncos couldn’t stop, but in the 1988 super bowl it was unheralded Timmy Smith of the Redskins who amassed a record 204 yards running against Denver using the same play over and over.

The Democrat playbook has very few pages and until Republicans learn to stop the phony “war” on women, Blacks, Hispanics, gays, clean air, the poor, etc, the Democrats have no reason to articulate and debate issues on their merits. In addition to the phony “war and hate” themes the Democrats always deploy, the play is the same – Demonize, Divide, Destroy, and Deduct.

Democrats demonize Republicans by saying they are not only wrong on issues, but do so out of spiteful, hatred of everyone except rich, old, white, straight, male, conservatives.

They are so brazen as to send a career sleazebag like McAuliffe to run this play against a boy scout like Cuccinelli, with great success and zero pushback.

Democrats divide Republicans along conservative vs. moderate lines with endorsements from traitors like Virginia Beach Mayor, Will Sessoms and political operative Boyd Marcus, while the Republicans hurt themselves with non-endorsements from Congressmen Rigell and Forbes. The traitor this time is former Sen. John Warner. Who was surprised? No one. And what was the Republican response? From Ed Gilespie; tepid, and too respectful. From Shak Hill, Chairman Mullins, and the entire Republican Congressional delegation: silence.

Democrats destroy Republicans with outright lies that low-information types are prone to believe as a result of Republican’s non-defense and non-response as to their motives and the content of their hearts. The demo-journalists dutifully repeat the known lies and like past communists, tell themselves that “the ends justify the means”. Examples are: Romney killed a man’s wife; fires workers for greed; and mistreats dogs. Cuccinelli, they said, hates women, and would ban birth control. Until Republicans fight it effectively, Shak Hill and Ed Gillespie can expect the same treatment.

Democrats’ insurance plan against the day Republicans do learn how to fight back is to deduct as many non-democrat votes as possible with a third candidate. Of course the usual suspects are lining up to say phony libertarian Robert Sarvis took equal amounts from both candidates last November and was thus a non-issue. A Democrat multi-millionaire from Texas who bankrolled Sarvis didn’t think so, and Clinton never needed a plurality because he had Ross Perot twice. So, here we go again. Robert Sarvis now claims to want to be Senator. Has Ed Gillespie or Shak Hill written an article, made a YouTube post, or invited a Libertarian debate with Sarvis? In a close race, two or three points (out of the seven he got last time) could be the margin.

The bottom line is the Democrats have no need of a new play, until the Republicans learn to handle what they know is coming again. And handle it like Seahawks, not ponies. Let me write the memo to the Grand Old Party in crayon: “It really is easy– after all, to be fore-warned, is to be fore-armed”. Let us pray so.

Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson, is President of The First Amendment, Inc., and Host of The REALLY Real Deal With Brother Craig The Hatchet Man On News Talk 990 WLEE and email: