October 13, 2008
Right Side News 
(Updated Videos, including Obama ridiculing the Bible bottom of page, also see Birth Certificate Analysis )
Does Barack Obama meet the qualifications to be President of the United States of America? This clip by Illuminati Films highlights Philip J. Berg’s lawsuit to have Barack Obama release his birth certificate and educational records. Also, see the related videos on Obama, such as the statement by Louis Farrakhan calling Obama “the Messiah”.

Berg, a Democrat, makes a compelling case that Obama is not qualified based on the records that are available. Was Obama actually born in Kenya? Did Obama take Indonesian citizenship in order to qualify for schooling in Indonesia? Is Obama fraudulently representing himself as a natural born US citizen in order to meet the Constitutional requirements for the Presidency? Why has Obama not released his birth certificate? Where is the traditional media in covering this issue? Every US voter should watch this video clip and make their own determination.

Thanks to Bob Parks at Black and Right  Also  see Birth Certificate Analysis

Bob Parks from Black and Right

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Obama Throws the Bible Under the Bus