Once again, the world standing of the United States has dropped another critical notch on the international front.  Only this time, it was a quite coup under the radar. Few people have heard about it. But it is VERY significant.

     While the Olympic Games were going on in mid-February, most people were not aware that a significant powwow took place in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chief of the Egyptian Army, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.  In the meeting, Putin pledged economic assistance to Egypt’s new government and further supported al-Sisi’s projected run to be Egypt’s next president.

     And where is the U.S.?

     We’re out.  Our relationship with secular Egypt is history.

     Egypt is the strongest nation in the Arab world, with whom the U.S. has enjoyed a strong and important allied relationship for the last thirty years. That also strengthened the security situation for Israel who relied on our ties to Egypt, one of only two counties that signed a peace accord with the Jewish state when Carter was president.

     How did this all fall apart? 

     The so-called Arab Spring which started in 2011 was nothing more than a monstrous planned take-over of Islamic countries by the notorious Muslim Brotherhood. It was supported by the U.S. President Barack Obama.  Playing to the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama openly called for the ouster of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak, our ally. He also called for the ouster of Lybia’s Moammar Ghadaffi, even deploying military support of “rebels” (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood terrorists) without gaining approval of congress. We all know the end result in Lybia:  al Qaeda, al-Sharia, and a new Islamist government which helped to murder our Ambassador, and three other Americans two years ago. 

     When the Muslim Brotherhood first gained control of the government under Mohammed Morsi, the few Jewish synagogues were destroyed along with more than 40 Christian churches throughout Egypt. Islamic extremism was in, moderation was out.

    The Obama administration supported these pro-Morsi uprisings.

     But it backfired. In 2013, the Egyptian people – by the mega-millions – took to the streets in major cities and virtually ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi government because they knew it was now or never: They wanted to be free; they wanted to be secular; they wanted nothing to do with the fundamentalism of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was similar to the Nazi takeover of 1932-33, only the German people didn’t see what was coming, the Egyptians did. So the Egyptians took back their country, arrested Morsi and declared the Muslim Brotherhood illegal, as it had been when Mubarak was president.

     All of these upheavals and consequent killings would never have occurred, had it not been for the support of the Muslim Brotherhood by the U.S. government.

     Feeling betrayed, the Egyptian people turned against the United States government, feeling betrayed. In cities like Cairo and Alexandria, citizens hoisted banners everywhere declaring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson and President Barack Obama as supporters of terrorism, unwelcomed in Egypt.

     The American mainstream media played all this down, including Fox News, but the facts are out there for anyone willing to dig for answers. The American government is now persona non-gratia in Egypt – the most important Arab nation in the middle east.

     Fault clearly lies at the doorstep of the White House and the Obama administration, who has been cozying with the Muslim Brotherhood since taking office. When the Egyptian takeover failed, thanks to the free-spirited Egyptian people, the U.S. relationship died. We’re no longer trusted. A new and unwanted foreign relations vacuum has predictably been filled by another nation: Russia.

     Putin wins again.

Click here: Putin Backs an al-Sisi Egypt Presidency in Moscow Meeting | TIME.com

      While our attention is directed toward other international venues, our eyes are no longer focused on the colossal failure in Egypt. While the American people might by ignorant of the egregious actions of our administration, the Egyptian people are certainly up-to-date. They have to be. They had the most to lose. When the domestic rebellion against the Muslim Brotherhood hit the streets of major cities there, ubiquitous signs and placards clearly expressed the people’s disdain for the Obama team. (see photos below) 

     These people are not right-wing nuts. These people are not fans of  Fox News. They are not liberal or conservative. They are not racists. They are freedom-loving Egyptian people who refused to live under the yoke of Islamic fascism.

     Check out these images on my site from Egypt when the anti-Morsi, anti-Muslim Brotherhood rebellion was going on. (This is just a sampling)

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