Lenin’s World-Wide Celebration Of Socialism!  The annual, global, orgasmic, daisy chain of paganism is complete for another year. I refer, of course to — Earth Day.

Quite likely the oldest religion of all, Paganism has been on display throughout this week just ending — even in the religious communities supposedly dedicated to the worship of the “one true God.” Earth Day, itself, is rooted deeply in godless socialism. Vladimir Lenin is the Father/Founder of Earth Day! Why, then, will millions of Christians celebrate it in their churches this Sunday?

Celebration of Earth Week and Earth Day ought to be banned in our public school system, too, because it is so obviously an expression of the religion of Paganism.

This entire ridiculous worship of a pagan god (or gods) is reminiscent of the days before civilization took root and the human animal began it’s assent from the caves and/or descent from the trees.

Over the past few centuries, and especially in the mid 20th century, those elements of socialistic societies, which remained, came to realize their days were numbered unless they could contrive a different way of bringing humanity under their spell — their control — if you will. They fell back on that thing which has ALWAYS worked, at least temporarily, in the past… and that is… ignorance and fear… ignorance of the truth and fear of an imagined threat.

Even in the 20th, and 21st, centuries man is still, basically, controlled by fear. The fear of a natural threat frightens man to his or her core. The destruction of one’s home is always at the forefront of man’s innate fear. Since the planet earth is the home of the human race, any threat to it, our home, is the most feared threat of all.

If the “enlightened” socialists among us were to successfully control the mass of humanity on Earth, they had to create that fear among the peoples of the earth. And they did.

Look. It is not a coincidence that Earth Day is celebrated on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin. At the core of the environmentalist movement lies pure Marxism. For more on this go HERE.  http://www.wnd.com/2012/04/do-you-know-why-earth-day-is-april-22/

To be successful, the environmentalist movement (formerly the Marxist movement) had to convince their fellowman that their home (Earth) was being destroyed. To rouse the anger in the now frightened human beings they were told, over and over, that it was other humans who were destroying their home.

Most of us are not scientists. Most of us know only as much science as is necessary for us to live productive lives. We leave science to the scientists.

As our public educational system has devolved into an indoctrination system it is teaching just enough… and demanding the students learn just enough… to guarantee the institution continues to receive public funds. As a result, the level of education concerning real science has all but disappeared from our curricula. Even where it is still taught… it has been broken down to the level of the lowest performing student in the class. Now we have a citizenry, that is functionally illiterate of basic science.

Couple the decline of our educational systems, world wide, (but especially in the United States) with the divestiture by “The Church” of its duty to teach the one true God — and the hook is set.

The stage was carefully set for the Environmental Movement and their “new” religion.

Worship of the earth, and a goddess earth mother, is a religion as old as the earth itself… but new to the arrogant undereducated masses of the planet today. And it has been used by the socialist movement to brain-wash whole generations around the world. “Thinking they were wise — they have become fools.”

We used to call it “Paganism.” The Christian Church used to send missionaries to countries, which still practiced paganism. Now that is reversed — and we are sending “missionaries OF paganism” all over the world.

Forsaking the worship of “the Creator,” and embracing the worship of “the created,” we have circled back to the religion of our caveman ancestors.

The latest denomination in the church of Paganism is the Global Warming movement or Climate Change movement. It is preaching the gospel of “Sustainability.”

I look on in wonder, as my fellow men are sucked into this worldwide hoax. I marvel at the combination of arrogance and ignorance, which leads one to rely on a false doctrine such as that of the Global Warming/Climate Change Movement.

An oligarchy is the rule of the many by the few. That is the brief explanation of oligarchy. The global warming movement, and indeed, the environmental movement fits the classic example of an oligarchy. Someone, somewhere, is pulling the strings, which will lead the people of this planet into the new Dark Ages.


Why does man ever wish to control other men? Power.

When one dares to peer beneath the surface, and behind the facade, of the Global Warming/Climate Change/Sustainability Movement, one quickly sees the hand pulling the strings of the puppets who gallivant all over the globe hawking their wares of fear and ignorance — and — servitude to the state.

It is all for control of the masses. It is all for the emplacement of a new world-wide feudal system. The overlords of humanity will reign, as they always do, by fear and intimidation. The fear that the world is going to burn up in a blaze of heat and the oceans will flood the coastal regions (where most humans choose to live) — wiping out every living thing — is the motivating force.

This false doctrine, the gospel of the environmental movement, the environmental religion, and The Church of Global Warming (Marxism/Communism) is on display today.

Modern man has chosen to forsake and distance himself from the faith of his fathers, the worship of the one true God, and he is latching on to the self-proclaimed saviors of the new paganism to save him from the coming disaster. Most never question the validity of the “coming disaster”. Those few of us who do — are the infidels.

You may count me among the infidels! I still cling to the First Commandment given mankind by the original, and only, God. For those of you not up on the “Old Religion”… it is: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me….”

J. D. Longstreet