cliff-kincaid-smallThe State Department may not be able to keep terrorists out of the United States, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has enough time on her hands to spend 45 minutes complaining to the President of Uganda about an effort in that country to toughen laws against homosexuality.

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, says that Clinton spoke to him for 45 minutes about the proposed legislation, which hasn’t even been the subject of hearings by the parliament. Museveni, who rules over a conservative East African country that is 85 percent Christian, said that he told Clinton that the bill will be considered by the appropriate authorities and that he had heard that homosexuals come from Europe and recruit young people using money. He said that Mrs. Clinton agreed that such practices constituted sexual exploitation.

Officially, the State Department opposes human trafficking for sexual purposes. Its Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, led by Ambassador Luis C. de Baca, is supposed to “provide the tools to combat trafficking in persons and assists in the coordination of anti-trafficking efforts both worldwide and domestically.”

Mrs. Clinton’s preoccupation with Uganda’s opposition to homosexuality may have something to do with the fact that billionaire George Soros, a major financial backer of the Democratic Party and President Obama, has been funding efforts in Africa to promote the interests of “sexual minorities.” Obama has embraced the “gay rights” agenda.

In February of 2009, the Soros-funded Open Society Initiative for East Africa, in partnership with Media Development in Africa (MEDEVA), boasts that it “successfully broadcast the first ever television program featuring sexual minority rights in Uganda.”

The Open Society Institute said the program was necessary because “Uganda is a country that currently criminalizes homosexuality and commercial sex work, and has repeatedly made efforts to silence sexual rights activists.”

The term “sex work” is another name for prostitution. The Open Society Institute wants Uganda to expand rights for homosexuals and legalize prostitution.

Before that, the Open Society Institute held a four-day workshop on legal strategies “to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights in Africa.” 

Homosexual media activists in the U.S. such as Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post have falsely depicted the bill in Uganda as an effort to kill homosexuals. In fact, it is designed to save lives by restricting dangerous homosexual practices, including pedophilia, child rape, and the deliberate spreading of the AIDS virus. The controversial death penalty provision, which even some pro-family activists in the U.S. find objectionable, is for crimes of “aggravated homosexuality.”

Capehart has said that Uganda, which is heavily dependent on foreign aid, should be deprived of foreign assistance if the bill becomes law. Capehart and some foreign homosexuals are clamoring for the bill to be withdrawn from the Ugandan Parliament or vetoed if passed.

But the Christians in Uganda want to keep these dangerous foreign influences out of their country.

George Oundo, a former homosexual, has confessed that he recruited school children into homosexuality as part of a program funded by foreign interests and operating in Uganda under the cover of a group called Sexual Minorities Uganda.

The United Nations has been caught distributing a pamphlet encouraging homosexuality among teenagers.

Interestingly, one of the few mainstream media stories to explore the issue in somewhat objective fashion appeared on National Public Radio. Barbara Bradley Hagerty noted in her story that “To understand how this bill came to be, one needs to know the story of King Mwanga. In 1886, Uganda’s king ordered some two dozen male pages to have sex with him, and when they refused because of their Christian faith, he ordered that they be burned to death. Every year on June 3, Ugandans celebrate a national holiday honoring the Christian martyrs and deploring the pedophile king.”

A pastor’s group in Uganda that represents all of the major religious groups in the country supports the basic thrust of the law and talks about the “Unbelievable growth in the power of the homosexual lobby in western countries, clearly seen since this Bill was proposed in Uganda…” It says that “entire governments in Europe and America have used their diplomatic offices” against Uganda. 

This was confirmed by Museveni, who said, “When I was at the Commonwealth meeting, the Prime Minister of Canada came to see me about gays. [British] Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to see me about gays, Carson rang me about Somalia and gays and Mrs. Clinton rang to talk to me about gays.” Carson is U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting was held in late November.

Pressure on Uganda to abandon the pro-family legislation is also being applied by open homosexual Democratic Reps. Barney Frank (Mass.), Tammy Baldwin (Wisc.), and Jared Polis (Col.). On the Senate side, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee’s subcommittee on International Trade, Customs and Global Competitiveness, has warned Uganda it could lose favorable trading status if it proceeds with the legislation. Wyden contends that homosexuality is an international human right.

David Bahati, the Ugandan sponsor of the bill and a Christian, says he is not intimidated by the international pressure and that he will work with the President of the country to come up with an acceptable bill.

The pastors group in Uganda wants to avoid happening to Uganda what has already happened in the United States. It condemns the “take-over by homosexuals of western institutions that should have remained as defenders and protectors of moral integrity in society, particularly the church, to the extent that even evangelical church leaders in America no longer protest when a practicing homosexual is appointed into pastoral leadership in the church…”

The group adds, “This institutional takeover by homosexuals has been systematic and planned, to the extent that other bodies like the UN, national governments, financial institutions, private companies, NGOs, etc. have become spokespersons of the gay movement and daily use official resources to promote the gay agenda and to arm-twist anyone who opposes this agenda. In a globalized world, this western takeover of institutions by homosexuals has turned into international promotion of homosexuality and of other vices like abortion and pornography in other countries.”

The pastors group in Uganda includes the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches, the Seventh-Day Adventists Church, and the Uganda Joint Christian Council, which also represents the Orthodox Church in Uganda, the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda, the Islamic Office of Social Welfare in Uganda, Born Again Faith Federation, and Family Policy Center.

Overall, more than 200 of Uganda’s top religious leaders support strengthening the law against homosexuality. Their only debate is over what kind of penalties should be in the bill.

However, American pastor Rick Warren had his arms twisted and is now urging Ugandan pastors to oppose the bill. Curiously, Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College, a conservative Christian institution, has been working with homosexual bloggers and anti-Christian activists to kill the legislation.

Stephen Langa of the Family Life Network in Uganda tells Accuracy in Media that “we are determined to stand up to the pressure from the pro-homosexual media from USA.”

            Cliff Kincaid is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and can be contacted at