Over the past few weeks, we have learned that a Congressman’s narcissistic sexual complex may actually have been one of the New Yorker’s finest attributes. You most likely still remember former Congressman Anthony Weiner, (D-NY) reluctantly admitting to emailing sexually suggestive photos of himself to various women and eventually being forced to resign as a consequence of that activity. During the Mainstream media’s ensuing feeding frenzy, ignited by Weiner’s embarrassing outing, a few responsible reporters undertook a closer, much more serious investigation, not only investigating Weiner, but also looking into the people involved in his life. Increasingly, their investigation began focusing on Weiner’s wife, a devout Muslim named Huma Abedin. Abedin is the daughter of devout Muslim parents and has, at least, one devout Muslim brother. Since her birth in or about 1977, Abedin and members of her family have resided in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and other countries located in the Middle East and Europe.

As far as we know, Weiner is a practicing Jew. Marriage between a practicing Jew and an observant Muslim is highly uncommon, in and of itself. This is far from surprising, considering that Muslims and Jews have survived an extremely contentious relationship, for longer than the United States has even existed. Normally, their marriage would be nobody else’s business. However, this is not a “normal” situation because both Weiner and Abedin hold (held, in Weiner’s case) extremely powerful positions in the federal government and, what occurs in our government, which might influence us, is certainly “our business”.

According to the Qur’an, a Muslim woman may only wed a Jewish man if he first converts to Islam. Muslim women knowingly in violation of this provision can expect harsh punishment, up to and including execution. Bearing this in mind, one cannot help wondering how Huma Abedin managed to avoid any punishment (that we know of) after marrying a Jew. While some hopeless romantics speculate that Weiner, blinded by his Abedin love-lust, secretly converted to Islam to marry his forbidden “princess”, that seems highly unlikely, and there is not a shred of evidence to support the claim, either. Furthermore, it would involve unimaginable disrespect for the people who elected him. As a practical matter, who could imagine ex-Congressman Weiner’s largely Jewish constituency electing a member of the Muslim faith to be their Congressional representative? That would be like West Bank settlers in Israel electing a member of the Palestinian Authority to be their political representative. It’s just not realistic.

The only other viable explanation for a Muslim woman marrying a Jewish man, without being punished severely, would be the existence of some other, vital rationale for the union; like facilitating the spread of radical Islam in the United States, for instance. In fact, it appears that an important and highly influential Imam in New York not only approved the Weiner-Abedin marriage, but also directed Abedin to stand by Weiner through his anticipated humiliation and castigation by the press, before the public.

Although the sorted Weiner affair has provided titillating fodder for the tabloid scandal mills and Main Street media, alike, crucial facts, heretofore ignored and/or concealed (by the liberal media), are continuing to elevate the case to a level of critical concern – despite what can only be described as a massive, concerted effort to secrete the story, wholesale. The heretofore hidden part of the narrative, having nothing whatsoever to do with Weiner’s sexual propensities, may soon become the biggest scandal and government cover-up since Woodward unearthed Watergate. One obvious question becomes: “why is the mainstream media failing to report it?”                                  

Huma Abedin, at the age of 20, (she is now 34 or 35) became an intern serving Hillary Clinton, the First Lady, at that time (in or about 1997). (It also appears that President Bill Clinton officiated at the Weiner-wedding.) Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State, has employed Huma Abedin for 15 or more years, during which time Abedin has become a trusted, key adviser to Hillary Clinton. Today, Abedin reportedly travels everywhere with Clinton and, it can reasonably be inferred, has access (directly, indirectly, or covertly) to the same information as Clinton. (Please see, Right Side News, “Weiner Fallout and the Muslim Connection”, Marshall Frank, June 24, 2011.)

As if the facts of this case were not already too bizarre, the intrigue is further intensified by the fact that Abedin’s mother reportedly belongs to the Muslim Sisterhood and, her brother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. (A group of Muslim radicals devoted to the worldwide supremacy of Islam.) In fact, many believe that the Muslim Brotherhood’s primary purpose is to facilitate the spread of radical Islam, crushing every institution and individual perceived as an obstacle to Islam’s utter and complete global domination.

The potentially staggering consequences of any Abedin/Clinton arrangement are overwhelming. For example, is a radical Islamist spy surreptitiously serving one of the highest-ranking officials in the Obama regime? What sensitive information has Abedin seen or heard? If she is an undercover Islamist spy, to whom has she been reporting? How was Abedin able to gain such a position of trust and why hasn’t Homeland Security investigated? If Homeland Security did investigate, why weren’t their findings made public, at least so far as repudiating allegations that Abedin is a spy and reassuring concerned citizens?

In truth and in fact, the Main Street media should be working overtime (and investigating triple time), to ferret-out the propriety of, and/or truth about, the Clinton/Abedin professional relationship. However, it is rarely even mentioned, let alone investigated. Furthermore, it has been completely ignored by Obama and the democrats, which is not surprising; however, what does seem odd is the fact that the republicans have been largely silent about Abedin. Although practically beyond credulity, and simply “almost too hard to believe”, the republican’s inexplicable silence suggests that they, too, are somehow caught up in the mess. Frankly, at this point, not even the discovery of hokey pokey occurring between Clinton and Abedin would be too surprising. In fact, exactly that has already been suggested, elsewhere. (Please see, Right Side News, “Obama Administration Must Relieve Huma Abedin of Her Position – With Immediate Effect“, Eliana Benador, July 18, 2011.)

