“Apolitical” is un-American.  I want to make that as clear as I can. OK. So that is only  MY opinion.

Historians, who are supposed to know such things, tell us that when the original Tea Party helped kick-off the revolution against Great Britain that eventually freed America, the colonist were split then, too.  In fact, they tell us that approximately one-third of the American colonist wanted to remain loyal, subjects of Great Britain, one-third wanted to revolt and setup shop as a free nation, and one-third didn’t give a rip — one way or the other.


Restore_the_RepublicAn objective observer, considering America, some two hundred and thirty some-odd-years since, would have little trouble discerning that little has changed. We STILL have that hard core of people who just don’t care about the politics of the nation and just,  well,  sort of go along for the ride as parasites of the system. They contribute nothing to the political life of the country, unquestioningly accept whatever the government decrees,  and steadfastly refuse to engage in what amounts to the lifeblood of the Republic of America —  her political system.

When you look at the percentage numbers of who voted after each election — the “apolitical” make up the bulk of those who did not vote.

In my opinion — those Americans are leeches on freedom. They affix themselves to freedom and suck it dry — but never, ever, put anything back.  The only effort they ever make is to pucker up and suck everything they can get from America.

That’s a bad thing — right?  Yes — and — no.

Yes, it is bad when citizens do not participate in the system.  But — it can be even worse when they participate without knowing what the hell they are doing!

A good example is when a a party flack works up a crowd on a college campus and herds them to register and vote for a candidate they know nothing about beyond what they have just been told by the party operative.  Or a religious organization that insist that the congregants vote for a candidate — based on the color of his skin — and bus them to register and vote.

One can surmise they know next to squat about the candidate for whom they are casting their ballot. Their action cheapens the most precious privilege a citizen of the US has.  And make no mistake — voting is a privilege — not a right.

These are the people often referred to as “sheeple.” They allow themselves to be herded, like sheep, to do the shepherd’s bidding.  They are a danger to America’s freedom.  They are malleable, pliant, having no opinion other than the one given them by the politician or political party taking advantage of them. They don’t even know they are slavish stooges to the political party bosses.  The few that DO know — don’t care.

Look.  America is a constitutional republic. EVERYTHING WE DO IS POLITICAL IN THIS COUNTRY. America was designed for citizen participation.  It will not, cannot, work properly when a host of its citizens refuse to carry their share of the political burden.

Every American has a responsibility, a duty to his fellow citizens to stay informed, to be involved, to share the load of governing.

America is in extremely serious trouble today because American citizens let the country down.  That’s the bottom line.

The old adage having to do with those who pull the wagon and those who do nothing but ride in the wagon is apropos.   But understand this:  The Americans who have done all the pulling for two and a half centuries are tired and they are ready to abandon that cushy transportation and build a new wagon designed to carry only those truly unable to pull.

Many, including this scribe, wonder today if we, as a free society, have borne the weight, too long, of those unwilling to contribute to the cost of freedom.

In early America only those who owned land were allowed the privilege of voting.  Why?  Because they had a vested interest in the well-being of the country. I have thought often, especially since the election in 2008, if America ought to restrict the voting privilege today to only those Americans who pay taxes.  For it is they who have “skin” in the game, who have a vested interest in the welfare of America.  They work.  They pay taxes to help finance the country’s day to day operating costs.  (By “taxes”  I mean income taxes — not “sales taxes” and such.)  The last report I am aware of made clear that 49 percent of Americans DO NOT PAY TAXES. Half of Americans are carrying the other half.  That is WRONG!

We need to reintroduce the teaching of “Civics” or “government” in our schools so our kids are taught how the government works, or at least how it is supposed to work — and, indeed, was designed to work. 

The US Constitution ought to be taught in our public/private schools.  Today we have a citizenry, for the most part,  ignorant of the very foundation upon which the world’s most vibrant country rests.

As of this writing, America is standing on the edge of a cliff.  To be honest with you, dear reader, I have very little confidence that we are going to pull back.

When one considers the godawful mess the country is in, when one considers how we got here — and under whose guidance we got here, and the frightening fact that Americans seem ready to repeat the earth-shattering mistake made at the polls in 2008, one can understand my lack of confidence that the electorate will do the right thing for their country. 

It is as clear as the hand-writing on the wall at Belshazzar’s feast — if we do not correct the mistake we made on election day in 2008, America WILL collapse. Like Daniel, who had the unpleasant duty of explaining that fact to Belshazzar,  I take no joy in issuing the warning.  Simply put:  “It is what it is.” There is nothing complex about it. Go over the cliff — and, as a nation,  we die.  Apply the brakes, turn around, retrace our tracks, repairing our former mistakes as we go,  and we live as a nation.  There is no third option!  No “half-way” measures will save us.  It is all — or doom.

Above, I mentioned that I fear for my country.

Look.  America is in FAR WORSE SHAPE than the government will affirm.    The 7.8 % unemployment, in reality, is closer to 15%.  We are broke.  We have no (zero) money.  How much longer do you expect your “government check” to continue to show up in your mailbox or your bank account?  The presidential administration in power today, if reelected, will only hasten the day your check does not arrive and will never arrive again.

To get a more detailed explanation as to just how bad the situation really is  — currently —  in America, please read “Obama, America’s first hopeless candidate” by Donald Lambro at the Washington Times.  You will find it here:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/oct/16/obama-americas-first-hopeless-candidate/?page=2http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/oct/16/obama-americas-first-hopeless-candidate/?page=2

We have a clear choice between America and Obama on November 6th.  A vote for Obama is a vote against the survival of America.

America has reached the “tipping point.”  We get one shot, one chance, to make it right.

Understand — we are trying to salvage the future of our great-grand children.  The damage Obama has done has already robbed our children and grandchildren of their futures.  It will require generations to repair the damage.

This is NOT a “normal” election. The question November 6th is whether America lives or dies. It is just that profound.  Yours is a life or death ballot.  Cast it wisely.  As I said above — we have once chance to get it right.


J. D. Longstreet is a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.· He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcastingbusiness, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.
Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.· A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.
Articles by J.D. Longstreet are posted at: “INSIGHT on Freedom”,· “Hurricane Alley… by Longstreet”,· “The Carolina Post” and numerous other conservative websites around the web.·