Whoa!  Hold on a consarned minute!

gadsden flag by llwynogfox-d3kf1k1This was not supposed to happen.  Americans were expected to to just lie down and roll over for the gun grabbers this time.  

See.  It was all for the children.  Works every time the progressive/Marxists try it.  Except that — it didn’t work THIS time.


Because the Marxists overstepped, overreached, went beyond the pale.  Ignoring a fundamental constitutional right, one that is included in the Bill of Rights, which, by the way, a number of states demanded be included before they would ratify the constitution, was just TOO much.

Obama miscalculated.  He screwed-up!  His thirst for power blinded him to the limits placed upon him by the constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. 

Obama bit off more than he could chew.  The American people bit back.

  Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto  said there was a gun behind every blade of grass in America.  That was in the late 1930’s.  If there wasn’t then, there sure as heck is at least one, possibly more, guns behind every blade of grass in America today.

Methinks Washington is, uh, concerned.  And, indeed, they ought to be.

The Second Amendment was never intended to protect hunter’s and sportsmen’s ability to go hunting or skeet shooting.  It was intended to arm the American citizenry so they might defend themselves against an American government gone rogue …  to defend against tyranny in an American government … to defend their freedom from such a government. The founders knew hunting would take care of itself. 

Unfortunately, for the gun grabbers, Americans remembered that particular right and they are using it today to arm themselves to the teeth and take a stand to protect their freedom.

THIS is what makes America exceptional.  We will lean over backwards to accommodate an overbearing government — ’til we have enough.  We swallowed King George’s guff until we had enough.  And we have allowed the current occupant of the Oval Office enough rope to metaphorically hang himself.

We are rapidly approaching the point at which we will have had enough.  Once reached — it’s “Katie bar the door!”

Even though the government is finding it a bit more difficult than they had presumed to confiscate America’s guns, they HAVE managed to nearly dry up the ammo supply through massive government purchases of ammunition from the manufacturers.

As government orders take priority, ammo manufacturer’s inventory and production must first go to the government BEFORE any product is shipped to private ammo dealers across the nation. 

Think about it for a moment:  An empty gun is virtually useless. So, Americans can have all the guns they want, but — so long as they have no ammunition for those guns they are no threat.

The law of “supply and demand” is working in favor of the gun grabbers, as well.  As soon as demand increased, supply decreased, and the prices for ammo shot upward at an astronomical rate. So, ammunition that IS available is extremely costly.

Another conspiracy theory?  No.  I don’t think so — not this time, at least.  But — even if it IS a theory, that doesn’t mean there ISN’T a conspiracy! 

If this “theory” turns out to be correct, I expect there will be a public backlash the Obama Administration will be hard-pressed to withstand.  But, hey!  They don’t have to face the voters again!   

We urge Congress to immediately initiate hearings and grill the Obama administration, under oath, to get to the bottom of it.  If the results are found to be less than satisfactory, we urge Congress to defund those government departments responsible. 

In the meantime, gun owners are finding ways around the ammo shortage just as they have invented ways around any future government gun confiscation.  Hey!  It is the American way! 

Here in the American south we have a long history of going head to head with government “revenuers”  (Internal Revenue agents chasing moonshiners).  In recent years it has become something of a lost art — but — one sure to see a quick revival if the Obama administration continues on its ill-advised trek toward universal background checks and gun registration and possible confiscation of firearms from the hands of lawful citizens.  Believe me — it won’t be pretty.

It is historical — and even traditional — for the American people to allow a government all the rope necessary to hang itself — and THEN draw the noose tight.  We suggest that NOW would be a good time for the current administration to reassess its attack on legal gun owners in America — while we are still paying out the rope.

© J. D. Longstreet