In order to believe that government officials were not well aware of Abedin’s connections, first, you would have to believe that Hillary Clinton is not merely careless, but thick as mud. Furthermore, you would have to believe that virtually every other government official with access to the most sensitive state secrets and information, is equally dim-witted. In truth and in fact, regardless of  what you think about Hillary Clinton and the others, most are not complete dimwits. Many are loathsome, devious, and diabolical, but they are not, “just plain stupid”. This suggests that each one of those officials have some other, ulterior motive, for keeping this story under wraps and out of the news. (It also serves as additional, damning evidence, that the people responsible for impartially reporting the “news”, answer to the same masters as the aforementioned officials).

Many loyal Americans firmly believe that Barack Hussein Obama is striving to cripple the United States’ democratic government as a first step toward replacing it with a socialist regime. Not too long ago, people poked fun at Obama and jokingly speculated that he was a “closet” Muslim. Today, however, those people may have taken a giant step toward their vindication. Could some government officials in Mecca and in Washington, DC, have been conspiring together, possibly for many years or, even decades? Once upon a time, the mere suggestion of such a thing would have been laughable- a one-way ticket to a personalized rubber room. Very few people really believed that Obama harbored mind-boggling ulterior objectives for America, such as remaking it according to Marxist, socialist values; obtainable by following the supreme community organizer’s blueprint in Sal Alinsky’s, Little Red Book, Communist Manifesto. Once, anyone discovered (even) seriously considering such a possibility, would immediately be dismissed as “some sort of a conspiracy theory nut” and/or right wing lunatic. Today, however, nobody is laughing (except, perhaps, Obama and his left wing base of Democrats).

After 9-11, conspiracy theories multiplied and circulated at lightning speed across cyberspace. Thousands upon thousands of people were dismissed as “crazies”, as a consequence; today, however, people are scratching their heads, wondering, “what if that judgment was premature?” As time moves forward, evidence continually trickles into the conspiracy theory arena. Some conspiracy nuts use circular logic, suggesting that such an ingenious and diabolical plot (to destroy and remake America) could only succeed with supernatural assistance. They are sure that there is some grand design behind current events, and believe the world, as we know it, is drawing to a close. In fairness, who are we to say that information set forth in the Bible, Scriptures, Koran, and/or any other faith-based text and/or literature, should be afforded any less consideration and respect than contemporary science.

Over time, “uncertainty” is the only “certainty”; how little remains certain. Anyone observing events unfolding today can honestly attest to the unpredictability of future events. Many individuals who have studied the world’s dire situation are certain that a global economic implosion, or, some other disaster of Biblical proportions, is imminent. The signposts of a looming, earth-shattering event, are all around us and woven into almost every story we read or hear on mass media, but these events are almost never mentioned. Back in reality, people ask: “how can we predict, or even speculate about, something, when the prediction and/or speculation is, itself, regarded as tangible proof insanity? Rational people can only talk about this looming crisis if they are willing to be (thought of as) irrational. Who listens to irrational people or takes them seriously, except other irrational people? It is a textbook, “Catch 22” example, of insanity.

Almost the entire introduction of this essay is a discussion of tangible proof that, AT BEST, the most horrendous, outrageous, betrayal of the American people, by their highest officials, is well underway. Why haven’t any establishment newspapers, or establishment broadcasters, reported it? Did members of the press, and most of the politicians, simply overlook the most critical news event to materialize in decades? That is hard to believe when, at the other end of the spectrum, every lurid detail about Anthony Weiner’s sex addiction has been reported, ad nauseum. It is like trying to report about the events that unfolded on 9-11, without ever mentioning the involvement of jet aircraft. Today, the same “informed” individuals that can tell you the color of Anthony Weiner’s underwear know almost nothing about allegations that his Muslim wife, Huma Abedin, is a spy with carte blanche access to the Obama regime’s most secret and sensitive information.

The possible involvement in treason of some of the most powerful people in the American government, should make this the most important story of the day; yet, it is subject to a virtual Main Street media blackout. As a result of this coordinated media silence, we know serious issues of the highest magnitude exist, and that we are not going to hear about them from sources like CBS or the New York Times. The only information we can access is available through secondary news sources and a few, diehard loners, long since marginalized as conspiracy theory nuts. Frankly, measuring the success of the political cover-up in this instance is simple: ask if you know more about Anthony Weiner’s sexual peccadilloes or, Huma Abedin’s service to the Secretary of State. What further evidence could you possibly require?

Practically anyone who bothers to really look can see that Obama is the emperor who has no clothes. Therefore, with time growing short, those orchestrating America’s demise will have no alternative but to lay down their cards; perhaps a global economic meltdown, money, gas and food shortages, followed by horrendous violence, rioting, neighbor against neighbor. Eventually, Marshal Law will be declared as Americans are shot in the streets by representatives of their elected officials. From the ashes of the United States, survivors may witness the birth of the new world order. Many will see this as the end. Only the faithful will see it as the beginning