Second Amendment Right to Bear ArmsThe people responsible for the murder of more than fifty million innocent children over the last forty years, who make violent films and games for children, who teach that all human perversions are alternative lifestyles, who drug our children so that they will sit quiet in class, who play with our food supply, indoctrinate generations to believe they are entitled to things they did not earn, these people are responsible for creating a sick society capable of a Sandy Hook atrocity.

These people want to blame an inanimate object when in fact it is they who have created a morally bankrupt society of perpetual malcontents and perverts capable of such heinous crimes.

Leftists like the nation’s oldest Communist publication Mother Jones, are hoping to capitalize on the Sandy Hook massacre, using the mass murder of innocent grade school children to outlaw The Second Amendment rights of millions of decent honest American citizens, leaving guns only in the hands of those who don’t care about the law.

Other leftist press outlets are fast to jump on-board the anti-gun rally, following the Obama mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Idiots in the lame stream media are following that lead without caution.

But the gun is no more responsible for what happened in Sandy Hook than a pencil is responsible for bad spelling. An increasingly sick and perverted society is responsible for what happened in Sandy Hook and other places like it, with growing regularity.

Violent crime has in fact sky rocketed since 2008, increasing 17% from 2010 to 2011 and another 19% from 2011 to 2012. Violent crime is on the rise and nobody in this administration or its press wants you to know this, because they are responsible.

You can’t murder fifty million innocent children for mere convenience sake and then ask why children have no regard for human life. You can’t market violent movies and games to latchkey kids from broken homes and then ask why they move from fantasy world to real world with the killing techniques they learned playing those games.

We have a sick perverted immoral society and our government, Hollywood, the media and inner city life are the bastions of immoral perverse behaviors. The worst criminals in our country today are leaders of society. True pillars of our communities won’t work in that sewer.

When you take a serious unbiased look at the increasing acts of school violence over the last thirty years, in particular the last ten years, there are some obvious common threads that have nothing to do with guns.

·        In almost every case, these are troubled children from broken homes

·        In almost every case, the perpetrators are on (VIDEO LINK) mind and mood altering prescription drugs

·        In almost every case, the families are in crisis

·        In many cases, the perpetrators parents were also targeted

·        The weapons used in most cases were purchased and owned “legally”

·        The weapons almost always belonged to someone other than the shooter

·        Victims were often secondary targets of opportunity

·        The victims are always defenseless

·        Most cases happen in a states like Connecticut, with very strict gun laws

A vehicle, a ball bat, a kitchen knife, poisons available on the open market, are all dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. There are also inanimate objects, just like guns. In the right hands, they are safe and used for good. In the wrong hands, they all become deadly weapons. People kill, inanimate objects do not.

The issue isn’t the inanimate object, but rather the people who use them, the trends and traits common among perpetrators of violent crimes and the defenseless targets they choose.

The real issue is what kind of society is capable of creating, training, manipulating and motivating such individuals. The issue is the thin veil that separates the fantasy murder taking place in highly popular perverted movies and games from the real world with real victims.

The issue is the broken family and the latchkey status of generations raised by an electronic babysitter, a problem caused by excessive taxation forcing every household to become a two-income household in which the children too often raise themselves.

The real issue is one that most Americans, especially those responsible for producing such a sick society, hope to avoid. The issue is an increasingly sick society capable of all sorts of evil.

Freedom is well-suited for a moral people only. An immoral, perverted, indoctrinated and aggravated society is not capable of freedom and liberty, without anarchy. The issue is an angry society on the brink of collapse.

The people responsible for the moral decay in our society are responsible for the natural consequences that come with any immoral society. It is no more complicated than that.

But rather than accepting responsibility, they choose to lay blame elsewhere, somewhere they can capitalize on the horrific tragedy of an event like Sandy Hook using the crisis to advance their evil agenda.

Gun grabbing is a very old and evil agenda of the political left. The purpose is not to make society more decent or secure, quite the contrary. Take the time to watch the true history of gun control to fully understand that agenda.

The American press is following the administration lead on exploiting Sandy Hook for gun control. It is already illegal to own fully automatic assault rifles in America without a Class Three License. So, all of the talk about banning class three assault weapons is utter nonsense. You cannot own one without federal approval now.

Once again, the issue is not the inanimate object used to carry out the commission of a crime. The issue is the crime being committed by individuals, and how to make certain that individuals prone towards these types of assaults do not have access to weapons.

Taking weapons away from law abiding citizens will only make matters worse, as all of these types of assault take place in what is already “gun free zones.”

If nothing else, the event at Sandy Hook Elementary proves that “gun free zones” only keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, leaving those citizens a defenseless target for people who don’t care what the law says.

The people trying to use these events to abolish Second Amendment Rights are the same people responsible for a sick and perverted society that has no regard for human life, freedom or liberty.

These people must be dealt with, or anarchy will reign in America. Decent law abiding citizens will become disarmed and defenseless targets for both private and public sector criminals.

Without our Second Amendment Rights, we have no other rights.

My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost in the Sandy Hook shooting. But robbing innocent Americans of their God given and constitutionally protected rights is not an answer to the problem.

Personal accountability is the answer.

 JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of The United States Patriots Union and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America. Patriots UnionVeteran DefendersArchives E-Mail:·