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Citizens in that growing Idaho ‘Pocket of Resistance (POR)‘ have been dogging Republican Senator Mike Crapo during the August recess. We have two stories about the intense level of questioning he is receiving.

Idaho citizens are doing exactly what everyone across the country should be doing now—dogging their elected officials—including pressing Senators and Members of Congress to have a look at Rep. Brian Babin’s bill!  House Members should be urged to sign on to the bill!  It is going to be very telling to see who signs on and who doesn’t.  We will be watching and reporting come September!

Talking out of both sides of his mouth, Crapo appears cagey on the issue!

Sen Mike Crapo

From MagicValley.com (emphasis is mine):

The 300 refugees, some of them Syrian, who are expected to come to the Magic Valley in October were a much-discussed topic at Crapo’s town halls on Tuesday in Filer, Hollister, and Hagerman, his spokesman Lindsay Nothern said. A few people brought the issue up in Castleford, too.

Crapo told the crowd he hadn’t yet read, but would read, a bill that was introduced by Texas Rep. Brian Babin on July 29 to end all admission of refugees into the United States until a study can be done of how much they cost in federal benefits. The bill has no co-sponsors. Nothern said that Crapo plans to study the topic more and reach out to Babin and the relevant federal agencies, and he didn’t know yet whether Crapo would back the legislation.

Crapo told the Times-News in July that he understands the need for a refugee program. When responding to someone at Tuesday’s town hall who brought up terrorist attacks that have been carried out by refugees, Crapo said that, while he doesn’t disagree about the dangers, there are people who should be allowed in as refugees, such as human trafficking victims. Crapo did say he wants to know more about the State Department’s vetting process. After the town hall, Crapo said he still has questions he’s trying to get answered.

Then here is another report, an excellent one, from Vicky Davis at The Voice of Idaho News. (Hat tip: Rick)  Almost everyone in attendance was there to talk about refugees:

The Filer City Council Chamber has a capacity of 43 people and there were a few people standing in doorways. All but about five people in the room stood up. Two notable exceptions that remained seated were the two state legislators in the room, Rep. Maxine Bell, from Jerome and Rep. Clark Kauffman of Filer.

One lady in the audience who was concerned about her taxes, complained rightfully about the amount of money the government is spending on refugees and that money includes her tax dollars. Why are they spending so much money on refugees when we have needs of our own? She said she doesn’t make enough money to solve the problems of the world.


In general Senator Crapo is supportive of the refugee resettlement program but he was open to the idea of a moratorium. However, to talk about the budget deficit and the need to fix it and then to support the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars to import people who are not even culturally compatible makes no sense and is demonstrative of the compartmentalization of politicians and issues.


One of the members of the audience was an elderly gentleman who said he was in the Post Office in Filer when two Somali men of military age come in and they were talking about how much they hate the United States. He expressed his concern about the CSI refugee resettlement program bringing in military age men from Syria. He didn’t think military age men should be included in the refugee program.

Senator Crapo assured the audience that the refugees coming in are vetted before they are allowed into the country. This however, is not true…..

You gotta laugh, didn’t Crapo know about the terror trial for an Uzbek refugee that just wrapped up in his state?

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Recommendation to the Idaho POR:  Find out who funds Crapo’s campaigns.  Is he getting cashola from BIG MEAT, or LOL! BIG YOGURT (Chobani) or any other big business or the Chamber of Commerce in Idaho.  Be sure to check campaign finance records for all of your elected officials.

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