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Select excerpts from Israel’s Guaranteed Glory. (First printing June 3, September 2016 distribution, World Bible Society)

God’s protective angels: Israel is the center of the earth where God’s covenant people live and belong. I would not be surprised if right now at this very moment—the LORD God of Israel has His heavenly host holding flaming swords, securely guarding and protecting every inch of Israel’s borders in the spiritual realm.

Some students and commentators of Bible prophecy suggest that there will be a nuclear exchange during the Gog-Magog battle and even attempt to derive a nuclear holocaust from the passages in Ezekiel 39:11-16; pure speculation which cannot be substantiated. We dare not allow any commentators to take away from God the great victory of this battle.

Scripture tells us in no uncertain terms that it is He who will be magnified. Scripture tells us that it is distinctly God who will obliterate the enemy. Radioactive material from the nuclear weapons would affect not only the invading troops, but the Israelis as well. Even if nuclear weapons could be used successfully only against the enemy, then those who would deliver them would receive the credit, and not the Lord.

If we stop and think things through carefully, it would become obvious that when anyone takes any particular Scripture and tries to turn it into a massive Middle East nuclear war before the Tribulation, he or she is doing so based on nothing but one’s own imagination or a hypotheses determined outside of the Scriptures.

If a nuclear war takes place before the Tribulation the radioactive contamination would linger and create so much damage (fallout) that too many areas would be affected and even rendered uninhabitable. The nations prophesied to invade Israel in the Gog-Magog incursion would be greatly affected and could not fulfill Ezekiel’s prophecy.

Some commentators mistakenly believe a nuclear incursion will happen duringthe battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 (Gog-Magog), and some go so far out on a nonsensical limb saying a major nuclear event will happen in the Middle East even before the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39, and before the Tribulation.

But does that make sense? ISIS is the most vicious dangerous Hitlerian group on the planet today—frightening. It is true, ISIS is sending out messages that they are planning a nuclear holocaust somewhere. Only God can know where these demonically possessed maniacs would do such a thing.

We must trust what Scripture teaches. No one, including ISIS can stand in the way of the fulfillment of God’s prophetic Word. Prophecy must be fulfilled as it is written, and the Gog-Magog war is a major prophecy that must take place. It will change the entire dynamics of the Middle East—when God destroys Russia from the North and Islam, “those who dwell securely in the isles [coastlands] (Ezekiel 39:6).

When God sends fire upon the invaders, the destruction will be far-reaching. If you look on a map you can see that there is a densely populated Islamic ring completely surrounding the globe. At that point I think God will have had about enough of Allah’s terror loving followers who desecrate and blaspheme his holy Name.

It makes more sense that if ISIS does fire off nuclear weapons it would be possibly in the U.S., Europe or another part of the world. They are too hell-bent on taking over the world to destroy themselves; the key players of ISIS in the Middle East are not about to become martyrs and lose all the impact they have already made. If ISIS detonates a nuclear bomb in the Middle East the fallout would affect them too much or even destroy them.

Twisting the meaning of Scripture to make a case for a nuclear event cannot be claimed as a new discovery revealed by the leading of the Holy Spirit. For example, the verses from Jeremiah 49:34-39 are used by some with over active imaginations to fabricate outlandish suppositions claiming a massive nuclear war will precede the Tribulation and the Gog-Magog war. We have claims for yet another overlooked “prophecy!” Biblical scholars of old must have been a dumb old bunch to have missed that one.

No doubt, Iran’s nuclear program is a major threat. If Israel does have to attack Iran for self-preservation it would make much more sense that she would use bunker buster bombs but even much more likely, subterfuge, such as a Stuxnet type operation. The battle between Israel and Iran is not a battle of brawn which must result in nuclear devastation prior to the Tribulation; it is a battle of moxie and brain power. Israel is clearly superior in those areas.


Anyone who loves God’s chosen people will want to read Israel’s Guaranteed Future Glory. Kit R. Olsen’s wonderful new book highlights the State of Israel showing that God’sprophetic promises have not been broken, and that He still has a plan for mankind. The history of the Jews proves the validity of His Holy Word; and the geopolitical climate unfolding today falls in line with God’s prophetic messages. Kit has been my dedicated editor/writer for the site for over four years (2012) and I am very pleased to share some of her additional work with our readers and feature her book on the site..” –Todd Strandberg

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